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Elen, 72 - Evening, hr 10    
I told Junta about what had happened in my battle with the beasts outside almost immediatly. He took it in stride, thinking it over for a while before telling me if must be a gift of the Great Spirit. A gift? It was hard to believe, but he spoke so calmly to me that I began to think clearer.

I began to practice. I couldn't do it all the time and it took alot of concentration...but I was beginning to get the hang of it. I spoke with the stone in my mind and it responded, lashing out at my enemies. Prehaps this will be a great thing, once I come to control it better. Prehaps this is the Great Spirit trying to tell me It is still here.

I begin to feel that the dark times will pass.
Lasse, 72 - Sunrise, hr 4    
Journal Excerpt:

Then on Lasse 72 my beautiful children, Nicholas and Audosia were born.  I couldn't be happier about that.  Auda is the light of my life.  She is a joy.  Aaron was born on Lasse 73.  He and Nicholas have mostly been asleep but I have hopes.
Lasse, 72 - Sunrise, hr 4    
I'm not able to go any further north. This is a land filled with ice and snow. It's bitter cold here, and I am afraid of dying. I feel my thin ivy clothing will not help much longer.
Lasse, 72 - Midday, hr 7    
We could see people coming from the West.  Papa was worried, but I just said it was just Mama and the others coming back.

But when Cailin was the first to arrive, pregnant and near ready to give birth, it was plain to see I was wrong.

Papa seemed to become very worried, and all Ca was saying was weird things about 'opening hearts' and other things that made no sense.  Papa thought that her father was returning as well... I reminded him of the girl's last visit, when she said her father wasn't there, to the west, but somewhere else.  That seemed to calm him a bit, until Ca decided to tell him that EVERYONE was coming back from the mountain, including her father, Ewon.

I only had one memory of Ewon, and that was when he hurt my father.  I was still very little, but that's one thing I've never forgotten.  I hated him, for hurting Papa, for all the things I heard he did to Mama and some of the others.

He and his family brought disruption to our perfect little colony.  Ca was odd, and she had her children inside, so it was really hard to take care of them.  Papa went into the mines for a long time, he said he got real sleepy, but I didn't believe him.  Mama went and made more babies with Ewon, as if all those stories I heard were lies, as if he never hurt Mama and Papa.  It didn't make sense anymore, it didn't feel like home anymore.

I wanted them to go back to their lonely mountain and rot there.
Vasa, 72 - Midday, hr 7    
When she spoke to Kieran, the whole world changed.  They had talked before, of what they would do when they were older, of who they would become.  But now they would become together the most important thing of all - parents.  

It wasn't that they hadn't seen their parents mate in front of them, but though Mama and Papa must love each other their wasn't...affection in the mating.  This was different.  With Kieran she wanted it to be perfect.  

Perfect isn't quite the word she would use to describe that first time.  Awkward?  Check!  And if it wasn't what she had thought she wanted - all of that was obliterated by the most wonderful feeling in her tummy.  She couldn't have known what would come next, sorrow after sorrow.  No, this was just pure unadulterated joy.

She looked at Kieran, and then brought his hand to her tummy.  Her smile as she held their joined hands on her belly was never ending. 
Vasa, 72 - Evening, hr 12    
Mama and I were all that remained in Peal Beach once Dada had to go. But Mama said if Uncle Elieth woke she would try to make more friends for me to play with...I hope Dada returns soon...
Ringwe, 72 - Midday, hr 6    
Taking the block of marble in his hands along with a granite hammer and a bone knife, Cathal began to set to work on his amature art. He began with the base, carefully carving in the name of his 'model'. "F..." he sounded out quietly under his breath with each messy stroke "...R...O...G...M..." after about a half hour he was done with that work, and had set about to actually carving the figure. First he began with the legs. Stumpy, spindly things with lots of warts. Though he did not mean to, he chipped the two appendages several times, adding to the creature's over all absurdity and ugliness. Next he slowly worked on the stomach, a portly circle. Though it should have been round, it was chipped and jagged, with dozens of sharp edges. Rising from the sides of this some-what round figure were two spindly arm-like cylinders, also chipped and jagged. They bent slightly, this time on purpose, and one arm was literally broken in two at the bend in the elbow. They ended in two round circular hands, a single line of marble extending between each and going on for a bit from each hand. It, too, was twisted and jagged, ending in a deliberate point that was incredibly sharp. The head of the creature that he made was round, though like the stomach it was jagged and edged, atop it were two equally jagged bulbs for the eyes. Smiling, Cathal set down his work. He had finished creating a model of one of the creatures that had appeared in the mines, something he could show to his family. Maybe they'd take notice.
Khelek, 73 - Before dawn, hr 3    
We packed up our few posessions and left.  It was a big deal, really; We were always told that it was bad to leave our home, that it made us crazy.

But is it really that crazy to leave a place that's no longer our home?

We prepared quickly and in secret, so that no one would know.  I wrote a letter to Papa, apologizing for everything, and headed off to where Grandmother lived.  I only remember her being a scary woman demanding 'pect', whatever that was, but he insisted, so we headed off.

I never turned back to look at my former home, the only place I knew.  I knew that if I did I'd want to go back, even if I hated it.  I was afraid of going somewhere else; afraid of the unknown... so I never looked back, and promised to myself never to return.
Khelek, 73 - Sunrise, hr 4    
I stood back to admire my work. It was only a street, the first of the city. I decided I would have to name it something other then "North Street", but what? Sekah Street suonded nice to me. Perhaps I would one day make a sign for the street, but not now. 
Even though I was working on the city alone, it felt nice to have something to distract myself with. Nefarka was in dark times, and there seemed to be no justness appearing any time soon. Mother was refusing to leave the temple, many of my family members left in search of Jasa, and even though he was finally dead, Torin's actions loomed over the anu's heads like a threatening rain cloud. The work, though hard, relaxed me. How could I worry about little Baraka's future when shoveling sand away to make a path, while Aten's harsh heat baked my back? The sound of panting left no room in my head for troublesome things or questionable family members. 
But now that the road was done, all of these problems rushed into my head like a homesick pup. I had to start the next project soon, or life will indeed seem hopeless!
Khelek, 73 - Midday, hr 7    

Everybody was so excited about the new baby.  Mama and Papa were always having babies, but this was different.  This was Sylvan and Kieran's baby.  I think he was the first one who wasn't Mama's.  The very first.  And they said that that meant that I was an auntie, even though I was little.  But he never woke up.  I wanted to be a good auntie and look after the babies and play with them.  But none of them ever woke up.

Khelek, 73 - Midday, hr 7    
Never had she felt such love as she did when gazing upon her firstborn, her baby.  He was so cute, with that sweet face like his fathers.  And when she looked up at Kieran, holding the boy, and asked for names the one she liked the most was "Feldin" - such a simple name, different than those of her siblings.  Perfect for this little boy they had brought into the world.

There was a bit of a debate over what to use for a second name, but finally it was decided.  Kiervan, a combination of their names, would forever more be used to distinguish -their- children from the others.  "You are Feldin Kiervan, and I'm your Mama, Sylvan." 

The feeling inside of her was one she would never be able to describe, joy and hope and so many things all wrapped up in the tiny bundle in her arms, so very very precious.
Khelek, 73 - Afternoon, hr 8    


She sits with Draka at CliffView, puzzling their past. They both agree, the Noljeni elder Amrod is a key, a clue to the mystery of who they are. They journey to Nolja, seeking answers, but by the end of their visit, they left with more questions.

She sleeps fitfully by the river that flows through the Noljen village. A scent weaves it way to her nose, her nostrils flare to capture it. Sitting up, her eyes glazed by her dreaming, she clicks softly in her throat. Her arms bend at the elbow and her hands hang as if clawed. She tilts her head sharply as a vermilion cardinal bursts from a branch, her seemingly clawed hand snaps quickly to snatch the bird out of the air. She bites the head off with a growl, crunching, red feathers stuck about her face and lips. The raw taste in her mouth rouses her from the dream, she spits the foulness from her mouth and notices the headless bird in her hands. Horrified she opens her hand watching the body fall to the ground. Grabbing at her mouth, red feathers stick to her hand, a scream tears from her mouth to echo throughout the jungle "MOTHER!?"

After much consoling, Draka suggested they take a hot bath to forget about the horror of the night and the memories it carried with it. The Noljans, tried to oblige them, as she remembers, but as they had never taken a hot bath before...there was much discussion as to how to go about it. A debate about how to start a fire ensued, and in the meantime, a family member was injured in the mines. This caused the firemakers to rush down to help the injured Noljan. What happened next always confused her, because all she did was pick up the wood tool to be used to start the fire. She regarded the dirty stick as she held it between her thumb and forefinger, her pinky finger raised (it seemed to do that on its own, she had no idea why). Aloud, she wondered to Draka, how in the world she was going to start a fire as she certainly didn't know! It seems there was a great misunderstanding regarding this gesture and her statement afterwards. A misunderstanding that persisted to the present. That insinuated itself into all of her dealings with the Noljans. They just didn't understand each other.




Kuile, 73 - Afternoon, hr 9    
Declarations of Interest

The girl's cousin lunged towards her to wrap his arms around her tightly. He didn't say a word as he did so. She hugged him, asking him what was wrong. "Nothing, I just...need someone right now..." He only hugged tighter after he said this. She nodded, letting him know that if he needed to talk, she'd listen. She then started rocking slightly.

After a little bit, he looked up at her, "Rosy... I have something... to ask you.." She asked him what it was as she gazed back. He frowned as he started to explain, "I'm not sure what it is, but... when I'm around you, I feel different. Like, when I'm with Mama, I feel this way, but only around you and her." He looked away for a moment, trying to calm himself and keep from blushing. "I was just...wondering... do you have any... strong feelings for anyone?" He locks his eyes into hers. Some soft giggles could be heard coming from the direction of the girl's sister.

The girl was caught off-guard, again. This question, again. Just from someone else this time. Why was everything so confusing? She stammered, a deep blush spreading over her face, "I.. uh... uhmm.. I.. don't really know." She finished lamely, biting her lip, before continuing on in uncertainty. "I still.. don't really understand some feelings. I mean.. I know I care about everyone sooo much. And I know that I care about everyone in a different way and for different reasons. Some just very slightly different ways... some maybe in more, I'm not sure..." Her voice trailed. "I didn't really ever think about it or realize the little differences until right before I left Pearl Beach, 'cause Zee brought up the differences." Her voice is barely audible. "I still don't really understand though." A troubled look passes over her features as she sighs.'

He only nodded a little. "I don't either. I still think feelings like that are nasty, but..." His voice faded to a whisper. "I love Mama. A lot. I know I do. And, I can feel that same feeling for y-you." His face looked like a cherry. "I-I just... I don't want to lose you and... I think I have those kind of feelings... for you..." He looked back into her eyes again and hugged her tighter still. "It may just be a little kid crush, but it doesn't seem like that to me..."

"I don't know either. But.. I figure.. we're still young enough that we have time to understand them better." She hugged him back, cheeks still flushed. She definitely wasn't ready for this. Where was Mama when she needed her?
Lote, 73 - Sunrise, hr 4    
Bemsha was born today.  When she looked upon the little girl, she couldn't help but smile at Kiervan.  She beckoned to him and with whispered words they both affirmed the wish for more children to join Feldin.  Her hope, one she didn't dare speak but in whispered prayers to Avien'zia, was that another child might awaken Feldin, her lovely little boy who woke but never did more. 
Lote, 73 - Evening, hr 10    
As I finished chipping away at this Sarcophagus, i silently weep, morning for the lose of my two first born pups. It brought me joy when I held them in my arms for the first time... and now, it brings me heart ache to hold them for the final time. Good bye pups, enjoy the afterlife. 
Naur, 73 - Before dawn, hr 3    
Margalit looked out over the crashing waves below. The chilled wind blew across her sleek skin, she lifted her elongated mouth and looked at the horizon. She could see so far from up here. It had been a long, but somewhat easy climb due to her sticky gripping fingers and toes. She had decided to fall this place Farcliffs from how far you could see. The wind blew past her for a few more minutes before she decided she would head back to Lorel.
Elen, 73 - Midday, hr 7    
A strange old lady came to our island. Mother seemed to know her, and almost immediately attacked. The stranger was too strong, however, and killed her. I couldn't do anything; I was too young. I wasn't strong enough.

Krai and Etzem weren't fast enough to help. Etzem expressed much regret; as usual, it was difficult to elicit a response from Krai.

I miss Mother.
Gurtha, 73 - Midnight, hr 1    
It is so cold.
I am hungry.
I smell something amazing.
A fish is next to me.
I eat it.
How do I know how to eat?
It tastes so good.
A man chuckles. I look at him. 
He is so big. He makes me a little afraid.
"Don' worry, yer daddy Geron's not gunna hur' ya."
I smile. He is not that scary. He is very nice.
Then I see a woman.
She is not as big as the man.
I recognize her, but I do not know how.
She makes me feel like I am at home.
I also see other ones. Some are my size, and some are a little bit bigger.
What a nice place I'm in.

Lasse, 73 - Evening, hr 10    

I little strange thing appeared. It didn't look like anything I have seen before! I wanted to touch it, but I wasn't really good at crawling. Mama saw it and got really angry and killed it! It left behind some entrails, and I ate them. they tyasted strange. Mama said I shouldn't eat them since they are slimy, but I still do when I get the chance. they taste really good, but different from baked cave fish or roasted meat.
I don't know what the little things are called, but I like them and I wish I could get a good look at them before somebody else kills them. they are a lot less scary then the Up Monsters.

Ringwe, 73 - Evening, hr 12    
I beated him! Got here afore Zoan! Woah! Is high here! What are dose bird fings?
Dere dey are and dere is dada! He hugging me! I no got his staff... No my fault! I got a sword and I got blueberries! Dem is important!
Look! Dey just made a building!
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