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Losse, 71 - Evening, hr 10    
The Best

The nine year old girl's sister requested to speak with her alone. Of course she obliged. As she stepped inside after her sister, the girl could tell she was jittery, but she smiled all the same, "Hiya..."

The girl grinned as she asked, "Whatcha wanna talk 'bout?"

"I um..." Her sister pushed her pointer fingers together distractedly as she hesitates, "want to ask you something..."

The girl cocked her head to the side, looking at her sister quizzically and waiting patiently for the question.

Her sister blushed as she continued onward, "I umm... I don't think it's any secret how much I like you.. but... there is something different about the way I like you. Different than how I like Nia or Nian... or others..."

"Different?" The girl looked puzzled, not really sure what her sister meant.

Her sister just nodded. "Like... umm... I don't know how to describe...."

The girl started talking slowly, as she tried to piece together what her sister was talking about. "Well... I guess there's all kinds of different. Like, I think you and me are closer than me and Nia. And I used to feel closer to Nian than Nia. But not as much as before." She frowned momentarily as she remembered how hurt her brother had looked after she decided to not go with him and her papa. "And I feel closer to Ner than Nian sometimes. And then Ter..." Her voice trailed as she pondered how she felt about all the people she knew.

Her sister nodded again. "But like... There is close like mama and dad too..." She paused. "Me been thinking about how I like some better than others, but others differently than some."

The girl pursed her lips thoughtfully at this concept. It'd never crossed her mind. "I guess you're right! I never thought about that before. I dunno, is it closer than all the others? 'Cause Mama and Liet are close too, like her and Papa. I'm not really sure. They must be or they wouldn't have babies they call theirs, like they call us hers and papa's." Her brow furrowed. "Babies... I dunno how that works. This all is confusing." She rubbed her head. She didn't want to think about things like this yet... did she?

"I asked mama where babies come from... she avoid subject long ago. But from what I notice.. takes two people." Her sister answered.

"I guess it does." The girl nodded slowly. "But I dunno how you'd choose the people. I guess she likes Papa and Liet best of all?" She looked at her sister questioningly.

"Not sure... maybes. I like you best." Her sister bit her lip nervously after making the admission.

The girl's cheeks tinged pink, though she wasn't aware of it. She looked down shuffling her feet. "Well.. I don't like anyone best. Not yet, I don't think. Because it's all making me very confused to think about, but.." She paused, still staring at her feet, "I do know I feel closer to you than anyone right now, except maybe Mama. It's a lot to think about right now..." She nodded. "A lot to figure out."

Her sister smiled a little. "I just wanted to tell you how I felt... that when you came back... I'd like to.. um... be like mama and dad, with you... but give you time to think about it while on your journey..."

Lote, 71 - Before dawn, hr 2    
Tom sat down exhasted.  I had taken him almost a year, but it was done.  A village entrance!  He had created the entrance to his village just as Avien'zia had asked of him.  Now his family could move inside and be safe from the creatures of the desert.  Surely she was proud of her first disciple now.  Tom continued to sit in the sand, admiring his work and thinking about his goddess and his family.

How many days had it been since he had last seen Avien'zia?  How many new brothers and sisters had been born, and how many had passed away while he was working?  How were his brother and sisters that were traveling?  Had any of them returned?  So many questions... questions that he could find out later.  For now, Tom needed to sleep.  The last thing he saw before falling asleep was the sight of the sun dawning over his new village.
Lote, 71 - Evening, hr 11    
Margalit krept forward in the darkness. For the past few months she had bided her time and stayed near her pond on Witch Woods Isle. She had escaped from being locked in the hut with her two dead children. She ended up being allowed outside, but was under watch by the keen eyes of the Witch. Then came the day that the Witch left for unknown reasons. Margarlit knew this was her chance.
She gathered some cooked carp over the next few days, and kept an eye out on the weather.
It was this night that she stripped down, and only carrying the basket that Lorel had given her many years ago she slid into the water, her sleek form disappearing into the black foaming water.

She had escaped from the Witch.
Urnu, 71 - Evening, hr 10    
Hexio and Firma left. I admit, I did not know them as well as I should have. Our family seems to be dwindling. I try not to think about it.

I went back outside. It seems like I haven't been here in a long time. When I was a child, I was always outside. The others still come here, and there were many outside on this day. Someone looked over the horizon and saw someone travelling towards us. I looked around, trying to account for everyone. I suggested it was someone who had left long ago was returning. Someone said it might be someone who wasn't even a Stoneshaper. I remembered I laughed then. I had travelled down from the mountain before, I was ready to assure anyone that there were creatures but no one else like us.

But then the new one arrived. I was shocked and bewildered. A creature with dark skin stood towering above us. The family rushed to see this new wonder, and many offered him greetings. Soon, he spoke and I realized that he was not a creature, but more like us.

I was terrified.
Naur, 71 - Afternoon, hr 8    
I was ready for the pain this time. I knew it would come, it would always be there. But... how come it hurt so much more?
The first one I named Ilysa, after my dear mother, Ilysis. It took a while for her to wake up, and I was afraid she never would. I am incredibly relieved that never happened. 
The second child, Ilysa's twin, was named Nira, by Eldin. She was the most excitable child I have ever seen. She crawled in and out of buildings at fast paces. She will have plenty of energy to watch out for her pups, I'm sure.
What a nice growing family. Perhaps the dark times will end soon, so my children will grow in peace.
Naur, 71 - Evening, hr 10    
I slowly open my eyes to take my first glimpse at the world. It is a truly amazing site, but yet can make you feel so small in this world. I begin to cry loudly, kicking my arms an legs about as my stomach roars. I seek comfort... to be held and calmed down... as do the other eight newborns.
Elen, 71 - Midnight, hr 1    


She reaches the top and peers over the rise to see a cottage with a thatched roof, two people stand in the yard, clinging to each other as they watch her approach. Tilting her head first one way, then the other, she snakes out a long forked tongue. Tasting the air around her, she searches and catches the familiar scent with it. The people take an unconscious step back at the sight of her. "Who are you and what do you want" the man asks. She takes a lumbering step forward at his words, her tail lashing with excitement, it gets in the way of her large clawed foot, waving her forearms to balance herself she fails and with a squeak, and a long wail, rolls back down the trail, head over tail until she reaches the bottom. With a cry she shakes herself off and stands. She looks to the top of the cliff with a snort to see the two people looking over the edge at her, concern on their faces. "Are you all right?" the woman asks. They cautiously come down the trail. The man reaches a hand to her "Here, can I help you?" She takes his hand with her large green clawed one gently. He turns from her quickly with a blush and notes to the woman, "she is not wearing any clothing" he races up the trail and without turning his head he offers "I will find something for her". She looks down at herself curiously, then back up at the woman who turns to go up the trail. She follows her graceful form and long known scent to the top of the cliff.

She rests back on her tail now, looking about the garden in front of the cottage, the two people watch her, the man stepping in front of the woman protectively proclaims "I am Senic", he turns his head to the woman behind him then back to face her, "and this is Draka, who might you be?" he says as he hands her a hide vest and skirt. She understands him and when he informs her of the woman's name, she startles. Try as she might, though she twists her tongue around in her mouth, she cannot speak as they do. "Squink auck, rinky?" The sound coming out of her mouth is not what she intended. The two people look at each other and shrug. She stomps closer to them so she can see them better. The man is tall, almost as tall as she is herself, with a cream colored smooth skin on a handsome face. His ears come to a point on the sides of his head, dark hair comes to his shoulders. He is dressed in leather. She looks at the clothing handed to her perplexed, but, not wanting to be rude attempts to put it on her body. Noticing the woman's attire, she tries to copy it. She pulls the skirt over her lower body, her tail sticking out from beneath behind her. She holds up the vest and turns it about, finally, she puts her short green scaly arms in the holes, the opening of the vest in the back. She looks up at the woman, who with a little smile, nods approval.

"Are you hungry?" the woman asks with a soft sweet voice, offering a piece of roasted meat wrapped in a leaf. She snakes out her tongue towards the food hungrily causing the woman to take a step back. Reaching out a clawed hand, the woman called Draka drops the meat into it, "You are welcome to whatever you need" she says graciously.  As she gnaws at the meat she observes Draka with a bit of confusion as her scent does not match the form she knew so well. The form the woman takes is beautiful beyond words. She is not quite as tall as the man, long brown wavy hair falls far below her waist. Her eyes are large and brown, dark and enchanting, her pointy ears are as delicate as shells. As beautiful as she is, this is not how she knows her. The Draka she knows looks nothing like this. She swallows the meat, then rubs the side of her head again with a claw. Once again she winces and wonders how she came to be here, with Draka, both looking as different as they do.

Gurtha, 71 - Sunrise, hr 5    

A few days pass pleasantly, mostly she wanders the shoreline, looking out across the Ocean. There is something there, but she cannot remember what it is. She does remember Draka, as she was before, but nothing else. If she remembers anything, Draka does not say. She and Senic are polite to her, but it is obvious they are a bit uncomfortable by her presence. The swelling has decreased some to the bruise to the side of her head but is still painful. There is so much she wishes she could remember...including her name.

She wakes curled about herself on the warm sand. She stretches her arms and after arching it, rolls onto her back and looks up at the blue sky. "I am Salome" she says into the breeze blowing softly by her face. She gracefully rolls to her side, then to her knees and looks at the world surrounding her. A beautiful white sand beach stretches on either side of her, with a calm cerulean blue Ocean rhythmically washing onto its shore. There is a cliff to her right, shielding her eyes with her hand, she looks to the top and see's two people looking over the edge at her. "Senic, look! There is someone else!" a woman's voice...."Hmmm, I wonder who she is" a man replies. Rising from her knees, she brushes the sand from her body, stretching again, she runs her fingers through her long honey colored hair, reaching past her knees, its waves and ringlets blow in the warm breeze. Her fingers rub against a painful bruise to her temple and she winces with pain. She feels excruciatingly itchy of a sudden, and going to scratch, notices she wears a hide skirt and has a hide vest on, backwards. She frowns down at the crude clothing. A notion comes to her from somewhere that this is not something she would normally wear. She must find something better than this! Maybe those people could help her. She looks back up to the cliff and smiles, she sees a trail that seems to go to the top and with a graceful and light step makes for it. Just before she reaches the trailhead, she trips over a tuft of grass and falls flat on her face "Oomph!" indignantly, she looks about her as she gets herself up and brushes herself off. She haughtily walks up the trail, and on getting to the top finally, see the two people there. Extending her hand regally to the man as she walks towards him, she looks deep into his grey eyes with her large sea green ones, she tilts her head ever so slightly and with a sweet smile, murmurs breathlessly "I am Salome".

Gurtha, 71 - Sunrise, hr 5    

He takes her hand and nods to her "I am Senic", he extends his arm towards the woman, "and this is Draka". She releases her gaze from his to regard the woman next to him. Something, there was something familiar about her. "Have we met before Draka?" she asks pensively. "I don't think so, but you do look familiar" Draka replies as they regard each other.

After a tour of the couples lovely home and garden, and a polite meal, Salome wandered down the cliff trail to the beach, again looking off to the horizon. Something about the Ocean pulled at her heart, tugging strong enough to wrench tears from her eyes. Roaming down the beach picking up shells and pebbles, she wondered what it was that spoke to her from the water. As the twilight crept indigo to the Oceans edge , she settled in the still warm sand, listening to the soothing sound of the surf tossing itself on the shore.

She must have fallen asleep there, a gentle tugging at her hair rouses her. Opening her sea green eyes, she sees Draka weaving shells into tendrils of her hair. She sits up a bit and smiles, then closes her eyes as Draka's fingers weave within the strands. A memory comes to her then, she is wearing an opalescent  transparent gown, it is embellished with shells and pearls, held on her body by a piece of the fabric over one shoulder. A golden sash is tied about her waist. In her vision, her hair is being fussed over such as it is now. An overwhelming itching brings her back to the present and she finds she has been scratching at the backwards vest. She looks down at it with loathing and takes it off. The warm Ocean breeze plays about her bare skin and she sighs with relief.

Vasa, 71 - Sunrise, hr 5    
I went outside to hunt. There was a need for skins or bone or...I can't even remember now. I went out to hunt like any other day when the Great Mountain Spirit chose to play Its most confusing trick on me.

I stretched, unsheathed my sword and began to stalk alongside one of the large woolen beasts with horns. I thought it should have enough skins to bring back, so I raised my sword to strike. As I brought the sword down, the earth under my feet began to rumble and shake. I'd never felt anything like it, and I started backwards, falling down. When I looked up the poor beast was covered in mud and stone. I shook my head to clear it and looked back at the camp. The others seemed to have been unaffected. Whatever had happened seemed to have only happened here. I stared in bewilderment for a while as my brain tried to rationalize. The stones above were clearly loose and had come down with some of the mud, I told myself. Still...something troubled me. I could have left it at that but instead I stalked closer to another beast.

With a quick look back to the camp, I took a deep breath and raised my sword to slay this beast. Again the earth began to shake and before my very eyes I saw the ground heave up stone and mud which covered the beast. I stood in shock for a moment before running back into the mine, terrified of my own shadow. I tried to find Di-di, hoping he'd know what had happened.

Had I done that to the beast? The ground seemed to shake as I raised my sword...as I willed it to...
Ringwe, 71 - Midnight, hr 1    

As she slowly awoke to the breeze rustling playfully by with her hair, she became aware that there was a weight on her chest, one that hadn't been there before she had fallen asleep. Slowly so as to not wake whoever it is that is resting their head on her chest and balancing herself on top of the grass with her arms resting on the grass, she looks at the sleeping figure and smiles softly as she sees who it is.


“Kimwa...” She says in a relief-filled tone, her hoarse voice trailing off as she concentrated on balancing the odd weight and hers onto her arm as she stroked Kimlan on the head. She says in a curious tone, “Kimwa... awakies?”


Upon hearing her name be spoken by her younger sister, she stirs and wakes up, replying with, “Kimmie wakes...” as she brings up one of her arms to rub the sleep from her eyes.


Tanna sighed then, relief filling that one sigh dragged out by her as she helped Kimlan sit up along side herself, she looked around their surroundings noticing only then how quiet it was as panic filled her eyes she quickly looks to Kimlan as she asks in a concerned tone, “Where mama?”


Kimlan looked up in surprise at Tanna, forgetting that at that time, her younger sister had already been sleeping quite peacefully in the meadow. After blinking a few times and rubbing her eyes once more to get the sleep completely out of them she states calmly, “Mama say she go

backs. No worry Tanna, kimmie protects.” as she thumped her fist against her chest in a strong, warrior-like manner.


Nodding, she stretched to relax all those muscles she had as she got to her feet steadily, that is, until she suddenly grew rather dizzy and lightheaded in the head and grabbed ahold of Kimlans shoulder to balance herself as her vision went bright and everything she looked at was filled with a bright silver light, including Kimlan who, when Tanna had put her hand on her shoulder without warning, had looked up automatically while bringing her own hand up to gently cup Tanna's small one.


“Tanna ok?” She asked, concern laced in her voice as well as covering her face.


Looking down at Kimlan, everything still a bright light in her eyes, she smiles and takes a deep breath of fresh air in rather desperately as swaying, she replies with, “Tannas... Tannas okays... thinks” in a seemingly breathless voice, tightening her grip on the shoulder briefly in a comforting manner before she holds out her other hand so that Kimlan can grab ahold of it so that she too could get up as well.


Clearly not convinced by Tanna's smile, she bites her bottom lip slightly as she probes, “Tannas sure?”


Ignoring the hand that is offered by her younger sister, she pushes herself up to stand next to her sibling and in doing so, grabs ahold of her siblings hand as she, in an inquiring tone asks, “Tanna want to go?”


Sensing concern still coursing through Kimlan, she smiles and says in a firm but sure voice, “Tannas sures.”

Looking around, her smile gets even wider as she sees the true expanse of the meadow they are standing in and, only giving her a slight warning of the gripping hand to Kimlan, runs off yelling delightedly as the wind runs its' breeze through her hair and the grass.


Smiling briefly, she soon gets a shock as her sibling runs ahead of her, while she herself is only momentarily tugged forward by the sheer force from Tanna pulling, her own body responding naturally as her eyes grow wide as saucers. As she regains her control of her own body, her movements become less rigid and jaggered.


“Waaah! Tanna!” She yells out giggling as she too feels the breeze and starts running slightly faster then her sibling, she manages to breathe out, “Haha, Race!”


Concentrating on Kimlan, she sees that her older sister is in the lead of the unofficial race, she laughs gaily into the wind enjoying herself.


Soon, they lose sight of their family encampment as they run off racing towards a random direction racing each other, too concentrated on winning and losing they quickly grow unaware of their surroundings.


Without warning, Tanna dissappears from Kimlans line of vision and goes down onto the meadow floor. As Tanna gains her vision back, she hears the rattle from in the grass and curious, tugs on Kimlans arm wanting to go investigate in what it is.


Kimlan suddenly gets jerked back, her arm nearly pulled out from her socket from the force. Looking around to get her bearings again she rubs her rump as she locates Tanna with her eyes.

“Tanna ok?” She asks before she hears that same rattling sound nearby in the grass.

Feeling the tug on her arm, she quickly jerks Tanna behind herself yelling in a panicked tone, “Tanna, no!” knowing that this sound cannot be good for them as they stand slowly so that Kimlan can investigate the noise. Parting the tall grass directly to one side of them, she stands still briefly in shock at the sight of the rattlesnake, her still small heart beating frantically in its cage, before she forces her body to move in and kill the snake before it can get to them instead.


Kimlan turned around then to comfort Tanna but then saw the look of half horrified half terrified expression as her head slowly turns around to face Kimlans as she states, “What do?” then as she looks around at their surroundings she asks in a tiny scared voice, “Kimwa, where we now?” as she realizes that they can no longer see their family encampment.


As Kimlan gives no answer at first, Tanna grows concerned and as she tugs on her sisters arm, her bottom lip trembling slilghtly, she states in that same tiny voice, “Go back. Family misses.” Then starts to tug Kimlan in the directon of what she hopes is where the family is.


“Snakes bad, Kimmie protect Tanna.” She states in a firm manner as she nods to her siblings question before being tugged along to find her family. She too looks around the area as she gulps slightly.

“I no know...” whispering this more to herself as she walked ahead of Tanna, making sure there were no more hazards on the way but at the same time, also having no clue if she was going the right direction.

“It ok Tanna we'll find them.” She states in a firm determined manner as she forged ahead.


As she gets comforted by Kimlan she looks around as she is tugged forward by Kimlan then she hears a noise that seems to come from their right side from again, what seems like within the grass. Tanna freezes in fear as she remembers her not-too-long-ago-experience with the rattlesnake coming immediately to mind, she whispers out frightendly

“Kimwa... What there?” she looks up slowly feeling completely lost even with Kimlan confidently leading the way.


Turning her attention to the sound she looks at Tanna, "I don't know.” She shakes her head and tugs on Tannas arm to continue moving forward, keeping aware of whats around them hopeing not to have to get into a fight again. “We keep going.” She says in a firm but soft tone.


Tanna nods as she is tugged forward, occasionally hearing the family's voice drift over on the wind, she says “Kimwa... family... near?” in a hesitant voice.


She smiles warmly at Tanna and gives a small nod. “Family near.”

Though not 100 percent sure of that she tries to get the direction their voices are coming from then guides Tanna that way, before long they can see the outlines of the Family Home.


Tanna sighs in what seems to be a relieved sigh as Kimlan points out the encampment and says in a soft, slightly scared voice, “We safes now?” as Kimlan tugs them onward.


“Almost... we safe when we get home.” She says, tightening her grip on her little sister. “How about a race home Tanna?” she asks as she smiles at her, wanting to try and make her less scared.


“Race?” Tanna asks eagerly, immediately forgetting about the dnagers that they had been through in the meadow. “Tanna wana race Kimwa!!!” she says in an excited tone even though she doesn't let go of Kimlans hand.


“Ok Tanna. Ready?” She pauses for a moment to allow Tanna a response. “Go!” Giggling as she runs off in front of Tanna, though not too fast, forgetting also about there intertwined hands.


Giggling, Tanna follows suit and as they race towards the encampment, they pass by a rattlesnake who watches them fascinatingly although it does not make a move to attack, they soon pass by it though as both Tanna and Kimlan are too concentrated on racing each other


Kimlan pulls ahead of her sister completely unaware of there surroundings as she intends to get to the encampment first. “Hurry Tanna!” She yells in a joking manner.


Slowly getting out of breath, her legs start to slow down, her face starts turning bright red as she makes a last minute ditch effort to catch up to Kimla. “Hahah, Kimwa!” she yells, laughing as she does so.


As they get closer she spots some of her siblings standing around near each other continueing her race she seems to decide that there finish line will be there, as she does so she giggles at her sister, her face flushed and her breathing becoming rather erratic.


Just as Tanna's legs give way, she tumbles straight into Sirius, her breathing now completely shallow, her eyes sparkling a little too brightly and her face completley flushed, her hands clutch onto Sirius's clothes in sheer desperation to keep standing, she manages to breath out, “Tanna.. faster Kimwa!”


As Tanna seems to speed up just in time to get ahead of her she sees the wreckage that is Tanna and Sirius without realising it, she ends up going full speed into older sister toppling them over as she ends up intertwined in her legs. “Owie...” She pants as she covers her head with her hands.


As she's unaware of her sisters when Kimlan bumps into her, Lillibeth flies through the air for about 2ft before being pulled down by Kimlan's weight again. She lands hard on her right side and slides away for a while.


Squealing in equal measures of fright and delight, Tessi rushes for the tangle of her sibling, waving her arms about wildly. “Okays? Okays? Everyone okays?”


As Lillibeth slowly begins to understand what happened, she tries first to pull out her legs, then as the pain strikes her, she stops as her face is turns red.


Tessi runs closer to Lillibeth and crouches down. “Liba? You okays?”


As Kimlan's senses come back to her she blinks a few times up at Tessi and then turns her head to see Lillibeth, as well as feeling the slight movement of her legs. She cringes as she scurries out from her place and comes up to Lillibeths chest, kneeling right in front of her she gently pokes her shoulder still panting says, “Lilli.. Lillibeth oks?”


As the pain starts to disappear, she looks up at Kimlan nodding slightly in response.


Realizing that she seems to be clutching onto something that seems to be warm and breathing, Tanna looks up into Sirius's kind looking face, as she realizes who she's tumbled on, her face goes from a flushed colour to a deep radish-red colour as she buries her face into Sirius's hide loincloth, her mere height of 3 foot making sure that she is clearly avoiding the armor.


Kimlan then notices Tessi, she gives a strained but relieved smile. “Lillibeth ok.”

Sitting back now she clutches at her sides, a faint reddness still visible on her cheeks.


Tessi lets out a sigh of relief and plops back onto her rear in the sand. “Good. No hurts.”

Ringwe, 71 - Afternoon, hr 8    
It all started when SHE came back.  That girl, Cailin.

I didn't really know her, she had left my home when I was very young.  All this time later, though, she comes back.  Why?  I'm not quite sure... I was drifting in and out of sleep during her visit.  I think she said something about how lonely it was in the West, something about her father being gone... I remember Papa becoming nervous and angry.  She left quickly, giving Zosime a note and running off before Mama could see her.

I didn't really think much of the visit then, I don't know if anyone did at the time.  Soon enough, however, we'd see what that visit would bring us...
Khelek, 72 - Before dawn, hr 2    
Not Again

"I'm not going to come back." The woman stared at her son, then her niece. "We'll travel far, and I don't mind bringing you back again, but after that I will stay all alone without you guys." She had difficulty speaking as her stare shifted to the ceiling. She sniffed, "N-no one... it's... it's better like that." She swallowed, eyes growing large. As much as she tried to fight the tears, they started flowing, and she tore out of the building to the jungle beyond.

The announcement was a surprise to the girl. Or maybe it really wasn't. She looked over at her cousin for his reaction to the news. There was nothing but a sigh. His eyes were dulled and there was no trace of emotion on his face. He just stared at his feet.

The tattered edges of the hide tent opening fluttered as the girl and her aunt stepped in. She would not yell at her aunt this time. The conversation inside that ensued was a blur. Her aunt believed everyone hated her- that her sons' father wanted to kill her. She did not listen to the girl when she tried to protest, when she presented everything to the contrary. She didn't listen when she plead for the sake of her cousins.

"I've never cared for them, Rose." The girl's name was obviously difficult for her aunt to say. "Elieth did. And Ayla, probably. All I did was run away."

The girl's next statement was said with conviction, "I don't believe that. Niether does Liet. Whether you do or not... You came back because you cared about something. You came back to warn us of what you saw. So you -cared- about something. And if you'd look, you'd see others care too. About you." Her jaw tightened. This time she gazed at her aunt confidently- defiantly. "There were at least moments that you cared." And she knew that had to be true. But she hated her aunt just a little bit for what she said.

At her aunt's bidding, they moved from the tent to her aunt's shack. As the girl walked in, her aunt waved her arm around the room, indicating the many things stacked about on top of each other. The girl looked around, not comprehending what point her aunt was trying to make.

"You don't think all of this is actually mine, do you? Now tell me, do you still think I'm all that caring about you guys?" Her aunt's gaze fell upon her, waiting for an answer or reaction.

The girl shrugged as she looked around again, actually focusing this time on the things in the room. It did seem like a lot more than before they had gone to the beach. "It's just stuff. Stuff that can be remade. All it does in here is rot. I know one of the tunics in a crate is mine, because I put it here before we left for the beach." She shook her head. "If this is how you define not caring about others.. it doesn't make much sense to me. Not when you're keeping a bit of everyone in here." She sighed as she moved towards the door with one last comment. "Seems like you're trying to make everyone hate you on purpose. But..." Her voice trailed as she dismissed what she was thinking with a shake of her head. She stepped out of the shack without giving her aunt a chance to reply. She didn't need to hear more excuses- more lies.

She didn't yell at her aunt this time.
Khelek, 72 - Afternoon, hr 8    
I remember the light, it was so much brighter than when I was inside Mama. I was told, a few years after, that my brother didn't survive...I guess I was too young to realize I even had one.
Khelek, 72 - Afternoon, hr 8    
Mean Parents

The boy's father pulled his mother close for a deep kiss, murmuring how he'd missed her. The boy protested as he stuck his tongue out at his father, "Ewww! That's still gross, Dad!"

His father just looked at him with a chuckle. "Little Anrod, I've been watching you and seeing you trying to impress little Rose there." He winked at his son.

The comment brought forth even more protests from the boy as he shuffled his feet. "I-I have n-not been doing anything!" His face turned crimson, avoiding looking at anyone, especially the girl, who wasn't really paying attention anyway.

His mother smirked as he spoke, "Sweet, you're not going to find it gross for much longer, I'm afraid."

"M-Mama! Don't join his side! It's all still gross!" He stuck his tongue out again, this time at his mother. "Rose is just a nice person!"

His father just grinned wildly. "If you say so, Anrod, but I think you spend all of your time thinking about as I do your mother." He winked again at his embarassed son. But his parents agreed to relent their teasing.

Upon hearing her name and the protests of the boy, the girl glanced up with a confused expression. He noticed her looking their way and rubbing the back of his neck to get rid of his blush, he simply exclaims, "Uh...ignore them, Rosy! They're just trying to be mean."
Khelek, 72 - Evening, hr 11    
It hurts to find out that what you always assumed would be from the time you were little isn't true.  The person you are meant to be with doesn't love you - they never will.  To turn to another seems...horrible, like taking second best, but what choice is there? 

What choice is there?...
Kuile, 72 - Afternoon, hr 9    
Margalit slowly came up on land. She had been travelling for many days. She did a U from Witch Woods Isle and then made her way past Obsidian Island and then to Home Isle. She was devestated that it was abandoned, Lorel and her brothers had left. She was't sure what to do, but she knew she could not stay there as the Witch she knew would look for her.
She had left Home Isle with little hope. She saw on the horizon a new island she never saw before. She made her way to it.
There she came up onto land, a hilly land it was, and there was Lorel and her brothers and an older man she did not recognize. THe man it turns out was Krai, Lorel's brother who fled the Witch at a young age.
Margalit stayed there for awhile, but grew bored and desired adventure, she soon left to the northwest as she thought she saw another island out there.
Lote, 72 - Afternoon, hr 8    
Why would she leave, anyway?  We were always told when we were little that traveling was bad, it made us crazy.  That man and his children left because he did bad things, especially to her, and to Mama.  So why would she go to the west, where he is?

Was it that letter the girl brought for her?

Was it because of her "child's" recent death?


I watched her walk away, watched her leave Lorelei.  I had offered to come with her, to make sure she wouldn't get hurt on the road, but she refused.  She said she'd be okay, but I had to wonder.  She said she'd be back, but I wondered about that, too.

Eventually I ran into the mines, looking for Mama and Dada, angry and upset.  I said things I shouldn't, made them upset.  But why did I care?  The only one that understood us little ones left... and who knew how she'd be when she came back, if she even came back?
Naur, 72 - Midday, hr 7    
When she described what happened with the lions, he shook his head and thought "that can't be right" but he left the mines to watch anyway.  And though it was awkward, he wanted children, and so did she.  So they tried it.  It left him feeling all funny inside, but they were going to have children!  And they weren't going to yell and fight in front of them or hurt them like Sofia and Papa and Unca' Hinrod always did.  Nope, they were going to be well loved and taken care of.  "We're going to make a happy family," he wrote in his journal.

There was no way to know that soon after life would, once again, change drastically.  Of course, he should have come to expect the worst by now because something worse can always happen...
Elen, 72 - Midnight, hr 1    
"Cailin wait!" He yelled after her, but it was too late.  Pregnant with his child, children?  He didn't know yet but she would have them in Loreli instead of on Frost Mountain.  Resigned, he dropped everything and raced after her, upset that they would have to wait 5 years before coming back but knowing he couldn't stay without Cailin and their child.
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