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Rosa, 86 - Midnight, hr 1    
    The Tower     

Rosa, 86 - Midday - He hasn't bothered me for a while up until now.. he's telling me to kill the others who are like me, and take the girls and run to the tower. He's a part of me... he has to be. I mean he did revive me... that means his blood flows through my veins, blood that I don't want. does this make me a demon, am I just another one of those awful children who's minds are taken over and do horrible things? Mama used to tell us about demons.. and a few of my brothers and sisters had become one, but of course, mama killed them. Well either way, I need to find a way out of this before he gains power over me once again... I don't want him to hurt myself, or others for that matter.
Elen, 86 - Before dawn, hr 2    
Even as pain wracked my body. Even as I held my mates hand in mine. I knew that this was normal. It didn't feel as bad as dying, Nothing could compare to that. This was life, I almost welcomed this pain. I was bringing my child into the world. I could see my mate concern on his face, his anxiety. I worried for him more than I worried for myself. I laid in labor for about two hours this child was large and I prayed that they would be strong. How odd would it be for her to know that her mother had been dead. I had doubted that I could have children at all. As I pushed her from my womb I could see her bright red hairs. She looked nearly like me, A smile graced my lips. I had given the first daughter in this nearly lifeless colony. 

Salatius named his daughter Asferanta. In my mind she was his. She would always be his. I had no right to claim her as my own. I owed that mush to him. As soon as the pain faded I felt wariness pull me into slumber. A daughter.. Sal's daughter, Asferanta. 

Elen, 86 - Sunrise, hr 4    
    The Tower    

Elen, 86 - Sunrise - It's been a year since I black out on the road... my arms are still in pain, I don't think that's normal. They look fine and healed up, though it just burns like crazy. I've had some thoughts about suicide, just to free myself from this constant whispering, and the pain... so much pain Garrak is bringing me. I wonder if he's punishing me for leaving, for not listening to his commands. I don't care... he can do what he wishes to me, but I wont kill for him, I'm not going to be the monster he wants me to be.
Gurtha, 86 - Midnight, hr 1    
I'm leaving Aella's mountain. There's too much sorrow attached to the place. I'm going to Cikor's mountain, the pull is too strong to resist anymore. Perhaps he feels my pain, and wishes to alleviate the agony I feel? Regardless, this time, I'll be on my own completely. I hope no one comes after me... I really just need to get away from all the death and sadness on Aella's mountain; it's suffocating me.
I've decided to keep a log of the important events that happen while I'm here, but I won't write again until I make it to a more habitable spot on Cikor's mountain... and I've got no idea how long that will take.
Gurtha, 86 - Before dawn, hr 3    
    The Tower    

Gurtha, 86 - Before dawn - I've never felt this angry before I'n my life. this wasn't even anger, it was rage. I ended up flipping out on Joshua for threatening the set girls, my little girls... He tried calling them  "the spawn of Garrak." They are his own sisters children, they aren't spawn. When every one started defending the girls he claimed that they had manipulated our minds. I yelled at him, telling him that he has no right to threaten this children, that if he wants to play games like that, then I was revived by Garrak, a part of him is in me. I tried real hard to hold myself back, but I couldn't help myself. It was like sitting in a corner, watching yourself pull your death closer and closer... I had no idea what these people would think of me if they knew the truth. I finally finished off by telling him he had no clue what I went through... how much pain and stress it causes me to fight Garrak's will. I told him how he whispers to me constantly, and showed him my arms, the arms that Garrak carved into. I finally relaxed after that, and ran into the mine after Myka, my daughter... I wanted to relax, and make sure she was alright... but I was suddenly hit by Garrak. This was the worst pain I've felt in my life... like something was inside of my head, causing it to catch on fire, and tear apart at the same time. My whole body was numb, but yet I still felt the pain, my arms had this intense burning sensation, and... it was in front of the others.. in front of Myka. Zinnia tried calling dyn to help, but it wasn't working. The moment she pressed that pearl to my skin it was like it was eating away at me. Garrak laughed at that point and cursed me. The others were holding me down, the pain was still there, but Garrak was talking to me, telling me how he possessed the creature that killed me, making it stronger then the others so he can claim my body as his own. He couldn't take fully take me over, my goddess was still watching over me. I believe I was told her name was Elva. I can't remember much of anything else that was said, but the symbols on my arms... they started to ooze this black liquid.. I have reason to believe that was my blood.. Garraks blood. His marks... the scars he left me now glow with this dark stuff.. I tried cleaning it off, but it's nothing that would come off.. it's part of me. It seems I have more people to help me through this, people I am glad to call my family... especially Rose. She stuck with me through the whole thing, and... she kept me warm last night. I sorta like her, and now that I wrote that in here... she wont be reading it for a long while.
Gurtha, 86 - Midday, hr 7    
"No," she said quietly. She wrapped her arms around her stomach, trying to stop her shivering. If she started, she would never stop.

But now his brow furrowed as he asked, "No what? Nobody asked anything."

She thought she could remember him asking - the words he'd used. You two don't remember? he'd asked. The panic and loss she'd felt at the question still remained so lose to her.

But what did she know?

She couldn't remember which way they'd gone at all, the burning feeling in her wings and her own exhaustion all that she'd remembered of the terrible journey. Though he'd had carried her sister as well as all of his things, she had barely been able to keep up with him, and in her mind there had burned nothing except the desperate thought that she had to follow.

She could feel the tears flowing down her cheek, how her breath constricted as she tried not to sob.

Even the knowledge of where they were - that they were in the Glade, not at home - had eluded her. She'd run into the ring of mushrooms and - she couldn't remember that either, only that she'd been so tired and thought that she'd come home.

She was still so tired.

She had never thought of herself as stupid before. Stupid was Roman, who made a pact with Dion and tried to kill his family, and Dax, who thought he knew things but didn't. But now she felt like she didn't know anything at all - she couldn't even trusted what she saw and heard.

In the end, she still knew nothing.

"N-never mind," she said, turning away. "I'm just being stupid."
Gurtha, 86 - Midday, hr 7    

Why The Umjaii Sing

On the day the Brave Little Olum was killed by the stupid Noljen boy Anarion, the whole jungle wept. It was a senseless murder, but we won't talk of it here. It will only be said that the sadness was so great that it reached the Divine ears of Dynn. On hearing the terrible news, He remembered His Divine error so many years in the past and shook His head.

 He lounged on His beam of Light and thought about what He could place in the Jungle that would lighten the hearts of the creatures within. His nemesis Garrack had been causing problems of late and it would be nice, He thought, to create something to make the Jungle a happier place. So, He got out a large scroll and his magical feather pen and started to doodle.

"Hmmm...I can't put more Olums there, but maybe something like the Olums would do." He thought to Himself as He made lines and figures on the scroll.

Now..this magical pen could create all the colors of the rainbow and all colors in between. Then, when He finished a drawing, all He had to do, was think about where He wanted the thing to be, blow on it and there it was! And so He drew a little face similar to the Olums, but not quite the same, as these creatures would have large and colorful eyes depending on if they were a girl or a boy. The boys would have orange eyes and the girls would have violet ones. Lying back on His great beam of Light He looked at the blue sky all around Him and smiled.

"Yes, that's it!" He laughed. "Blue fur, and silky soft to the touch, just like a cloud!" He added satisfied. Adding a few finishing touches, He blew on the drawing and just like that, there were the Umjaii in the Jungles around Nolja!

But I was going to tell you why they sing in the Evening wasn't I? And so I will. When the first Umjaii appeared in the Jungle, Dynn whispered in its little ear. It stretched up on its two little legs to hear better, then nodded and smiled at the Great God of Light. As another Umjaii appeared, the first one whispered to the second one what Dynn had told him and that one whispered to the third and so it went, until all the Umjaii knew the secret. And to this day, when a baby Umjaii is born, the Mamma and Pappa Umjaii whisper in its tiny ears, as soon as it had dried and had a bit of milk.

Oh! I suppose you want to know the secret? Well, here, lean in close because I did over hear it one day as they thought I was napping nearby. The secret is, that Dynn asked the Umjaii to sing in the evening as the Sun sets and slowly disappears into the Ocean. He asked them to sing their beautiful songs and coo to one another so to lift the hearts of all the Jungle creatures as the Darkness descends and the Light retreats. They sing that all in the Jungle may know that though Darkness grows all around them, the Light will return.

Gurtha, 86 - Afternoon, hr 8    
Things really are looking up, you know.
To start, mother arrived with great news; she has killed the Witch. Her shadow looms over us no longer.
The rest of the family arrived unscathed.

And now, with any luck, I am going to be a father. In order for this to be a proper city, I am told, we need lots of people. I'm happy to be a part of Farcliffs; I hope it does well.
Not that that was my only motivation. The... act itself... was enjoyable as well.
I wonder how tomorrow will be.
Lasse, 86 - Evening, hr 10    
I had given birth to a son. He was not beautiful, he did not look like his father. He looked like a small, misshapen version of me. Trisa came to see him. For all I suffered Trisa stayed by me. Even she could not hide her horror at this misshapen child, his one, large eye scanning the cavern. She did not speak the words that everyone else was thinking. I was disgusting for having mated with my di-di, and this was the way the Great Spirit showed it.

I was too scared to pick him up at first. I watched him for a while with tears welling up in my eyes. He was my punishment. He was the proof that I had failed.

Di-di calmed me. He explained that he had seen many strange things in his time. This was not an ill-omen, rather one of the Great Spirit's tricks. I believed him after a time, and tried my best to love the child.
Lasse, 86 - Evening, hr 10    

He stops at the edge of the forest, trying to make out the people at the camp ahead of him.  Abagail had gotten a little further ahead and Draven had fallen behind, so Isengar was all alone as he came upon the camp.  The fading sun made it ahrd for him to see, but he could make out a few forms from the light of their oven.  Unfortuantely, he could not make out any faces and was unsure if these were the people they were traveling to see or another group that had set up their own camp.  Cautiously, he made his way towards the camp until he could get a better view of the people there.  As he got closer, he could start to make out their faces and stopped quickly in shock.

He knew some of these people and they were not Abagail and Draven!  He quickly searched his memory, trying to come up with the names.  It had been so long, but he knew that he had seen them back at the place of his birth.  Did this mean Melian was here too?  As he tried to remember their names, a feeling of dread started to overtake him, quickly followed by the pressure in his chest that he knew meant his power was building.  He sat there, in the twilight, trying to remember the names and stay calm.  Hinrod!  That was the man.  He had come and gone a few times.  Maybe that meant that this was where the man really lived, and not with Melian.  And the other girl was Sofia.  She had seemed nice.  The thought brought some relief, but did not calm Isengar completely.  There were still a lot of people, and he was not used to being around more than one or two.

Well he couldn't stay in the shadows forever.  Quietly and trying to seem as peaceful as possible, he walks into the camp to try and find Abagail.

Ringwe, 86 - Before dawn, hr 2    
I arrived at midnight today... it was so dark, I could scarcely see where I was going. After all that walking, and carrying three fairly large containers to boot, I'm just going to sleep until it's lighter out here. Then I'll have a look around.

Woke up briefly to wipe some of the sweat from my body. This heat reminds me of the Forest of Onterion, with Tasir and Ysa. It was hot, there, too, I remember... Hopefully it won't be so hot that I need to start removing my clothing...

Woke up again covered in sweat, managed to wipe most of it off before drifting back to sleep... traveling is a lot more difficult than I remember it being...

Today I woke up for real for the first time since I got here. Started making a fire with some of the brush and kindling I found laying around, since I'll need it to make edible and filling food... I won't stay too close to it, though, since I've already needed to remove my vest and mocassins.
I took a better look around, and found that there's plenty of rocky terrain, just like home. I guess that's how all mountains are. But there's also a very steep cliffside... I was tempted to jump off and try dive-bombing a few of the smaller creatures down there, but then I noticed a Warble.
It wasn't very big, but it still looked pretty fast, and even though my arrival seems to have scared it off a little, I've no doubt that if I don't get rid of the vile thing soon, I won't ever make it back home...
On a lighter note, there was this beautiful grove of trees, with these strange red objects growing from the branches. I plucked one, and it smelled truly delicious, so I decided I'd cut a few of them up when I had the time.
As I was walking back to the campsite, I heard this lyrical sound in my head, kind of like a heartbeat... I realized quickly enough that it was Cikor, so I Listened a little more closely. He was offering a greeting, and a name for the strange red things. He called them "apples," and told me that I was welcome to have as many as I like.
He also told me not to disturb many of the animals here, although I spotted a mountain lion, and an ibex, as I was looking around. I don't really think its safe with the mountain lion, and even though I know ibexes don't really threaten me, I'm awfully leery of those huge horns. Other than those two, and the Warble, of course, I don't think I'll hunt other than small game, like the grouse I saw when I was walking back to my campsite.
Ringwe, 86 - Before dawn, hr 3    
The first of, hopefully, many peaceful meals here. Before I started exploring, I had placed a raw fish I'd found laying on the ground, for some reason, on the small fire I'd built. I covered it in one of the leaves that had fallen from a few trees, and left it there to cook a while... Thankfully, it didn't end up burning, so I'll continue to use that method for any other fish I manage to find...
Unfortunately, I noticed the Warble lurking around when it smelled the roasting flesh of the fish I'd begun cooking. It looks like I'll have to deal with the parasitic thing sooner than I'd planned... I would have liked to have had some time to dress a few wounds I received while in the mines at home, but apparently, this is not to be. Hopefully I'll be able to dispatch the wicked thing quickly, and without coming to too much harm in the process...

Cruel thing! May it be cursed by the Kavani! This one is just as corrupt as the ones on Aella's mountain, though they are not as numerous here... For that alone will I be glad.
I decided that I should eliminate the only real threat here, since it had taken to eyeing the food it could smell from its hiding spot. I'm quite certain the only thing that was holding back was because of the pitifully weak flames of my tiny fire, and the fact that it was a full head shorter than I...
I attacked the Warble, after slipping on my bone armor and my bone helm, adjusting my wooden buckler, and grasping my favored weapon, my quarterstaff, firmly. I approached it quietly, but it spotted me. Thank the Dounai it was still too stunned to attack as viciously as I knew it could. We battled for some time, exchanging blows, and blocking the counterattacks where we could.
I managed to wound the creature sufficiently enough that it would keep away from me and the area I had chosen to inhabit... but then it somehow managed to get away from me... The creature, mortally wounded by the ferocity of my attacking staff, will know to stay away from me, until, I'm sure, I become wounded doing some other thing.
I must kill it before it is given the chance.

After waiting a short while, I attempted to catch the Warble again, so as to finish the creature off. Unfortunately, it managed to escape my clutches. I will try some more in a while...

Arrrgghhhh! Again! The wicked thing escaped again!
This is making me so frustrated... I don't want any of Eteni's "children" to desecrate this mountain...
I think I'll hunt a few grouse to make sure I have enough meat to cook... and to take my mind off the Warble.
Ringwe, 86 - Sunrise, hr 4    
I crept up behind three grouse, meaning to vent my anger and to stock up on meat... The first I took out with a single solid swing of my staff, with absolutely no trouble at all.

The second grouse did not wish to meet the same fate as it's companion, so it took to the air as soon as it realized what had happened to the first. After a few fruitless attempts to bat it out of midair, I successfully managed to catch it under one of its wings and cause it to crash back to the earth.
Not wishing to cause the poor bird any more misery, I quickly snapped its neck with my hands. I could have sworn I heard Cikor voice his approval, but I can't be sure. All I know is that the wind suddenly picked up and blew through the branches of the grouses' tree, causing the limbs to make a rustling noise.

The third, and final bird was perched far higher in the tree. I swung my staff against the highest branch it could reach, in order to startle the bird into flight, where I would at least be able to knock it from the air. I offered silent apologies to the groaning limbs of the tree, regretting the pain I knew I was causing the sturdy branches.
Finally, the bird took flight, although it was far too high up for me to reach with my staff.
Making a split-second decision, I shed my armor and lay down my staff, using my claws to quickly scale the trunk of the tree until I was near the top.
Reaching that point, I flung myself from the tree, spreading my arms to forestall my freefall as my wings caught pockets of air. Angling myself accordingly, I aimed myself towards the hapless grouse. I shot forward and managed somehow to grab one of the wings of the doomed bird, before carefully gliding downwards. Once I reached the ground again, I wrung the neck of the struggling creature, watching as its pitifully weak movements ceased in mere seconds.
I felt a sharp pang in my heart, because I knew that the grouse was an innocent animal, but I reminded myself that it was only for sustenance, and not for sport. I could never find any pleasure in killing such a blameless creature, for the mere thought nearly send me into stomach convulsions...
I quickly retrieved the eggs in the nests they had in the tree they roosted in, before I brought my kills back to the camp, and stripped them of their feathers, and washed the meat to make it suitable for cooking.
I noticed the Warble had forgotten that it was dangerous so close to my camp.
I believe I shall go remind it.
Khelek, 87 - Midday, hr 7    
He looked up at the words Kavo-voice was speaking. Travelling. Not coming back. He froze, unsure what to do. Surely Kavo-voice was just pretending about that part. He would come back. He loved him, and everyone had heard that. The best voice was gone awhile too now, but she would come back. She had to, he had to. The Kavo-voice and Tobar were going to look for the Rani-voice, and the Best Voice. He, Kavo-voice, had said so himself. But no one else had heard that part.

It was her. The thought ran through his mind so quick he barely caught it, but he did. She, his sister, Anisa. She was sad, and upset, and not talking to the Kavo-voice, but he took her inside to talk anyways. Then they came out, and Kavo was leaving. His tiny mind made the only connection it could, and held tight. It was Anisa, that's why the Kavo was leaving again, and not coming back. Anger seethed from his every pore, not that he knew what to do with it at his age. She had no right! And she had the gall to say Kavo was mean! She was the mean one! Sul-Kavo too, the mean things he was saying!

So he glared, and he glared, and he glared. Emotions he was not familiar with, flooding through his body. He didn't know them, the fear, the longing, the love, the hate. It was too much. The tears spilled silently from his eyes to greet his cheeks, then roll off his face completely. He backed away, stumbling, and went to run to Kavo, but no. Kavo was leaving, without Tobar. Too much, too much. His basket left his hands and he ran to the mine, deep in it.
Khelek, 87 - Afternoon, hr 9    
Melody. A small, black insect, fluttering around innocently, its sweet voice seeming to fill the air, causing her eyes to droop slightly. She pushes herself to her feet determinedly. She follows the tiny thing, reaching her hand out and extending a small finger.

She almost starts in surprise when the small creature lands on her finger, its wings flexing back and forth as it sings to her quietly. She hums back, and joins the creature in its gentle serenade. Carrying the creature back with her, she softly cups it in her hands, containing it and listening as she sighs sleepily, the song of the creature lulling her into a colorful dream.

And as she falls asleep, a softly whispered word escapes her mouth before she drifts off completely.

Losse, 87 - Afternoon, hr 9    
It was all just ocean! Water all around! Nowhere for us Moonkin to live at all!
So we headed back to Moonglade! And I found father here, but he's too busy trying to talk with the spirits to talk with me! It makes sense, the twins were clearly possessed!
But instead of talking to father, I picked blueberries! I love blueberries!
Oh, and here's mother coming out of the shrine!
What!? She wants me to take over this job of Returning the dead? I don't even know how it works! I don't even know how to write!
And anyways, she's too old to die! Only babies die, or people that do really stupid things! Unless she thinks the Stoneshapers will kill her? But they'd have to kill me too! I wouldn't just stand there and let those little freaks kill my mother!
But, if she wants me to do it, I'll agree to do it! Will I ever need to really take over the shrine? I hope not!
Lote, 87 - Sunrise, hr 4    
Love, Question Mark

He had come back. He really had. The girl never expected it to happen. She'd even told his sister that she didn't think he meant to come back. But he did, and everyone was happy. And she was glad she hadn't run him off forever.

He asked if he could talk to her, privately. She agreed, in the hopes that maybe they could resolve any past hurts. At least it didn't yet seem like there was any awkwardness like there was when he left before. Maybe he'd come to terms with everything.

As she stepped inside with him, he chuckled as he found a seat, "I remember the last time I did this. It seems so long ago."

Finding her own place to sit, she cautiously offered, "A lot of things seem very long ago now.." The last time he did this? Surely he wouldn't renew his hope. But she could at least listen. Maybe that was not what he intended.

"I know what you mean." He began playing with a small rock as he spoke, "Traveling far west, things are different. I met a few travelers on my way west. Kind people too. I told them a little about home and the people here. After that, they asked me something that took me awhile to figure out." Gently flipping the rock, he continued, "They asked me why I was traveling. At first, I thought it was because I was curious and didn't feel at home here. But after talking to them, I figured out why I really left." He threw the rock across the cavern. "I think...I left because of you, Rose." He looked up from the ground and into her eyes. "Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of you. I meant everything I said in that letter, and I still have yours," Shuffling through his side pouch, he retrieved the letter and pearl. "and the pearl you gave me. I read it every night and I believe that pearl brought me good luck."

The girl could feel her cheeks flushing as he spoke, and she could only meet his eyes briefly. Of course it would be foolish to think he'd feel differently now. Twirling a lock of hair around her finger, she tried to find her voice. "Dahl told me.. what you wanted her to tell me. I didn't doubt it, even before she spoke to me." She stared at the ground her voice trailing. "I.. I'm glad the pearl brought you luck. And I'm really glad you took it with you.." She was glad. Even though it made her feel horrible again to think she was the reason he ran off in the first place.

"I'm glad she told you." He smiled as he stood up and walked over to her. "I really did miss you a lot, Rosy." He knelt down in front of her, placing his hand gently under her chin and raising her head to meet his eyes. "Rose, I love you. I always have and always will." He slowly moved his head inward, tilting hers upwards to make her lips more accessible.

Frozen to the spot, in a mixure of shock and fear, she swallowed, her throat dry as she managed to whisper, "I.. I know you do." Was he trying to kiss her? Did he really still hope? Didn't she make herself clear before? The moment seemed to last forever before she truly realized what was happening. He was. He did. She must not have. She pulled back, just before his lips touched hers, looking away, her face thoroughly crimson. "I'm.. I'm sorry. I can't. I.. do care about you a lot. And.. I did miss you. But..." Her voice faded on the brink of hesitation.

Sighing with a large frown, he backed off and stood up. "I figured that would happen." He returned to his original seat, covering his face with his hands and rubbing his temples. "I just don't understand why, Rose."

"I..." Staring at the ground as some tears started trickling down her cheeks, she murmured, "I... love Tereth, Anrod. And he loves me, too.. That's why." She drew her knees up to her, burying her face in them. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I never.."

What she wanted to say was that she never meant to hurt him, again. But he stood up, hiding his face from her. "Oh. I see." Walking over to her, he handed her his bag with the pearl and the letter inside. "Alright. Well,  thanks for your time then." So formal. Like they were strangers.

Then he left. She followed after, clutching the bag, wanting to give it back. It was a gift, after all. But he was already gone again. A different road this time, but for the same reason as before. Without a pearl, a vessel of Dyn's light to keep him safe.

Glancing at the gold bracelet dangling on her wrist, it didn't seem to shine as it once did. Silently, she removed it with a sigh, slipping it into the bag along with the letter he'd given her long ago.
Lote, 87 - Evening, hr 10    
She was watching him when he came out of the dark place. She watched him move around, checking faces, and under wings for his basket. He knew she was watching, and he made a show of turning his back on her. Ah-ha! He saw it there, his basket. He  had knelt down, greeting it, and started re-arranging its contents. He heard the voices behind himself.

Rani, Obar still mad! Stupid Anisa, making Kavo want to leave and not come back.

He heard her coming before he saw her, he knew her name. Sul-Rani Illesa, settling down on the ground next to himself, and watching him, like she watched. So he watched his basket.

Are you mad at your sister, sweetie? He looked up at her, she should have known he was. She should know that stupid Anisa was making Kavo leave and not come back. Apparently not. So he nodded, just once, then watched his basket more intensely. He didn't know for what, just that he wanted to watch his basket, and so he watched and watched, even when she went on.

Why is that?

He watched his basket harder and harder. He didn't want to answer her. He knew she wouldn't understand anyways. He watched his basket even harder, but raised a claw to point to Kavo, then to a path well-travelled.

You're mad at Anisa because Tasir is leaving?

What? What?! She, who noticed him, understood it. He was used to not being understood. He could never get himself noticed like the others(except by Kavo), and even at his young age had realized that it would be difficult to be understood. He had stared at her, in his mild shock, his jaw hanging open until he snapped it shut. He pulled his hands away from the basket with the shineys, and the box, and the mug, and the ...thing. He pulled his hands away, his wings folded tightly around his tiny frame, and managed a nod. He didn't manage eye contact. He didn't want to be noticed, not then.

She said words he didn't want to hear, but somehow knew she would say anyways. She had said that she, Anisa, stupid Anisa, had nothing to do with Kavo leaving. Not true! He wanted to scream but he couldn't make it come out. He had seen her being mean and then Kavo wanted to leave and not come back. He pointed frantically at the girl, shaking his head, as if that would make his point. He knew it was her fault, it had to be, he saw!  Then the crying started. Good! He had thought. It's her fault! She should cry!

But Sul-Rani had been insistant that it wasn't her fault. Maybe she just liked Anisa better, because she was mean to Kavo too sometimes. But when she was, Kavo never wanted to leave and not come back. It was too much for him, he didn't want to hear it.

No! Stop! Be quiet! He had clasped his hands over his ears and shut his eyes to the world, curling up to his basket. And that's how he stayed until long after she got up and left him to tend to stupid Anisa. Until many of the normal day sounds had passed like normal.
Urnu, 87 - Midday, hr 7    
Anyone else.

She could have coped with that - she would have grieved; she would have been horrified; she would have raged at the moon and had the same dreams of what she'd seen: the rotting remains of a child who'd been eaten away first by hunger and then by his own kin.

But it was him, and so it broke her.

This was true: that when she'd come home, he'd cried, wrapping himself tightly around her leg as her own weeping startled him. She'd promised him then not to cry. S'not nice to cry, she'd whispered, in a voice heavy with experience. How `bout neither of us cry now? And he'd stopped, babbling a string of syllables almost as though he were trying to speak to her, even as she tried to stop her own tears, busying herself with the cooking that had to be done, inhaling the mingled smells of roasting chestnuts and home.

And this was true too: that he had eaten another, that it had not been the Creatures but him, and so she did not argue as her grandfather led him away. The questions and the arguments drained out of her like water.

He promised her once again that he wouldn't cry.

She still doesn't know his name.
Naur, 87 - Before dawn, hr 2    
Fia still had not gotten over the fact that it was her sister, Rowen, that spotted the Jibberwuck first, and not her. She was quite proud of her spotting skills, having seen the huge, greasy club-wielding monster that roamed the plains a few days earlier long before anyone else.
She knew that the Jibberwuck ate small children like herself, and that it had already eaten Cia, in the mines. She also knew that she had every reason to be afraid of it. However, there was just something about it that fascinated her, and made her just want to look at it all day. Rowen would not have any of that, of course, and made her hide in the hut together with Balder.

She did not understand why she had to hide. It was obvious that the Jibberwuck was not going to do anything to her. It had not even seen her, and even if it did, she had Balder there to protect her. She had seen him fight just yesterday, and she was certain that he was one of the best fighters in the world. The way he had killed that water buffalo with his newly created obsidian sword erased all doubt in her mind. After all, how different could the Jibberwuck possibly be from a water buffalo?
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