Faery Tale Online - a persistent browser-based game (pbbg)
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Faery Tale Online Creature Builder

Use the form below to submit a new creature to the world of Faery Tale Online. Each creature will be reviewed before approval. To increase your chances of getting your creature approved, follow the guidelines below:
  1. DO NOT PLAGARIZE YOUR CREATURE DESCRIPTION. Ensure your description is not copied from another source.
  2. Use proper english grammar, spell-check your words, and proof-read your text to ensure it makes sense.
  3. If submitting a non-fantasy creature, make sure to properly research the animal for accuracy first.
  4. If submitting a fantasy creature, make sure it fits in the game environment. The game is set in a swords and sorcery fantasy world.
  5. Avoid using the word "human" as a reference to an appearance since they do not exist in the game world.
  6. Avoid submitting highly-intelligent creatures that would be better served as a race.
  7. Avoid submitting undead creatures since it is already a planned game system.
  8. Above all, use common sense.
Please remember that approved creatures will become a part of the game world, and therefore must not be spoiled outside the game.

A total of 108 creatures have been submitted and approved.

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