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7th of Urnu, 39, midnight    
For the longest time, we were afraid to have children.  Feeding ourselves was difficult enough as it was, but things had begun to change recently.  With the recent construction of the oven, it had become much easier to prepare food, and in addition to that, I had heard a voice in my head.

He identified himself as the God of Earth and Stone, and said that we were to build a great kingdom here in the mountains.  I thought it sounded impossible at the time, but I also thought hearing the words of a god in my head was pretty impossible, so we might as well give it a try.

There was much to do in order to build a kingdom, and surely the two of us couldn't do it on our own, so we decided to have a child.  We tried for awhile, and eventually I got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  I decided to name her Falora.

She was a wonderful child.  She was always curious about everything around her and playing with her fingers and toes.  She was so cute!  I was very happy to have her around.
12th of Rosa, 40, sunrise    
Myran was glad to be home. North Jungle may have proved to be of little interest, but the trip hadn't been entirely for nothing; he was the first to have successfully traveled while fully armored, which was a feat he felt he could be proud of. After jotting down various observations he had made during the trip, he made his way towards the village to greet his fellow Noljeni.

Ayla and Laurel had left on their own journey a year ago, and had yet to return, but the rest of his family was happy to see him. He told them what he had seen as he ate a roasted fruit bat, content with its unique flavor.
8th of Lote, 40, midnight    
Myran dropped down today. Everyone was upset, but I wasn't. I smiled in my head, but not with my mouth. His armor was just lying there along with his weapon! It was mine, wasn't it? So I took it...dragged it away into the jungle and hid it in my usual place. Then Myran stood up and had new armour, and no one was upset about it anymore. I delicately touched the cold metal of the claymore, shivering slightly with excitement. It was mine!
8th of Lote, 40, midnight    
The sixth jaguar of the day was the easiest of all. Myran's blade cut quickly through the jungle cat's body, giving it too little time to react. It's roar was cut short as it fell to the ground. His hunt was certainly successful so far. Not a single creature had even managed to touch him. He sat for a time, quietly enjoying the animal's entrails as he cleaned his blade with a silk cloth.

Something compelled him to turn his head, and as he did so, he locked eyes with a serpent the likes of which he had never seen before. It was an enormous anaconda, its body as thick as a tree trunk. He stood quickly, his blade at the ready, eyes not wavering from those of the snake's. But he did not strike, for as he stared, the snake spoke.

"Garraksuskradom... Garraksuskradom... Garraksuskradom..."

The words filled his head, and as they did so, a great weight seemed to be forced upon him. He felt his body grow weak, and he struggled to remain standing, the words growing louder by the moment. And then suddenly, the beast struck, piercing his armor as if it did not even exist. He felt his body falling, but he never hit the ground.

All he knew was pain. Pain and Darkness.
10th of Lote, 40, midnight    
The pain soon left his perception, replaced with a gradual numbness which seemed to pervade his exisitence. But the Darkness did not abate, nor did the constant feeling of dread. He fell for what seemed an eternity before finally coming to a halt. Though he soon found this change was not welcome, for he was wholely ensared in the coils of an even greater serpent, one which defied all preconcieved notions of largeness he may have had.

The creature was truly immense, its great head moving round to view its prize as it coiled tighter around him. And then, it too spoke, its voice filling his mind as before.

"My child, why is it that you fight for Light when it is so obvious that you are a child of Darkness? Have you not looked upon your own face?" An image seemed to ripple in the fabric of the Darkness, as a reflection in water would, revealing Myran's visage.

And as he looked upon his own face the voice filled his head again, "Your eyes, child, your eyes! They are what gives you away!" The coils seemed to tighten even more now. "Pledge loyalty to me, rather than the other, and your life shall be returned to you!"

But Myran refused. As he was held tight by Garraksuskradom in his sphere of Darkness, he told the serpent that he was wrong, and that he would only serve Dynshyradmosund, the creator of all that was good.

The beast became furious.

The great serpent's jaws lashed at him as before, but this time he felt the strength of Light upon him, and his sword leaped to his hand. He cleaved through it as it struck, and it released him from its coils. It moved quickly as he began to fall once more, and as it prepared to strike again, another great voice filled the void. It was Dynshyradmosund.

"You will not slay this boy, serpent!"

And as Light itself confronted Dark, he felt himself ascending.

"Return to life! It is not yet your time!"

Suddenly Myran felt great pain again, but the sounds of the jungle surrounded him, and he knew he must be safe. His family had made many fires, and had prayed to Dyn, and through their efforts and Dyn's power, he had been saved. He was grateful to be alive, and as best he could, asked for help in getting to his feet.

On the 8th of Lote, year 40, Myran was slain.

Two days later, with the aid of his family, he stood once more.
11th of Lote, 40, midnight    
It's getting hard to pull these memories nowadays. I was simply playing with the beautiful jungle enviroment I had always lived in with its huge trees, reaching out to the skies so high! Or so I used to believe. And between these trees I remember there were many animals. Jaguars, they appeared to be kind of dangerous...it's one thing I remember that they were rarely hunted. And if they were, it usually happened with lots of blood. Not all that great if you ask me. But times slowly changed and now anyone can kill them, because, back then, we didn't have steel and iron, just silk. I remember everyone being clothed in just silk and things like that.

Oh, how have things changed so much? Though one thing still hasn't changed: I still like to take a thing or two for my own...

Anyway, as I was playing there, on my own, there was this once the river sparkled. Just that one time it did, surely I didn't know what tricks the sun could play with us yet back then, so it looked absolutely strange to me. Completely new, as it were. It seemed to lure me in, like the eyes of the jaguar lured you to it with an unknown force. But I resisted...as it was not yet the time for me to fall in there, and drown. That, that was later. Oh how mom grieved my death, but gladly Fenrod saved me. Straying off again, as I tend to do, but where was I?
1st of Lote, 43, midnight    
The tortilla looked delicious. Holm had to fight the urge to eat it at once. Those little pieces of corn pastry would be his only source of nourishment before he reaches the southern mountains, visible at the horizon. And there awaited grey and reddish stones, which were the only source of iron even known to him.

He was ready to go away, if only for a short time. For some reason his parents treated him as if he was going to never return. Father, with a concerned look, gave him the silver dagger made many years ago. It was propably one of the first weapons forged here. Holm was eager and proud to take it, even if Valandil's gift puzzled him. Ailim, for example, had been making small trips south for about three years and father didn't seem to mind this.

The goal of this trip was simple: gather enough iron and go back. Copper was too soft to make a chisel from it, for example. And their supplies were almost depleted, so someone had to go. No iron - no tools. Simple.

So he waved to his brothers and sisters, and went south. He didn't look back, because there were no reason to do so. How long could he stay near the Iron Mountain? Several months? He couldn't imagine what could he do there so long.
4th of Gurtha, 44, sunrise    
They were always there, hiding behind trees and rocks, poking their little green heads out and watching us with their beady eyes.  I had always been scared of them since the first one showed up.  They were a little smaller than us, but they carried weapons and they didn't look at all friendly.

But on this day, I felt brave.  Now that I had iron armor, I was willing to take on more than the little frogs and grouse.  So I stepped out from the mine and looked around.  I saw one that was separated from the group, and I made my way towards it.  I tried to be sneaky, but it saw me approaching and pulled out its weapon.

We traded blows for what seemed like forever.  I was covered in scratches, but it was lying on the ground dead at the end of the battle.  I may have been hurt, but I won, and that meant I could eventually kill them all!  I'll show them whose mountain this is.
11th of Losse, 45, midnight    
Dark. Cold. Lonely. No... Another here. Sleeping. Run my sharp-clawed hands all over her warm body. Nice. I like her.

Claws on something hard and wet. Claws dig. Dig... Dig... Again...! More! For long time. So tired. Finally come out. Bright. Hot. Agh...!

My name Barzog. Tarskaana and me woke up in deep place, clawed out of big stone.

Look around, find small red thing, good in mouth. She has, too.

Like place. Like her.
11th of Losse, 45, midnight    
9th of Ringwe, 44

There was a snuffle and a low growl, then a coarse voice. "Wake."

She didn't want to wake yet.

2nd of Khelek, 45

Some time later there was some muttering and cursing and the coarse voice again. "Wake!"

She didn't want to wake yet.

There was a thud as a foot landed against her head, then more dark muttering and then silence.

Wake? No, she didn't want to wake yet.

1st of Losse, 45

There were some scuffling sounds, the scent of something else, something being pushed near her. The coarse voice again, though without the muttering and cursing this time. "Eat."

Wake? She wanted to wake now.

She groaned as she turned over, opening her eyes blearily. She rubbed the sore spot on her head, trying to focus in the dark. Once her eyes have adjusted, she noticed the male leaving down a tunnel and the berries near her. Picking up a berry, she sniffed at it curiously, her gaze returning to the tunnel. She picked herself up, then ambled into the tunnel as well.
3rd of Vasa, 45, midnight    
That girl had pretty strong lungs, though he didn't mind. Back home, he heard children crying all the time. He had seen babies popping outside, with blood on their blue skin, so he wasn't surprised. The situation when he is the girl's father was new to him, though. He knew he should feel joy, but his mind could think only: "I have a child? Should I give her food or clothes first? How to prevent the sleeping sickness? What should I do?".

He has amassed a large amount of iron tools, none of them useful for situations like that. Having them provided him with comfort, though. Without them he would be like an animal, able only to eat and excrete. With them in hand, he could make things of assistance... well, other tools at least. But now he couldn't imagine what could he make to help either his sister, or her daughter. Maybe food. But frankly, he hated cooking.

Still there was no other thing to do, so he sighed to yourself and begun to light a fire under the granite oven. At least there was enough food for everyone. The mountains were not a bad place to live, even despite the months when there was a bit too hot and snow melted, exposing the dirt. If there was one thing Holm didn't like here, it was exposed dirt. Fortunately, temperature was only a bit higher and didn't cause discomfort.

He already felt the heat, so he put a piece of meat on the oven. His sister needed nourishment, as did his daughter.
12th of Ringwe, 45, midnight    
It was too dark to see the snow falling around me, tightly embracing the land with its thick layers of painful cold. In my heart a flame faintly burned, with curiosity as its fuel. My gaze shifted from the clear ocean water to the grassy plain behind me. I stood on my legs and carefully walked into the grass, allowing it to freely tickle my feet and ankles. I bent over carefully, snow falling down on me even now, and plucked a single poppy out of the earth, dirt crumbling beneath me. I sat down cross-legged, the fascination of this poppy allowing me to ignore every single flake of snow around me temporarily as it glistened in the faint moonlight. While I pressed the liquids inside of its stem and leaves out, I thought briefly about the situation. I was here on an island, with only a single other person present...though I didn't give what was before now much more thought, things happened to be like they were.

I catched some strong winds and was almost caught off my feet and thrown into the air, but I suppose it was only by luck I could continue to sit there, on that very spot. After finishing with the flower's liquid, I wondered why I made it in the first place. Was it because I was bored? Certainly not that, for there was many a thing to do. So many new things to find, things I did not yet know about. There was the water surrounding the island, the island itself along with a myriad of things to find, and him. He seemed pretty simple, nothing all too special, though those things meant little as he was the only one around. So what was the reason? I stood and walked towards him, and together with him I discussed our reasons for being here...our own reason for existance...and it was easily decided that it had to be the light. Light was everywhere above us, looking down on our heads as it beamed from the skies. And thus the Light of Creation was born, or at least it was in our heads.
4th of Khelek, 46, midnight    
Me and Tarskaana like each other much. Hold each other very close. Tarskaana get very big afterwards, and now today she have a little Kutari. Little Kutari very small, look weird, but we love him and feed him, and we call him Mortakh. He cries and cries. Mortakh our first little Kutari. We make many more soon!
3rd of Losse, 46, before dawn    
I had to kill it. Quickly I crawled out from underneath the thick layers of snow and with brute force I climbed on top of the sheep. I felt a strange power pumping through my entire body, this energy...it kept coming and making me stronger. As I heard the crackling of the animal running over pieces of stray branches beneath me with quite a lot of trouble, I moved my arms in a tight grip around its neck, my hands set tightly against both sides of its throat. After a fierce and swift turn of my arms I heard a snap, and a painful bleat filled the area temporarily. A shrill laugh left my lips as the sheep sunk through its legs. The gates of a murderer were long open, and with this kill I walked right through them, following the path. The path. I had no choice, at least not now, and what did it matter? I laughed some more, satisfied about my decision.
8th of Rosa, 46, midnight    
Nisa was born. 
9th of Lote, 46, midnight    
Somehow I had missed them on the way here, but when I think about it, these mountains have quite a few places were you can climp up or down. I look at the the chamber I have dugg into the moutains, and feels pleased. I built it all alone, without help. Anyway, I really should move the stuff inside now.
10th of Elen, 46, midnight    
One day, I noticed Falora was gone.  I wasn't too worried at first.  She might just be in one of the other tunnels.  I walked out of the workshop, and down through all of the other tunnels, looking carefully everywhere.  I saw everyone else, but not Falora.  I went outside, and she wasn't there.  I even checked inside the old lean-to.  Not a trace.

I asked the others if they had seen her, or if she had said anything.  No one knew where she was.  I looked through the tunnels a second time, looking even more carefully this time.  I checked every rock and crack, but she was nowhere to be found.

She must have left the mountain, we concluded.  But where?  To one of the neighboring mountains?  To the forest?  I looked as far as I could see from the top of the mountain, but I couldn't see which way she went.

The others asked the stone god, and for the second time in my life, I heard his voice in my head.  She had gone to the forest, and so I would go after her.

I cooked some food for the trip, and left most of my armor behind, and then I left for the forest.  I travelled for days through unfamiliar land, looking for any sign of her.  Finally, I came to a clearing in the forest, and there she was.  She was worried I was mad at her, but I wasn't.  I was just so happy to see her alive.

She built a fire and cooked some food, but then she left again.  Once again, I had no idea where she went.  I guess it was my hope that she had headed home, so I went back.  She wasn't there.  But I was optimistic.  I knew that she could build a fire and make food for herself, and I trusted that she would come home soon, but I was still scared.
11th of Khelek, 48, midnight    
Kamiko said I needed some new pants. She asked me if I wanted to  help make them, so I helped her. It didn't take long, and then she helped me get them on. They felt nice and new on my legs.

I like my sister.
5th of Naur, 48, midnight    

The trudge back from Pearl Beach was a cheerless one. Respecting her mother's wishes, she followed Diran back to the village. She hoped her mother would follow them soon. Her mother would stay on a while longer, she needed some time alone to heal she had said. She had given her mother the Pearl she had found for her and it seemed to cheer her some.

Now back in the village, the drudgery of their day to day life, wore on her. Restless from her first experience of travel, she wanted more of it. After a short while her mother returned and life went on as it always had, until one evening, when her mother asked if she wanted to travel again. Her mother explained that the lands around their village should be explored and would she like to do that. Stunned, then excited beyond the usual words that flowed easily across her lips she agreed. "Take your sister Laurel with you" her Mamma offered. Laurel was her younger sister, quiet, but of course anyone was quiet as compared to herself.

After some preparation, she left with Laurel, on the 7th of Kuile,39, going to Pearl Beach first as Laurel had not seen it yet. They spent a few happy months there, playing in the surf and collecting Pearls. Together they decided to travel North along the coast to see where it led them. They saw beautiful beaches as they traveled with deep rock pools that the tides washed over. Wondrous creatures lived within, shaped like the stars in the night sky. The coast turned Eastward and it was at one of these jungle beaches that Ayla killed her first jaguar with her Obsidian spear. After trying initially with her copper sword and failing, she attacked it again with her spear. The spear functioned as a walking stick as well as a now proven deadly weapon. There was much aloe cream used however, so they named the place Aloe Jungle.

They decided to turn Southwest intending to eventually come full circle home. Their first stop was at a beautiful jungle with a large snow peaked mountain to their East and tide pools in an Ocean inlet to the West. She loved this place as much as Pearl Beach and vowed to come back someday. Watching the Sun rise from behind the magnificent mountain each morning, she vowed to travel to it someday as well. Something was on the other side of that peak, she was sure of it, something important. The beauty she saw in this place inspired her to start painting circles around her eyes as a prayer to always see beauty wherever she looked. Leaving this place with regret and longing, she continued traveling Southwest with her sister. They thought they would arrive at their village if they continued to travel in this direction. They finally decided to turn due West into the sunset, surely they would find their jungle village now.

They traveled West for many months, eating bananas and raw bats along the way. Dreams of roasted meat filled their heads, the way Mamma did it was the best of course. She missed her mother the most. Laurel was a good companion, but very quiet. After years now of talking to herself, she missed the conversations she and her mother had. She even missed her brothers austere remarks and explanations. There were other reasons she missed her brother that she didn't understand at all. She would wake up after dreams of him, sometimes in terror, others soaked in sweat. She was confused as to why they hadn't found their village yet and in her worst moments cried herself to sleep thinking they never would.

It was apparent they had missed the village, but came upon new lands that seemed interesting and they decided to venture on to explore them. The Swamplands were strange and mysterious. They were boggy places gloomy and bleak. There was no food to be found in them. Often out of the corner of an eye she thought she saw something in the water, a shadow or a ripple, but dreaded what it could be. They did find a beautiful purple stone there they hadn't seen anywhere else, so they packed it, to bring back to the village, if they ever found it again. They had an idea that if they kept going they would either find the village, or at least they would come out of the swamps. They had not eaten in a long time and were weak with hunger. Finally they glimpsed a jungle area to the West of where they were and raced to get to it, praying there was food there.

Bananas, she never thought she would be so happy to see a banana! They gorged themselves on the fruit. So grateful, they named the place The Great Banana Jungle! They rested , ate and packed bananas to carry back with them through the swamps. The plan was to backtrack and when they came to the place they first saw the swamps, they would head Northeast along the coast. They prayed they would find Pearl Beach.

They had been so close! They found Pearl Beach and even though she loved it so, headed into the jungle for home. It was the month of Naur, 48,they had been gone for years, she was 18 years old. She had left a child and was returning a woman. She wondered what had happened while she was gone, if her family was still there. Her mouth watered at the thought of her Mothers roasted meat!

5th of Kuile, 49, before dawn    

I have finished my battle axe and have most of my armor. I went down into the mines to try it out. There are large worms in there my younger brother Elieth calls Endo. The power I feel when I wear my armor is immense, I feel invincible! I really don't like to wear the helmet though. I have a hard time breathing in it. Before the axe and armor I wouldn't have dared confront one of these worms. They have sharp teeth and mouths that look like they would suck the life out of you. My axe sliced through that worm so fast I almost fell over! While down there I observed the Glecks. My armor must be complete before I try to slay one of those.

I have been helping Mamma with new babies, learning how to care for them. I have decided I will have my own after some more traveling. I want to go back to Pearl Beach and then I want to go East to the Big Mountains Laurel and I saw on our journey. I have asked my brother Myran if he thought about having children. I also asked him if he wanted to travel with me. I don't know how he feels about either question as he doesn't answer me. He used to do that when we were little when I asked him questions. It used to hurt my feelings, it still does, but mostly now, it makes me angry. I still have very strange feelings and dreams about him. I will have to talk to Mamma about it. I'm still not sure how babies come about anyway. I know you go into a tent, or take a walk, or go into the mines with someone. At least that is what Mamma and Diran and my Pappa do. When they come out, Mamma is pregnant. It sounds simple enough. If my brother would only talk to me, I would ask him what happens when they go off like that. I would ask him if he would like to do that with me. After I travel of course.

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