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Naur, 68 - Evening (12th hr)    
Unfortunately, different didn't mean good.  Papa left to find his sister.  He said he heard her voice in his head.  Then Grandma Melian came and tried to kill both Radimir and Cailin - why she left Lilly alone was a mystery to Radimir.  And when Grandma left and Lilly laughed, they got in a bit fight.  He said things he later wished he hadn't, and made Lilly go away.  So alone on the mountain, Radimir and Cailin followed Papa's directions and started mining for metal.

Although he was still afraid of the mines, he was determined not to show it.  He had a duty, he had to make Papa proud.  Maybe this was the way to finally feel like someone loved him.
Elen, 68 - Afternoon (8th hr)    
Today I left home. The last thing Krowe said was not to copy his staff, but I do not care to. He and Lilith did not know what I was doing in my pile of leaves. When I was pretending to play, I was making things for myself to help run away. I made a basket-thing like Lilith's to hold things. I made a sharp staff to lean on, to hunt animals with, to make fire with. I made much food, more than I can carry in my hands. I may still die of the scary animals, or starve, but I will not be killed like they killed the nameless brothers and sisters. Krowe cannot stop me, and Lilith is not here.
Gurtha, 68 - Afternoon (8th hr)    
We finally made up for all the fighting in the past... I feel much better about myself now, but the decisions that are about to be made are going to be tough. I love her, I really do, and I'm willing to do anything for here. Even if that means leaving my parents behind to start a new home with her. I will travel back home to say good-bye to my mother and father, and Sorek too. I'm going to miss them, but its time to start a family of my own.
Lasse, 68 - Sunrise (5th hr)    
The Point of Revenge

His eyes darkened as he watched his father for the first time in months. Months of pursuit and thoughts of revenge. Mattes stretched for his bow on his back, watching Theoren with suspicion.

'I'm not here to kill you, dada.', Theoren said after a moment of silence. Words he didn't expect himself to say. Words filled with hatred yet his sense made him suppressed his wrath. He knew very well that Mattes could easily kill him if he wasn't careful. 'I think mama misses you. But I'll never let you near the family again, unless you promise to never hurt anyone deliberately again.'.

Theoren picked up an arrow from his quiver, pointing it at Mattes. 'If you do hurt someone, without asking the rest of the family first..' He paused. Theoren looked down for a while, before raising his head, piercing his father with his gaze again, feeling the hate flame up, feeling the anger as he spoke the last words. '..then I'll kill you, dada'.

He felt so angry inside. He wanted to pierce him with the arrow. He wanted the revenge, but deep inside, he knew it wouldn't make any difference. He couldn't undo what had happened. Perhaps he could prevent the same from happening again. Perhaps..
Lasse, 68 - Evening (10th hr)    
The darkness was finally fading. As I opened my eyes, looked around, hoping to see the familiar faces and our peaceful home, I did soon realize it wasn't like it used to be. New faces, that I was used to, but people leaving? Why did they want to leave?
Then I remember Sirius dream, the shadow man following them. Was it the shadow man?

I knew what I had to do, without thoughts I grabbed some food and headed away following the single shadow in the darkening in the afternoon sky.

I wonder if I followed the right one.
No more shadow man, I whispered to myself contiuning down the path.
Vasa, 68 - Afternoon, hr 8    
It's second birthday.  Some things understand, others not.
My father is Broden?  My father is Hinrod?  Not understand.
Mother is Sofia.  She gone a lot.  Not understand.
Ewon hurt many.  Hurt Hinrod.  Hinrod kind to Keyson.  Ewon bad.  Understand.
Zos play monster.  Give me wooden sword.  We fight but fun.  Teach talk and understand. Zos good.  Understand.
Tilbalt talk a lot.  Talk to Keyson.  Help Keyson also understand.  Tibalt good.  Understand.
Talk of old woman.  Not know who woman is.  Family scared of woman but need to see woman.  Not Understand.
Others come and go.  Not know names.  Not understand what they talk about.

Want to understand more.
Khelek, 69 - Evening, hr 10    
Urne, 69
I arrived on the island with Lilith. It is to the northeast of Home Island. I have called it Witch Woods Isle for the many trees on it and the woman who lives here..
She has locked me inside a wooden building now..there are corpses rotting all over the place..many babies and a few others..I recognize one to be my brother from when I was young..how I got here I will never know..never know..
Losse, 69 - Sunrise, hr 4    
My first Wurm! I killed it, I killed it! It lies in my hands, all squidgy and slimy, and it's teeth cold and smooth where it brushes against my palm. Ick.

Still...I killed it. It's dead! I'm so excited, I do little hopping dance right there in the cavern, before looking around quickly to make sure no one saw me. ...No, no one there. The cavern is dark, and only the slow trickle of water through the ice can be heard. It's actually kinda scary. I can't help but call out a quiet "Hello?", but only echoes answer me.

You know what? I think its time to go. I've been down here for so long, the air doesn't seem stifling anymore, and the darkness has become a dim light. I need to go, before I become a Lost one. Its all too easy to forget which direction you had turned, which tunnel you had already explored, which way leads back to home. Its all too easy to become Lost.

I back up into the nearest tunnel and start walking, one hand gripping the dead wurm and the other on my dagger. ...This was the way home, right?
Losse, 69 - Midday, hr 7    
I hate to feel powerless. Why can't I do anything?

I unleash my fury on the beasts in the cave. The stupid creatures. Always trying to come into our home. Di-di used to worry that they would catch the babies in their webs. But now there aren't any babies. Because Mou-mou is dying.

I bring my sword down hard on another one, cracking its carapace and spilling its insides.
Kuile, 69 - Midday, hr 7    
Stocky Pinkskins

I remember that day pretty clearly... I was sitting by the oven, basking in the heat that it was radiating. I was roasting the wolf that I recently killed with Lurker. I heard some rustling in the distance, I didn't think much of it. Before long these two.... stubby looking people with peach colored skin with red cheeks and pointy noses. They even had these things growing out of their head! I haven't found out till much later in my life that they call that "hair" and it's quite common amongst them all. I don't know why, but I didn't have much fear for them, it must have been from being alone for so long. I was still wary, but I offered them some food, to open the ground between us. Before long one of them finally spoke up, I guess it was the male of the two of them, perhaps they were mates? Now I'm just rambling.. His name was Hexio, he seemed to be quite shy. He introduced me to his sister, Firma. Apparently they were looking for a new home, I was pretty excited and offered them a place to stay. They declined my offer and said they were looking around.. That quickly turned my enthusiasm into disappointment. Firma then invited me to come along in their travels. I have no clue why, but I said I had to ask my Rani first... I somehow wish I didn't, I mean if I knew what I know today.. the people that mean most to me, I would have just went. So they said they would wait and I gathered some of my things to make my journey back the the mountain.
Gurtha, 69 - Before dawn, hr 3    
Mou-mou passed on. Many of the sleepers went with her afterwards. Our family seems so small now. I still feel the darkness here. But I've spoken to Junta now...maybe we can start again.
Gurtha, 69 - Before dawn, hr 3    
Somebody was coming in from the west. It cold not have been father, he is to the north right now. He is on Mount. Aten with the others.
But who? Who could it be? Torin? It had to be Torin. It just had to be.
Eldin told Ahomse, my sweet little brother Ahmose, to go to the mountain and warn the others. To stay away, or to come and help, I was not sure.
Ahmose stripped naked and dropped everything to shorten the trip. We watched Ahmose, now becoming smaller and smaller as he climbed Aten's mountain. I whispered a frightened prayer to Aten.
Gurtha, 69 - Midday, hr 6    
Gurtha, 69
Lilith forced her crazy servent Krowe inside of me..the pain..she said she mated us. She laughed the whole time.
I'm scared..I hate her..I hate her I hate her.

Vasa, 69
I laid two eggs and little things came out of them..I hate them..they are her..they do not talk or make noises..I call them Fear and Pain. I hope they die.
Vasa, 69 - Evening, hr 10    
It's my third birthday, and things around our home are weird.  My family is either scared or hurt.  And I've started hearing things.  It's like a voice keeps trying to talk to me, but I can't make out the words.  Sometimes it sounds like it comes from the fish that father catches and cooks.  Other times it sounds like it comes from the wolves that roam around the forest.  And when no one is around I can hear it in my head.

I see strange things too.  Somtimes the animals my family kills turn their heads and look at me!  But they are dead, they shouldn't move!  And my family doesn't look like my family sometimes.  Sometimes their faces are distorted and it seems like they have fangs or horns or slitted eyes.  It scares me sometimes until I realize it is only my family.  The only person it doesn't seem to happen to is Zos.  Zos who was always kind to me.

I wish I knew what was happening....
Vasa, 69 - Evening, hr 12    
Mama told us about the sleeping sickness. I cried and whimpered as she slew my brother Din's twin sister. I only hope that I don't fall asleep to long or I could be next. I'm afraid of the sleeping sickness. But most of all I'm afraid of Mama. There are many people I don't know here and Papa is always sleeping. Din put me by the oven it was so cold and I was happy to just be near my brother.
Kuile, 70 - Midday, hr 6    
Today, as I sat around bored waiting for father to tells us to begin our journey, I started playing with some blueberries.  I started squeezing them and I noticed that some sort of sticky blue, water came from it.  I couldn't get it off my hands and I definitely scratched my head on this one.

Cita came over to where I was and started asking me what I was doing then she noticed my hands and she started laughing then she started squeezing the berries too but she would put the sticky water into her mouth.  She said it tasted good and I tried it too.  It tasted like blueberries without the blueberry then I wondered if it was the sticky water that was where the taste of the blueberry came from.
Rosa, 70 - Evening, hr 12    
Dada go! Go way! Aww dem! No Assa! No mama! Come back! Dada say!
Vasa, 70 - Midnight, hr 1    
I can't take this anymore.

What have we done? Was it right? What is wrong with me? Kendalyn is still gone! Where has she gone?! Daneel is gone! Where has he gone! Why have they left? Why aren't they back yet?! I've been back for a month and nothing. I've been coming into this awful, dank, hopeless mine just to scrape the walls of the one silver tunnel deep down inside... BUT WHERE HAVE THEY GONE!? This is not okay. This is not alright.

The foolish little girl... Well - No. She isn't, she's just young. She's very nice to have told me it.

It happened and I went towards the forest, towards the wolf's song... But really, I followed my Mother.

When nothing made sense she went the same path I walked and we both were in the beautiful forest, so full of mysteries and hardship...

Why am I so hurt now?! Why must I fight the roaring beasts and cut deep into the strong, harmless, hairy ones until my last breath is painfully blown out of my breast? Why am I killing so many of our kind animals with such hatred and anger?! Do I need to feel their fierceness? Does it help to know I'm stronger? Is Kendalyn and Daneel stronger? Are they okay? Why haven't they come back? Where are they?! WHERE ARE THEY?!

Myrra, the little girl, says they went that way and this way... East and west... Why did they do that? Why did I go north? I found beautiful things, but where are they to show? Where are they to tell my stories to? Surviving off the guts of the quick-moving horned beasts... So hungry and with no one to speak to, with nothing to do. Spending hours listening to the howling wolves...

Where are they? Kendalyn? Daneel?

Please come back...
Khelek, 71 - Before dawn, hr 2    

A new world opened the day he was born.  In the earlier time, when he was still forming in a dark sea, he heard voices in the gloom.  Trying to grasp at them as though they were tangible, he only managed to grab ahold of the Others.  Now it was different.  He could hear the air, hear screams of terror, and the entropy of the world pressed upon him.  New colors began to emerge beyond the hue of dusk.  There was the gray of the bedding beneath him, the blood-stained alabaster of his flailing arms and legs.  He looked up at his mother while he screamed, and was calmed with one word: "Ewan."

Losse, 71 - Afternoon, hr 9    

She is slowly conscious of light, bright to her small eyes, she squints them closed again. She sneezes, then exhales three loud snorts to remove the sand from her nostrils. Slowly, she stretches out in the warm sand, she extends her claws and arches her neck back. Her nostrils quiver with all of the new scents, one is particularly intriguing. It is a familiar one and she lifts her head to capture it better.  She carefully opens her eyes, though her sight is poor, she is able to see what is close to her as well as discern light and shadow in the distance. She swivels her head about, and notices she is not far from the surf crashing onto the beach, where she still lies. Tilting her head in the opposite direction, she sees a tall cliff of sandstone, swirling with tones of brown, tan and terra cotta. Up there, the scent falls to her from the top of the cliff, she pulls in more of it, nostrils flaring. She emits a soft clicking sound from deep in her throat, then a squealing trumpet. There is no answer. Surprised, she stands on her two large clawed feet, shaking her green scaled body of the dusty sand. Her long tail snakes back and forth in agitation. She screeches a long honking greeting towards the top of the cliff. Two heads appear peeking over the edge, she peers at them with her small yellow eyes, neither one is what she is looking for. She vaguely recognizes the species, but they are not like her.


Wincing, she takes one of her long fingered scaled hands and with a curved talon rubs at the side of her head. The pain is sharp, but she does not remember how the swollen bruise got there. A strong gust of wind blows down the cliff again, it brings the scent and tosses about the white tuft of hair sticking up at the top of  her head. She looks to the left of the cliff and notices a trail from the beach rising upwards. She makes her lumbering way towards the trail, clicking in her throat. Just as she reaches the trail head, she trips on a tuft of beach grass and falls with a thundering crash onto her chest and chin. Startled from her fall, she cries out, sqwaunking with indignation. Pulling herself up again, she shakes her body to rid her scales of the sand, then makes her way up the trail, to the only thing she can remember so far.    

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