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Kuile, 84 - Sunrise, hr 5    
Her eyes, a sparkling shade of blue-grey so contrasting to her parents and siblings, opened at the sound of her mother's voice.  She gazed at the faces curiously, wondering What are these? and not understanding that she was one of them.  Faces passed her gaze and she smiled, clapping at all of the new sounds and smells.  She liked them, whatever they were.

It took time for the sounds to become anything other than muffled gibberish; the first thing that came to her ears clearly was a man's gruff voice.

"This one is Almira.  You can name the other one."

After a long pause of silence, the woman who held her so warmly spoke to her, giving her a name as well though she didn't know it at the time.  She smiled at the brown-haired woman, happy to be given attention by such a kind person.

"This one will be Acacia."
Kuile, 84 - Evening, hr 11    
Sylvan mated with a beast, bearing its child. I have decided for good that I am to live away from the rest, I will return for Avien in time, perhaps she will grow as beautiful as her name. I leave as soon as I can.
Kuile, 84 - Evening, hr 11    
They had a little girl, who looked so much like her father it was heartbreaking when they waited and hoped and prayed to Avien'zia that she would awaken.  Their little Anuthean daughter stayed in the Dream Realm, where she was happy ever after.
Lote, 84 - Midday, hr 6    
The sun is hot this day, but it is a good day. I travel to the west in search of my own land, Sylas' own home. A place close enough to my birthplace, but far enough away not to be bothered. The sands are strange, forever moving, endless, and hot, always hot. I hope I can find a place with a cave, a place to escape this blazingly wretched sun. But as far as now, I just pray to Avienzia that the sands do not take me.
Urnu, 84 - Evening, hr 10    
He spent a while sitting by the sea, gazing out slowly into the deep blue. He had always thought such a thing would unnerve him. It was after all so different from the sands he knew so well. But he had come to like the fresh sea breeze and the quiet calm of the waves. It helped in such times.

He was happy in his new home, and with his new children. But he wished things were different with his mate. He hated that even now it still hurt every time he saw her with the Anu. They were together right now, far off in the tents. They had been together so much recently. He was thankful that at least the children seemed normal. They made his mate happy and, that at least made him happy.

But part of him could still not shake of just how unfair the situation made him feel. Why did he have to share his home with this Anu. Why did he have to share his mate? Was this the reward he got for trying his best to serve Avienzia? Who never once had shown her face to him, or ever seemed to really help him? He still found it hard to imagine them being together in such a fashion. His claws and fur, all over her soft skin and hair. It made him feel sick in his stomach if he thought too much about it.

He took a moment to focus on the small box he was making. At least simple things of stone made sense to him, calmed him. He could not shake away some blame. He had been with his mate, his love his whole life. But when they had left home to make a home just for them and their children he had left her. Only for a few days. He had just been impatient to find them a good spot to live in. And then, the Anu had followed them and won the heart of his love.

And that was that. He has only spoken once of the matter in anger, and it had made her cry. He could not bare to see such a sight again. He would do anything for his mate, anything. So, he would share his home with the Anu, and share his mate. The home that was supposed to be for just the two of them. For it made her happy and, that was all that really mattered.  And as time went on it was not so bad, even if the Anu never once thanked him. Never once even showed any gratitude towards him.

Still, he has promised he would never mention the matter again to her and he would keep his word. He still at least has his project, his one final dream. The Anu would not take that away from him. Never.
Naur, 84 - Before dawn, hr 2    
My stomach growls with hunger, I and I grow wary of the animals around me. An animal with large horns grazes near by its fur unlike the squirrels and deer. It looked like one though. Its think legs sticking out from the puffy tuffs of its coat.  Wit her bone knife her only weapon and a carpace shield Mira approaches the big horned sheep carefully being wary of its large horns.

With a burst of courage she tackles the beast her arms circling around its neck it. It rams hi in the head and stomps on her legs with is hooved feet.  Mirra lets go as it moves to ram her with its sharp horns she hold up her shield pushing back with equal force. A battle cry rips from her throat as she gain lunges slitting its throat. Blood washes against her skin; its familiar scent filling her nostrils. The warm liquid pours against her hand as she breathes heavily.

This was her most rewardign skill. the meeat and coat were useful but not and precious as the horns. Examining them  for long moments with the beast body i nher lap she cut them from its skull. "Miratine..." The whispers called again hauntingly. "Who is there? Spirits? What do you want of me!" She shouts to the skies. The bird leave the trees. The winds blow against her face, her arm instictuall moves up to cover it. 

"Fairest  of all kindred. My child..."
Another gust of wind rustles the plains the few trees creaking in its turbulence. "Follow in your sisters foot steps..."  Silenced followed leaving Mira feeling more lonely then before. "What is that supposed to mean! Whose foot steps! WHO! Who!"  There was no reply sobbing she grips the horn tightly in her hand. its strength and felxibilty is noticible now.  Mira begins to work on a bow heeding  the words of the spirits. 
Naur, 84 - Sunrise, hr 4    

A new person has showed up at our home, his name was Malric and he is our uncle. He does not talk to much but I like im! He seems interesting plus he knows those bug people that have showed up, I think they are compeletely neat. I mean they are talking bugs, though they have tiny human bodies.


They must have followed Malric because he knew that they were there. They told us about another god that was not the stone god, and that they be called folke, though Shor calls em bugs, and she really don't like em. She says the stone god is not their god because they are not important. Sometimes I do not get why she is so rude  even if she is my sister.


Anyways I hope that they stay, as I wish to learn more of them.

Naur, 84 - Sunrise, hr 4    
The sun was gleamign agains t the oceans edge. I welcomed it to wet my feet. The wind seemed to blow right through me. It chilled the sweat agains tmy skin. This was not the way home. The forest of Melian, or Lorelei. Was it trulyl so far away. The spirits i must not have goen the right way. A fireball fell from the sky lighting up like nothing I had ever seen. Fire and ash covered the sand, the buring rock twinkling in the sunrise. It was beautiful. The weather is so warm her, I almost miss the snow falling. There is no where else for me to go but to go back the way I came. This will be a token of my survival, the ocean has almost healed me of my lonely woes. I think I can go on. I am my mother's daughter and I never give up.
Naur, 84 - Evening, hr 12    
She looked excited as her mother gave her the warm honey, listening to her speak.

"I'm going to make you two some dolls," she said.  The girl didn't understand what dolls were, but she was happy that her mother was spending time with them, following her into the house and watching as her mother sat to make the dolls from grass collected from outside.  Sitting by her legs, she watched intently.
Elen, 84 - Afternoon, hr 9    
There's No Place Like...

Home. Finally home again. Well, not really home. Not without him. And he's not there. He must still be looking.

The girl's family was happy that she's home, safe and sound. Her brother even rushed over to pick her up and carry her the last little bit of the way. Sweet. But he was worried more than he should be. She was home again, right?

But there were lots of new beings there. Must be the people the girl's father and Salome were talking about. Most of them know Kimlan and are like her and Celandel in features. Siblings, mostly. They seemed nice. They worry about her. One of the new beings was quite different though. She had a bushy tail and was covered in fur. She was making a map and asked the girl if she'd taken any notes while she traveled.

The girl had, and she gave the information to tailed girl, Nira. And then Nira showed her the map she was making. What a wonderful map. So much better than the one she thought might help her find her way home. So easy to read and understand.

Almost everyone was okay. The battle had taken its toll though. Her uncle's hand was gone now. Her mother was slowly regaining her memories. At least she remembered her daughter again. There were also losses not related to the battle. Her young cousin was killed by a snake. Her nephew killed by a Gleck. Some of the younger ones only vaguely remembered the girl, if at all. Who could blame them? It had been three years.

She now understood better how Anrod had felt after getting lost going to Pearl Beach. She was home, but she was restless. She was home, but it did not feel like home. She hoped it was only because of the one person that was still gone. But it was hard after being alone so long to feel anything. She was happy, but not quite happy enough.

Her father had killed the evil god, she was told. So he had kept his promise to her. Good news.

But she kept watching the west. Some people were coming. And more people were coming from the east. From the east came the mother of Kimlan. And from the west came Nereth. That had to mean that he was on his way too, right? But no, it was Nereth alone. But she was happy to see him at least and to hear that he and her grandfather were safe. And she would go back with him to let them know she's okay. At least she had some knowledge now. And she knew exactly where she could find him. She wouldn't have to wander around looking like she originally planned.
Then the plans changed slightly. She would lead the mother to her daughter and find him on her way so he'd know she was okay. Good enough plan. Nereth didn't need to travel anymore if he was tired. She was glad to be able to spare him the journey and allow him some more time with those he cares about.

But if she had not been impatient enough in the beginning to go to find them all, she grew more impatient now that she knew how to find him. So she left to the west, feeling guilty, but far to anxious to care about the consequences of maybe leaving Kimlan's mother behind a little. She left her a note though, with directions and something of an explanation, even if it wasn't a very good one. She had to find him. She had to let him know she was okay, so that he could stop worrying and stop searching. Then maybe she could rest. Then maybe she could truly find home.
Gurtha, 84 - Sunrise, hr 4    
Kanor is good at this! Not that it's hard or anything! Ha! You just put the meat in, wait until it's about to catch on fire, then take it out!
Oh, there's father! Maybe he can help too! There's never enough food in here!
But he's hurt! What happened?
He killed her! The one who looked like a Night Watcher, with gray skin and glowing red eyes! But she was a bird, too, I think, because she had wings! Birds and Night Watchers are all bad, so it's a good thing he killed her!
I'll help him make some stuff for his wounds! That way her Stoneshaper friend can't come kill him in anger! I'll just take this fish out and-
He's proud of me? Really? Wow, thanks father!
So, does that mean he'll tell me all of what I need for making babies? Ha! I guess I have to ask!
Gurtha, 84 - Sunrise, hr 5    
When Ahmya was born, that sweet little girl, there was nothing more joyful.  Even Kieran couldn't help but smile at her antics.  She and Markus played and had fun together; Sylvan and Ahmose spent a lot of time playing with her as well.  She looked so much like her mother yet there were growing indications that her fathers genes would be strong in the girl. 
Khelek, 85 - Midnight, hr 1    
Cuddled into the fur blanket outside of the hut, wanting to watch her daddy and brothers work on the weapon that she hadn't learned the name of, she was still very alert.  Her blue-grey eyes watched Zed and her father work on it as Cecil sat and Algar foraged around, noticing small things like the bark coming off of the weapon as it was carved.  It piqued her curiosity, but she stayed away knowing that her father and brother might not like her to be so close to the tools.

When the boy came out of the mine, carrying so much moss, she didn't notice at first.  It wasn't until he dropped the moss, declaring it a bandage, onto her father's feet that she finally looked in his direction.  She had seen the boy a few times, but he'd never told her his name like Cecil or Alder had so she didn't know what to think of him.  His eyes looked odd, a milky green that she would later realize meant he couldn't see anything.

Regardless of not knowing the boy, she toddled over to play with the moss that lay at her father's feet, studying the boy before poking him in the nose.  He sneezed, asking who was there, and she giggled before hugging his arm and giving him a kiss.  He didn't seem to like that much, pushing her away to work on something.  She watched him, unhappy that he didn't like the kiss, thinking it meant that he didn't like her being there.

After spending time with this new boy with the blind eyes, she watched her favored brother make a hat out of tree leaves.  The little girl sat next to him, asking questions as best she could with her childish sign-language.  She figured out a few things, like the leaves had come from a tree and wearing a leaf on your head was not the same thing as the hat.  In the end, she found little patience to watch him but stayed anyways to huddle under the fur blanket with him as he worked.  She enjoyed spending time with Cecil, and though she didn't know it yet, he would be her first friend.

Her father and grandmother spoke farther off, talking about the wooden weapon that she didn't have a name for.  He didn't use 'gamma' like Cecil had; daddy called the woman Lilly when he spoke to her.  They talked about something called Lorelei, something she had never heard of before in her time alive.  Disregarding her curiosity about this 'Lorelei', she yawned, prepared to nap on her favored brother as he tried to finish his hat.
Khelek, 85 - Before dawn, hr 2    

She awakens in a stupor, not knowing what is going on, and she felt very hungry the moment she awoke, this made her angry and she let out a howl and a cry. Odd noises for a baby but that is what happened. No one ended bringing her food mind you so she attempted to look for it, and she suddenly caught a wiff of a smell of meat in a box so she opened the lid and ate two pieces and then felt full.

She wanted out of this tiny cramped home filled with people, but her mother brought her outside, called her Mazoru, it was the name of somebody else important but she was baby, all of the talk was nonsense to her.She was brought to the river outside the city to meet others that were taking care of her. She played in the water a bit, got real tired then crawled back indoors for her nap. 

Khelek, 85 - Before dawn, hr 2    
I wandered for an unknown length of time. There was no way for me to tell how long I had been gone. I wandered over mountains, through forests and across marshes. I came upon traces of civilization but never saw another human being. I was unsure whether I was dreaming or awake. I prayed to the Great Mountain Spirit to guide me. I tried to make amends. I spoke to the earth but I only heard faint whispers in return.

I clambered over the top of a mountain. When I made it to the top I was surrounded by so many glowing eyes. I stumbled backwards and reached for my sword. Once the inital shock wore off and they began to chatter amongst themselves I felt confident that they were not evil spirits. These strange creatures...they must have been what Firma was describing.

They seemed to recognize me as well and asked if I knew Firma. I sighed with relief and they offered me food. It was good to stay in shelter after my many years of wandering, but I did not let my guard down.

They, too, seemed wary of me. I felt the glowing orbs following me at all times. A small child followed along beside me, speaking in a strange accent. He seemed friendly enough. He called himself Farran and he showed me to what I imagined to be one of their elders. We spoke briefly, but I was wary of staying here...there were so many...

I gave my thanks for their many offerings but took my leave of them abruptly. I scrambled back down the mountain but to my suprise the child and his friend were already at the bottom. He begged me to come back and speak with his elder. I was wary, but the child was insistent and I eventually complied. I spoke quickly to the elder again but he did not seem to be very interested in what I had to say. It was well enough for me, and I set off to leave again. This time I bid the child fair-well, and I prayed we would meet again some day.
Khelek, 85 - Before dawn, hr 2    
I wandered in the empty lands for a long time after I left the bat-people. I soon grew thirsty, and ran out of food. I cried out to the Mountain Spirit. I asked It what it could possibly want from me. Why it would at once touch me, imbue me with its power, and then make my life hard. I asked It time and time again, and finally it answered.

I crawled along the marsh, scrounging for anything I could find to eat, anything that I could drink that wasn't muck. My lips were parched and my eyes rolled wildly in my head. I stumbled forward and came upon the foot of a mountain. Two great stones stood before me, as if forming the entrance to a mine. I stepped forward, hoping to at least hide myself from the sun's rays.

Inside was a small cavern. I heard the sound of dripping water over head and rushed forward. Could I trust my senses? It was! Water!

I kneeled before the little spring, greedily drinking in the water with cupped hands, spilling it down the front of my bare chest. I grinned and laughed, my voice echoed off the small chamber, but it wasn't the only sound.

I paused and stood stone still. The last of my laughter died away in the cavern but there was another voice. Calling MY name. I turned around, grabbing for my sword. I saw nothing, and looked around in vain. This was a small cavern...there was no other soul but mine. And yet, the voice still called out to me.

"Who is there?" I asked at last, clutching my sword with white knuckles. Whispers, only whispers answered me. I could barely make out the voice. "Answer me!" I screamed and this time, rather than hearing an echo, the cavern began to shake. The very earth below my feet trembled and I lost my balance. Bits of rock dislodged from the ceiling and threatened to crush me. All around me the sound of thunder boomed in my ears. Suddenly it stopped.

I stood in terror as something came at me from the entrance. It was neither a sound, nor a vision, but something that combined all my senses. It came at me and I shrieked, running from the cave. I stopped at the foot of the mountain and composed myself for some time.

The Great Spirit had spoken to me directly. It told me to stop my wanderings. To go home. To great more Stoneshapers. I had been blessed. My life was not my own.

I looked up at the mountain and balked. This was my home, yet minutes before I would not have recognized it. I ascended with feeble limbs.
Khelek, 85 - Sunrise, hr 4    
I can't believe Cita automatically blames me when Kanor is scared! I never did anything to hurt him! I only ever hurt Faerlin, and I said I was sorry for that! She threw her oldest off of a cliff!
Oh, sure Cita, father did it! Like I believe that!
Ow! My throat hurts! I can't stop coughing! And I can barely talk! Oh no!
Maybe Reed can fix it! He's good at that sort of thing, I think! If he tells me to drink this, I guess I will, even though it smells bad!
Waugh, it tastes bad too! It didn't work, either, because my throat still hurts and I'm still coughing when I try to speak!
Khelek, 85 - Sunrise, hr 5    
Tis' a crowded room the child lays in, wrapped up in a blanket with the heat pounding against her newborn ears. Tiny wings fold against her body and a frown on her face. Why this child look so sad? Her eyes flutter open and look around curiously. A melancholy look peers out from her gleaming red eyes as she is set down in the moss. Looks, sounds..listen....
Khelek, 85 - Midday, hr 7    
Her smiles and giggles echo softly around the canyon. Surrounded by her loving family, every day brought something new. This day was no different - two new pups.

The older woman was so happy when the first one cried, then the second.  "This is Vaenna, your kavi, Cesia."

The little girl was happy, too, excited by the joy the new pups brought to the family. "Eena!" She had to introduce them to her father, her brother, her sister...

But the older woman stopped smiling, droplets of water staining her cheeks. Why? She left the newborns in the care of another as she went to the side of a nearby pup, his form frail and lifeless. The pup was no bigger than the newborns.  What was wrong?  She watches as the woman carries him off into the dark of the mines.  Maybe he got too hot in the sun?

The woman returns, her face still sad. Maybe she is angry at the other pup? She cuddles the newborns close to her as she sleeps, shielding them from the elements with her wings.  Where did the other pup go? The tiny girl echos the motions of her elder, covering her nearby brother and sister with her tiny wings. "Keep safe..."
Khelek, 85 - Midday, hr 7    
She looks up from the moss as she hears a loud sob come from a boy. Why Rani crying? Little boy just sleeping.

She doesn't understand. They boy had no food. Poor thing...

He doesn't come out of the big rock hole. Maybe he is taking a long nap..but...
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