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3rd of Vasa, 66, midnight    
How can something hurt so bad? Why can't this just be peaceful? Am I doing something wrong? Is Aten punishing me? Oh, I need aloe vera! I need to feel better!
I cried in pain, trying not to scream insults at my poor little sister, desperately trying to help. I began to despise the pup. How dare the little thing cause such pain.
I HATE THIS PUP! I HATE THIS PUP! My thought repeated. Hate, hate, dreadful hate.
And then, he was born. A quivering mess. I was still sore, but I couldn't think about pain. He was born. My first one.
"Baraka..." I murmured. It fit him perfectly. Little Baraka. Little boy. Sweet, little pup of mine.
"Baraka, little baby Baraka." I said. Did I know any other words?
I love this pup. Oh, how I love this pup. My thoughts cooed. Love, love, incredible love.
10th of Vasa, 66, midnight    
Born into a world of confusion and noise.

Bright lights.

Smell of wood.

Many people.

Person looking down.  Mother.  Gave a name.

3rd of Ringwe, 66, afternoon    
I see there, Big Father.
I know he is a righteous man.
Of his virtue I am justly proud...

I see there, Big Barzog.
He knows that all Kutari are
Imperfect children of Mother Kutar.

Then tell me, Mom Kutar:
Why I see him standing there,
Over the body of my brother?

My brother, he took food.
but only for a moment...
Then Barzog lost control and killed Brother!

Like fire,
Hot fire,
This fire in his eyes!
This burning
Has caused my bro to die!
Was it his fault?

So who's to blame?

It is the angry man -
Barzog - who used this flame!

So why did he,

Mother Kutar,

Got so angry and brought about this bitter end!?

Guide me, Mom Kutar -
Don't let Barzog strike us all down!
Don't let his wrath find me inside the mines!
Hide me, Mother Kutar!
And let me know that you have not left,
If you are truly watching over us.

His fire -
Dark fire!
I do not want to bleed!
I pray he's
No liar,
Because it's You I need!
3rd of Ringwe, 66, afternoon    
killed by Barzog
4th of Ringwe, 66, sunrise    
Mother returned with plenty of news. Some of it good, some terrible.
"Jasa and Selune and the rest of Deimosia are doing fine!" she said happily. The rest of us were glad. Has Aten finally stopped punishing us? Were the dark times behind us?
she then turned to her mate, my Father. "Asiran, I need to speak with you in private." She said, her expression much more solemn.
They walked to the far end of the village, while we waited. Their conversation was short, but it felt long to us, impatiently waiting.
Our parents returned. We waited. Father had something in his arms, and I strained to look. I felt my heart skip a beat when I realized what it was. 
"Yafeu has died. We believe he was killed by Torin." Father said, showing us the corpse. It was already beginning to smell.
"Torin?!" cried one of the younger ones.
Father nodded. "Selune told your mother that Torin has killed his own pup in the name of some god shortly after his mate left him. He first killed his own pup, and now he moved on to ours!" He cried, angrily.
Some of the pups began to cry. I held my sleeping Baraka close, suddenly afraid for him.
"I can not let this madness continue. I will leave and take care of Torin once and for all. We cannot let more innocent anu die! Everybody, while I am gone, prepare for battle. Stay with somebody, do not be alone. If Torin comes, do not attack him first. Keep the youngest safe. No traveling."
Zesiro's face fell at the last rule. She had been planning on leaving Nefarka to explore for herself before.
Father left.
"That demon!" I cried angrily, and then began to mourn for my little brother Yafeu and the little pup murdered by his own Father.
No, the dark times were only beginning.
7th of Khelek, 67, before dawn    
As the others left, I attacked the spider in the corner with my sword. I would be strong and everyone would be proud of me... but my blow was weak and awkward, and the spider was unharmed. I was unprepared for it to strike back - I had expected it to fall dead as soon as I'd hit it. 

Pain, like nothing I had ever felt before, filled me. I could think of nothing but the pain, and I panicked, tears filling my eyes as much from the shock as anything else. The spider filled my blurring vision, its eyes glittering with a mad hatred, and for the first time in my life, I was afraid.

Desperately, I held up my hand and my sword to protect myself, but the spider's fangs pierced through my arm. I felt my grip on my sword slacken, and I heard a clatter as it fell to the floor. As the creature drew back for a moment, I turned and fled to the safety of the center of the cavern. I could feel its gaze upon me still, and I cried and held my arm helplessly, the same thoughts reverberating through my mind. I'd failed - it hadn't even been injured. I dragged my eyes towards it and saw it tending peacefully to its web, as though we'd never fought.

After that I just looked down at my hands. I didn't even notice Sucra there until she spoke. She helped me rub salve into my wounds, and it was only because of her warmth that I was able to shake off my thoughts.

"Everyday you grow... Bigger and stronger...one day that spider will fear you!" she told me, and I wanted to believe her. But I couldn't - I would never be good. I hadn't even been able to think during the fight - how woud I ever grow big enough to kill that... that thing?

Then, Quarr killed the spider and its companion with an effortless grace. I heard my sister Vallo clap for him. Because he was a good hunter and I wasn't. I couldn't stand it any more - I wanted nothing more to go outside, to the trees and the waters. 

"Sucra, want to go outside with me?" I asked her softly. She agreed and left ahead of me.

Before I left, I hesitantly glanced towards the spider's corpse and walked towards it to look for my sword. But there was nothing - no glint of copper where I had dropped it. I must have dropped it - I remembered dropping it, the feeling of sharp pain in my arm as I did so. But it wasn't here any more.

My sister was waiting for me outside. I looked for the sword a final time, before I left with a heavy heart.
Lote, 67 - Midnight (1st hr)    
Lilith left. She disappeared into the forest, and later I saw her in the water far in the distance. Krowe said she went to the light. I do not know what that means, and I do not care. If she can leave, I want to leave, too. I picked up a basket, and it was full of strange small things that Lilith had brought with her but left. They smelled good to eat but it was hard to get into them. I made a thing out of wood to smash them and put them together. Krowe was very surprised by this. He must not be very smart. Maybe that is why he stays with Lilith.
Lote, 67 - Midday (6th hr)    
Finally. My revenge after so many years was complete. This one Ayla, responsible for the death of my brother Iskander died at my own hand. Gerwin helped also; we all never got over the loss of Iskander and you know why? Because this in turn killed our mother. All the pain from this, kept our hearts sad and angry and when the opportunity presented itself, we decided;myself, Daneel and Gerwin that this was the way.

Perhaps now, my brother Iskander can rest in peace. Ayla deserved to die this way after continually hampering our family.
Lote, 67 - Evening (12th hr)    
When Radimir finally left Loreli he thought it was for good.  Traveling took a really long time but when he finally got to his father, he was so relieved.  Maybe now things would be different.
Naur, 67 - Midday (6th hr)    
Watching it all was hard to endure.

Before entering the living world, He was a dreamer. He dreamed of a life lived by others, and of the children born into that life. He watched them in his dream, playing and laughing, learning and loving. They seemed happy, especially the smallest one, the tiny little girl. He heard her name whispered through her ranies' lips, as they gave her their love, and kindess. He heard that name again, whispered in dark caverns amongst the would-be-gaurdians, hateful and accusing. He watched as the happy life the little pups lived became a waking nightmare, through his own dreams. He witnessed the final night, as they finally gave up and left, with a feeling of satisfaction. They no longer had to cope with a living nightmare. But it also brought him worry; he could not watch them anymore in this wonderful, horrible dream of his.

As he continued to dream, and to watch over the now quiet mountain, he began to hear a small voice. A simple little request for help from a tiny girl's mouth, whispered desperation for something good to happen to make up for all the bad. He heard it, and fled towards it as fast as his dream self could move. On the way, He passed by a bright light in the darkness of dreams, and decided to carry it with him. It seemed familiar, and he felt it was important to bring with him. His dream carried him on, towards the faint, sad little voice, until he reached its origin.

And then he woke up.

The first thing he noticed as he awoke was the physical presence of someone other than himself. He looked around, and as his gaze fell upon the two beautiful pups, he knew them to be his own, and he knew their names to be Surrin and Elea, yet he did not seem to have memory of their conception, nor of their growth after birth. His memory seemed weakened, hidden from him. He stretched his new, stiff muscles as he looked around, the area unfamiliar but somehow comforting. He looked to his little one, the small girl he loved so much.
"Elea.. what are you doing out here?" He spoke loudly, but with confusion.
"In fact, what am I doing out here?" He seemed surprised, as his memory teased him, granting him short images of the life before, but nothing substantial. He watched as Elea's face grew bright and happy, like she hadn't smiled in a very long time. She seemed so excited!
"Where are the other pups? What are you doing out here with Surrin all by yourself?" He knelt before her and gazed at her with concerned eyes. His concern is replaced by sadness as he watches that happiness melt away, and the dark, sad eyes coming back to reclaim her face. She spoke quietly..
"The other pups did not come.. they stayed behind.."
He shook his head as he heard this, but he felt some reassurance in the realization.
"So they're still there, then. That is okay, as long as they do not change their behavior. They should all be alright." He whispered to her, hugging her close to him as well. His attempt at closeness was interrupted by a sharp, wailing cry.
"Ra-Kavo, what was that?" Elea asked as her eyes quickly scanned her surroundings. He looked over Elea's shoulder, but Surrin was still lazing about, not even that loud sound had woken him. He quickly stood and stepped towards the sound. He had a very strong feeling that he knew exactly who was making the noises.
"It sounds like a crying pup. I'm going to go see. Stay here!" He gave her a reassuring pat before quickly closing the distance between himself and the noise. His eyes widen as he catches sight of the source; it was indeed a little pup, crying his eyes out. He can't hold back a smile as he recognizes little Raden, a small beacon of light fluttering through his memory, for just a moment. He picks up the wailing pup and attempts to comfort him while carrying him back to the others.
"Elea look, look! It's Raden!" He yells happily, as he shows the girl. He sets the boy on the ground near her, and continues to comfort him with soft words and touches. He notices Surrin has woken to the sounds, though he doesn't look all that concerned with the sudden appearance of a newcomer and a brother.
"Why is Raden crying? Did he fall?" He asked, sitting down near the group and looking down at the sniffling boy. Elea reached for the little one and picked him up, holding him in her little lap. He seemed to calm down considerably.
"He is just happy to be here with us, just like our new kavo. The Ra-Rani is in him, Surrin. Don't you feel it? He will make us all safe now." She said quietly, looking up at the grown male. "Isn't that right?"
The dreamer looked upon his pups, feeling the love for all of them, knowing that he was there for them and only them. He reached and put his big arms around them all, pulling them gently closer. "Yes, that is right. Everything is going to be alright, and you're all going to be safe." He smiled at them, and then closed his eyes.
"Because I am here now."
Gurtha, 67 - Midday (7th hr)    
Lonely Nights

I'd been living in solitude for about two years. I can't really say I missed my family, but I did yearn for some form of social life. I decided to actually explore the rest of the forest near the clearing that I'd been calling home. I didn't find much at first besides a few squirrels and mice, but as I was returning home I stumbled upon a large wolf-like beast with leather skin and piercing yellow eyes. His dagger-like teeth protruded from his strong jaw. I was in awe, but felt shocked at the same time. The beast growled as I tried to back away, but I ended up sprawled on the ground, instead, trembling as fear ran through my body. It stalked towards me, as if I were his prey. I quickly searched through my box, pulling out a slab of freshly cooked deer meat. As I offered the meat to him, he sniffed it, his wide nostrils flaring. The beast took the meat and started devouring it. I got up and watched him as he scarfed down the food. I held a shaky hand out towards the canine until I was able to touch his side. . . He didn't seem to mind, and I was rather surprised, but some what excited. Stroking my hand over the rough skin I started thinking of a name, and before long I had decided on Lurker. He and I became good pals; I would feed him and we would keep each other company. We would wrestle with each other, hunt together, heck, we even took a nap side by side once. Life was actually pretty good for once.
Lasse, 67 - Midnight (1st hr)    
Sofia came to my forest with a request. To be honest, I was not very surprised to hear it, but it did grieve me. She said that Ewon was causing trouble for her, Hinrod, and her children, and she wanted me to stop him. I knew what she meant by this. What she really meant... Ewon. I had spared him long ago when I decided to kill Damien and his children. In a moment of weakness, I looked at Ewon and saw Hinrod's terrified face. Ewon was so scared when I came roaring down from Lorelei to the forest to find Damien and make him pay. I killed Cyril, but I spared Ewon. Now I realize it was a grave error on my part. I learned a very important lesson from this: if you are going to kill someone, you must kill their line as well so that no one will avenge you. I wonder if Sofia will understand this. They ought to know.

They came to me because they know that I am a killer. I am the only one with enough power and strength to do what needs to be done. Strength is the only thing that can guarantee peace, and the weak have peace at the whim of the strong. Very well, I will go to Lorelei and make them pay tribute to me -- then I will kill Ewon and his children.
Vasa, 67 - Midday (6th hr)    
(Journal Extract)

Dada home Lorelei. Zosime happy.

Mama no home Lorelei.  Zosime sad.  Mama home Lorelei soon.  Zosime happy.

Abagail walk.

Dada sad.  Zosime and Tibalt and Abagail love Dada much.

Vasa 67
Big Snow
Vasa, 67 - Midday (6th hr)    
First birthday.

Many family but nervous.

Danger?  From family?  What Ewon?

Not understand,

Zos good. Give clothes.  Warm.
Ringwe, 67 - Midday (7th hr)    
(Journal Extract)

Mama and Dada Mama home Lorelei.  Meliahn.  Meliahn no happy and no sad and no mad.  Meliahn say Mama say Ewon bad.  Meliahn no say Mama say but Meliahn say.  Dada say Ewon mad, no bad.

Meliahn say Broody no see.

Ringwe, 67
No snow. No hail. No rain.
Rosa, 68 - Midnight (1st hr)    
(Journal Extract)

Meliahn gho home, no Lorelei.  Meliahn like Zosime. 

Mama and Dada big mad.

Abagail walk good and talk good.

Gresnow talk.  No good. Keyson talk.  No good.

Rosa, 68
No rain, no snow, no hail.
Lote, 68 - Sunrise (5th hr)    
Lote 68
I choose to start writing this journal in private and hide it in my basket. When I was very young a mean woman named Lithe treated me very bad I remember, she beat me, tried to feed me to spiders, and left me starving. I remember this very little, Lorel told me what I didn't remember. Lorel is from the mean lady too, but she is nice to me.
I thought I would never see Lilith again, life was good on Home Island. Me and my brothers would make fire out of the brush we would find and cook crab meat which we would catch whenever the tide came up. We once all went to the north and found a island with red hot stuff coming out of the top slowly, Lorel said the black stuff all around was obsidian, so I called the place Obisdian Island.
I was happy..and then she came back. She demanded that I come with her or she would kill me. Lorel gave little help. I had little choice and went with her.
Lote, 68 - Afternoon (8th hr)    
The Night Watchers were always there. I did not always know why, but they were always there. Their red eyes learing out of the darkness as Sichar, the children and myself stayed by the lake. They never ventured near us, they seemed to leave us in peace.

After many years I discovered their purpose. They are the souls of the cursed. Those whom have not been returned to the Moon when their bodies have died. They are cursed to eternally watch us, their red eyes full of malice and envy.

I spoke this to Sichar and he agreed. However, Samos overheard. The young boy was foolhardy, he took my words the wrong way that the Night Watchers were a threat. He charged one and it killed him. It did not touch his body after that. It left it.

Now I am taking the body of my son to the shrine at the waterfall. There he will be put in the river and returned to the lake where the moon shines. Here lies Samos the Brave. May his tale be a warning to those whom would venture against the Night Watchers, they are a reminder to all that their souls are to be respected and Returned.
Lote, 68 - Evening (11th hr)    
Slowly the barrier of a mind-only stream of not water broke.
What is this?
What was that?
For it was curiosity that flowed freely through this river...
Urnu, 68 - Before dawn (2nd hr)    
I cannot help but feel that dark times are before us. First there was Suris, now Trisa says Mou-mou will not accept food. She is dying. We all know it.

We all gather around and make preparations. It's very hard to prepare for the dead when you see the loved one wasting away...always at the corner or your eye or the back of your mind. I keep wondering...is there really nothing else we can do?

Di-di has told us that we will return to the Great Mountain Spirit when we die. Mou-mou will surely go feast in Its halls. I can't help but wonder...would I have been so lucky had I died against the fire beast? But I can't think like that, I don't want to be a selfish little child anymore. This is about Mou-mou. And Mou-mou is dying.

Junta has made the stone sarcophagus for her with our help. It seems strong and sturdy. She probably would have liked it. Trisa is quick to think that Mou-mou will need a blanket to make it a softer sleep. And Elek brings her a beautiful flower. I consider the beautiful metal that I helped dig up. I wanted to make something beautiful from it...but I never thought I would make something beautiful under such dark circumstances.

Nevertheless...it seems right. I begin to work with the strange metal. It's very soft and takes a while to grasp how to make the small shapes, but soon I start to work in a fervour, and the thing begins to take shape. I don't remember who else helped me...but Junta was there...
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