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Rosa, 91 - Midday, hr 7    
Exert from a Journal:

Berias finally came home after four years away.. such a long time it was. I had begun to wonder if he forgot about me and the children but he says there was some manner of trouble back home and called most of them horrible people.

Since his return though, I had been standoffish. I don't know why but I was filled with this doubt in me that things with us were just not the same. I missed him when he was away but I couldn't express it in his return because I felt he would leave again..

He noticed my hesitation and began to reassure me that he loved me and that he wanted to get home to see me and the children. I told him how the boys would make him proud as they are hard workers and that Qasim especially missed him. This was where he asked me if I didn't miss him as well and I said I suppose I did.. but little did I know that in an attempt to find what myself and Berias had once that he would break my heart in the process.

I asked him what all he did back home in Melian's Forest that it kept him away so long and he told me about gathering ocean powder and dealing with other peoples' problems and that he 'put his foot down' in the end and told them they had to handle it themselves as he was going home to be with his love.

I asked Berias if he would stay with me. Stay with me with the children and to be honest. You see, Berias always hid his true feelings from me, he only let me see the good, not the bad, not the troubled.. so I asked him to be honest and to hide nothing from me anymore. No secrets.

This is pretty much where my life changed.. his face suddenly fell and he moved away from beside me. I knew this was going to be bad...

He said: "I can't hide anything from you, Auda...I did some thing, with...with Peri, he needed me Auda, I-I can't say what I did was right, but I did for him...I won't ask you to understand Auda, I can only ask that it doesn't make you hate me.."

I did not understand so I asked him what he meant and he continued on: "I guess.. He sighs, staring at the floor.  I guess I mated with him."

....What? I asked myself then I stared at my mate, Berias before I asked: "With.. your brother? Are you sure it was mating..? Like us?"

He said it was not like with us and it couldn't ever be like with us. His tone was pleading and I was still left confused.

I do not know how two men mate.. I know it would not be like how Berias and I usually mate but I did not wish to know more.

Am I so horrible of a mother and a mate that the man I love would betray me? Am I so unappealing and incapable of pleasing my mate that he has to resort to mating with his own brother who also has a mate of his own? I suppose this is why Berias wanted to go home so badly, he wanted to be with Peri, to love -him- and not me. Then return home because it's horrible there and pretend to love me and that nothing had changed.

I am disgusted at Berias' actions, his lies. He does not love me. And after all I have done.. bore his children, built us a home, loved him through the good and bad, it was just not enough..

I asked my father Radimir for advice. He suggested I return to Lorelei for a while but with the boys or go off on my own to think. As I did not want to go to Lorelei because of knowing Qasim would wish to stay with Berias, I decided I just wanted to be alone, so I came here to the apple grove. It is my favorite spot in this whole world and perhaps I can decide what to do.

I have to think of my children, they would be happier if Berias and I remained together but I do not know if I love him anymore. My heart is broken and I am angry at him. I do not think I even want more children with him.. what would be the point?

I know I have to be forgiving if I wish there to be a future with myself and Berias after all he's done but he's the one who will have to work for it. I have done enough and it was futile to try, so I won't be any longer. I will return home, live in the home I built, continue to provide for my children and ignore Berias because I am obviously not good enough for him.

Rosa, 91 - Midday, hr 7    
I think some more and perhaps I should've just let all the anger out. Let him know how I really felt. I will do that when I get home and see how it goes. I do not know if it would help but perhaps I will feel like I did try to make him understand how much his actions hurt me.

I was very happy with him and I really thought he was as well.. but I guess one of these spirits cursed me. Perhaps they always did, I did lose my mother to some lunatic as a child and I thought moving to somewhere new would help me to forget but who can forget such things, hmm?

Life did start anew there though in a way and I bore children, tried to be a good mate and mother and I really was happy but I guess that is exactly why all this happened. I am cursed and meant to be miserable. So I lost my mother and probably my mate now and I've never done anything wrong to deserve such a sad life. . . .
Lote, 91 - Midday, hr 7    
Struck with a sudden urge, he went throughout the day watching fish cook. Surely they were not going anywhere? Why was he cooking so many if all the others did not touch it? Hours later she left, as fast as the winged creatures in the mines. The person that called him "feather boy" was the cause of feet hitting the ground as he went down after her. He woke only to see the sillouette, oh how he hated the sun in his eyes. Time quickly went by as he followed before suddenly drawn back from his moments, hands passing over the smooth jade as he shapes it. Occasionaly looking to the sleeping figure he was now stuck between joy and frusteration. To see her wake would make him crack but to see her sleep an longer would make him shatter. If only the light quickened his pace he could be satisfied with her waking to something then only a days worth of walking.
Urnu, 91 - Afternoon, hr 9    

Rose and I spent most of the afternoon making love... It's been so long since we were able to spend any time alone. We stripped off our armor and we laid in the sand with our bare bodies. She is truly beautiful.. I just can't say that enough. It started with kissing, but the passion between us quickly grew and things... well you know.. we started to try new things. It was fun.. exciting... It makes one feel good and alive... but there was on downfall to this, I got her pregnant. I am terrified that my children are going to have the curse I carry. I am trying so hard to hide my fear from Rose. I want to be supportive and comfort her. I want to be the best mate I can be, and soon to be, the best father. Around this time next month, I shall see if Garraks blood is passed down from me, to my baby. I don't know what I will do if that would happen, but I know it will only bring me pain in the end.

Elen, 91 - Before dawn, hr 3    

Her jaw dropped. She had never heard anything that sounded this terrible in her entire life. At least it seemed so to her in this moment.
"You don't mean...!" She poked her huge, bloated belly for thehundredth time this day. "The baby is INSIDE of me?!"
Uncle Kieran nodded with a reassuring smile. "Yes...right now. All normal...it hurts when it comes out but you have probably felt much worse hunting and Celandel will be here holding your hand natrually. Everything will be fine okay my niece? Do drink water though...it helps."
Celandel had that same smile on his face. People smiling at her like this made her feel like a child again. like everyone knew things she didn't know. But how was she supposed to know?
The smiles didn't really calm her down. She grabbed her own head with both hands.
"Why?! Why is it in there?! Why would anybody put someone inside of me?!" Kieran's words went through her head once more and she raised her head to say: "I... Wait, it's like this with everyone?", in a very confused tone.
Kieran was still smiling in that peculiar way. Now he also gave a nod, she knew from people talking to children. "Yes...it happened when well uhm you and Celandel... Everyone Rose...it is how you where born."
That was all just unbelievably gross. She had asked Tom about this. He had never mentioned the baby appearing in her belly! Another detail he had forgotten was, that the act that caused that to happen was an absolute blast.
She tried to compose herself a little, or seem composed at least. "Alright... I get it... What... kind and amount of pain are we talking about, here?"
Kieran'S smile disappeared and he avoided lookinginto her eyes. "Uhm...you would have to ask a woman. Slyvan said with time is barely hurt at all. But it does not last long Rose."
Not the answer she had been hoping to hear. She fell backwards onto the feather bedding and lamented towards the hide ceiling above: "What did I get myself into?"
All of a sudden, Kieran's smile was back. With a glance at Celandel, he said in a downright chipper voice: "Something wonderful. Our people need children Rose. This...is very good news. I am happy for you both."
Scorching sunlight breached into the tent, when jason entered, a blanket on his shoulders. Carrying it over to one of the beddings, he asked: "Has anyone explained to her what's happening?"
Kieran nodded. "Yes...and Celandel knows what to do, I think, now don't you?"
With a slow and slightly worried nod, Celandel replied: "I've seen my mama and papa go through it before..."
Rose stopped listening, when they started talking some more about how painful the whole thing would be. She raised her head a little, to glare at her huge, swollen belly. She gave it another poke. "It feels... like a waterskin... Can't I just poke some holes in it, to make it smaller? A big, full waterskin...", she mubled.
Kieran chuckled, obviously very amused by her remark. "No holes, Rose!"
Gurtha, 91 - Sunrise, hr 4    
I have never felt like this before, surrounded by so many, but still so alone. But why shouldn't I? Mommy and Daddy are going to forget about me. I am happy to have Jason and Nikolai around me, I find them beautiful, like the rest of their family. So tall, so beautiful...so smooth. I wish I was like them...
Gurtha, 91 - Midday, hr 7    
Finally I was given a name by my parents. From now on, I will be called Eli.
Lasse, 91 - Evening, hr 10    
It is dark. So dark. I hear things all around me, and I don't know where they come from. I am scared. But a kind voice interrupts the sound of the darkness. It tells me it is "Mother." I wonder what "Mother" is. But the voice is gentle, and it quiets me. It takes me and holds me close, and I feel softness covering it, softer than my fingers. Maybe one day, I will have softness, too. 
Vasa, 91 - Before dawn, hr 2    
If you love him, you will weep.

But not anymore. She felt strangely calm now, and perfectly at peace, for the first time in years. There had been a sting of sadness, just before she left... that the last she saw of him was a frown, and that he would not come to her. That he would turn away. He should have known... everyone else did, and he used to know... long before the others. Maybe he wanted to forget.

If I can't trust or forgive you, Tom, I will leave forever.

Chose. Me or her.

You can't chose me, but deny me happiness because of her. Ten years I waited, Tom, ten years of praying to Her, of asking Her to not let your children grow in my belly. Because we were not at home. Because we thought we had a duty.

And when you were too wounded to even stand on your feet properly, one foot on the doorstep to afterlife, you had a son with her.

Me or her. Me or her.

As she turned her head to glance back over the camp resting within the night's embrace, now, a smile came to her face. A hidden smile, unseen, a thought rather than a curving of her lips. The emotion was pure, however; love mingled with regret, and the forgiveness she had been looking for within herself for so long. She could feel it now, the last of her tears having been soaked up by the sand. There was a sweet warmth to it that made everything alright.

The night wind was carrying voices from below, now. There was a stir of shapes in the darkness, familiar faces. They had noticed her leaving, and the smile-thought faded around the edges, leaving a fleeting impression of sadness.

I wanted to tell you goodbye, Tom, like I told them... but I couldn't find you. And then the words had been written, the decision had been made three times over, and I was already finding comfort in its embrace. More comfort than I found in yours.

Layla watched the camp below for another moment, pausing to gather her thoughts and memories. The best of them, she would take along; impressions of life rather than her baskets, or her clothes, or the many parchments she had filled over the years. They had been her voice.

Because I have given my voice for your love.

Layla, Layla, what would you give for his love? She asked me. The mother, the life-giver, the judge.

If you love him, you will weep.

The wind stirred, laden with voices that seemed so distant now. More distant than the stars above, or the darkened horizon surrounding her. She looked up and found her star, small and bright, and another smile-thought brought warm memories of love.

How she had sat on his shoulders as a little girl, reaching out for a butterfly that seemed to evade her, only to silently nestle within her hair when she wasn't paying attention.

The story they had written together as they wandered the desert, waiting for her to grow up. How brave Toma Toyla found a star and followed it through the world, wandering for years until he reached the perfect gardens, and his guide turned into a beautiful girl.

How his eyes had followed her every movenent as she danced on the day of their joining, a whirl of hair and cotton and copper, smooth skin shimmering in the moonlight.

Kieran's lips on her own after she told him goodbye. His words, his love.

But he was not Tom, and she could not stay for him.

The willow loves the wind, and bends to his whims. But when the cold sweeps over the earth and and coats the world in white frost, the willow turns brittle and breaks.

I know you will be with her again. You were with her before the first of all dreams, when I gave my voice for your love. Maybe she will finally find the peace in life that I found in death, now that her plans worked out, and she does not need to hurt anymore. I wish you happiness. And many children.

I hope she loves you as I have. As I always will. Do you feel the wind caressing your cheek, Tom? Sometimes, it will be me. My love will burn within the campfire that warms your hands on a chilly night. My dance will move the clouds that bring the rain.

Because love is never lost, it only changes shape.
Khelek, 92 - Midnight, hr 1    
She can do nothing but watch as her beloved neice falls into the eternal sleep. As she slowly closes her eyes, everything goes black. She knows what will happen next. And it does.

The woman watches as the boy falls on top of Tilal, killing her. She turns her gaze to Miza, and without saying a word, killing him in response.

Everyone she loves has died. She looks at the woman, watching her fight off the two teenagers, blood dripping down her mouth. Soon after, she flees outside. She follows her mother, sobbing, and lunging at her. Khan awful strong, she mutters under her breath as she strikes the girl with a heavy blade. The teenager lift up the axe, swinging it down over her mother's head. Missed. She can't kill her, not now.

She leaves, running down the street to her sister's side. Later, the man comes inside, and she explains it all to him. "We have all agreed to put her down, no?"

He slowly walks outside, and she is gone.

The girl is walking along the cemetary when  she sees her mother's grave. 'RIP' it says. "RIP? For a murderer?" She quickly runs home.
Losse, 92 - Evening, hr 11    
The Beginning

As quickly as I take my first breath, I started crying. My stomach screams along with me, it's low growling demanding food. I look around with my yellow eyes, spotting my parents. I reach my arms out towards them, seeking warmth and comfort that I once knew not too long ago.
Kuile, 92 - Midday, hr 7    
And there he went. Teru, the only one of my blood, I've seen for a long time. I am not sure, how I should feel.
For the last few years I had now lived as a moonkin, but I know a can never be one to the full extend.

However, I also wont ever be a like Teru or the others again. I can't even remember them. I dream of them. I dream of their voices, their names and my old home. It just seems to be so unreal. Like something you dreamed would become real, but the reality can't cope with dreams. Neither with nightmares... Teru didn't come to punish me for forsaking the others, nor with hopes... He didn't come to tell me what my place is in this world.

Terus visit rememberd me that I don't belong here. I guess I don't belong to anywhere.
Rosa, 92 - Evening, hr 10    
Likot was about to step out of the mine, when suddenly, he stopped, seized by a nameless fear. He looked behind him, into the beautiful, comforting darkness of the mines, a darkness where he knew Ch'ktarkas, the Stone God was always with him. And then he turned and look outside, where the sun beat down upon the wild, waving wheat. Outside where the evil things, the things that were inconsistent and wanted to harm him; he knew they did, he felt it in his bones. Air and water, the hunters, the haters. He did not know if he could follow his Lord's orders. But then he looked back one more time, and a voice seemed to speak, saying "Go. Speak my word to them." Likot Swordswinger steeled himself, though he felt in his gut it was wrong, and left the safety of the tunnel. Once outside, he took out the old, tattered sheaf of parchment he carried, and looked at it. Inscribed in tiny letters on the front, the title read "The Holy Words of the Stone God, as spoken to His Faithful Follower Likot Swordswinger." Looking at it firmed his resolve one last time, and he began walking, walking down the dusty road back to Belmora's Mountain.

Back to his family.
Urnu, 92 - Sunrise, hr 4    
Mother made a doll for me. Its kind of scratchy, and it feels kind of weird between my fingers, but its nice, too, somehow. Mother was making the doll run around my head, and I tried to follow the feel of its feet.

But then, when Mother was playing with me, she took the doll away. I wanted it back, but I didn't know where she took it. I reached around, crying as my fingers closed around nothing.

Then, I felt the scratchiness touch my eye and it hurt. I cried louder, batting the doll away. And then Mother's voice came, and it sounded scared, and it sounded worried, and she was calling for Father.

Father doesn't really pay attention to me, so I'm not surprised that I don't hear his heavy footsteps against the floor of the clan house. But Mother sounds so upset that it makes me cry harder, and then I can't hear her anymore, which scares me even more, so I stop crying.

I don't like not being able to hear.
Urnu, 92 - Evening, hr 11    
Today, Mother was carrying me around, and it felt nice because I could wrap my fingers in the softness. She said it was her "cloak." I like how it feels against my fingers.

Thidri came back, though. I could hear her dragging something through the snow on the ground, but after that, Mother screamed and I couldn't hear it anymore. And then I felt air run past me, and I landed on the snowy ground with my arm underneath me.

The only thing I heard after that was a cracking sound, and it came from my arm. And then it hurt, and I was screaming, and that hurt, so I screamed louder.

Siri hurried over and picked me up as carefully as she could. My arm didn't feel right. It felt like it wasn't connected to me all the way. Siri carried me inside to Mother, and then she set me down. It still hurt, but I couldn't scream anymore, because that hurt, too, and I just wanted the hurt to stop.

I could hear Siri trying to talk to Mother, and I could hear the sound of a dull thunk that sounded like something hitting the wood of the clan house. But then I couldn't hear anything, and I couldn't smell anything, or feel anything, or taste anything.


At least it didn't hurt anymore.
Elen, 92 - Evening, hr 10    
I secure my armor, fastening the leathers straps tightly. I say my goodbyes, and told my mate and my son that I love her. I step out onto the road with a heavy sigh, knowing what has to be done. The Joshua's think they can push my family around? Well the are gravely mistaken. If anything, our race is the superior one, not theres.. Aten favors us... I'll show them their place, teach them the lesson that they earn for. I'll try to do this with little to know bloodshed, but I can't make any promises. 
Gurtha, 92 - Before dawn, hr 3    
Malric was surprised when he went outside to look for wood and Nissa and Sidian were there. He looked for Odell but the boy was not with his mother. And she did not come to see her other children.
Nissa had been acting even stranger than when he saw her last. She remembered them this time, but she did not want to be with her children. After she was somehow hurt, and Malric did not know how, she took a few days to heal, but was then angry. She said cruel things to Titus. She laughed at nothing.
Titus had killed Nissa. That's what they said, but Malric did not understand. People don't kill people. People only die when they are taken by the gods, the Stone God for the Delvers and Jeuno for the Folke. So Malric thought that Jeuno had taken Nissa, like the Stone God had taken his parents a couple of years earlier.
His parents were now with the Stone God, in the vault full of boxes. The Stone God was not in the boxes, only Delvers. But Bella said the Stone God was all over, so Malric did not know why the boxes were only there.
Now Titus wanted to go home. He had originally asked Malric to show him the way because he thought Willow had gone home, but she had gone with Falthen. Malric still wanted to visit Odell, though, and so he went with Titus. He would continue to be a friend to the Folke, no matter what had happened to Nissa.
Lasse, 92 - Midnight, hr 1    
My days and nights are empty. I long for death.
Lasse, 92 - Sunrise, hr 4    
I slam the pheasant on the head with my staff, feeling its bones crunch beneath. As I pick up its lifeless body, by the gnarled legs, I look towards the north and shade my eyes, as the light of the sun here on the southern plains is rather intense this time of here. I can see Radimir, and I smile. How I love him. With happiness, I pull my knife out of my backpack and look at it, before slicing the pheasant open. It is jade, beautiful black-and-green jade. It makes me think of the murky waters back at home...I slice the pheasant open and feel its still-hot blood pouring over my hand, and I rejoice inside at being alive.
Vasa, 92 - Before dawn, hr 2    
The Story Of Ryiah, Daughter Of Zidayne the Elder One, Sister of Awrina, Mother of Kendalyn, Daneel, & Gerwin.

 Gather around close and I'll tell all of you the story of Ryiah the Bearslayer.
She was the daughter of the old man Zidayne, sister to Awrina who was Myrra's mother and mother to Kendalyn and Daneel. She was the bravest, fiercest hunter of all the Amrassi.

  A long time before, the tops of this mountain crawled with flying beasts naked of feathers or fur.
They had wings as large as the space on the ground where our houses sit. Long necks and big snouts like wolve's only as tall as that door and as long as from this wall to that. Their breath came out in black, seething puffs of smoke, as from a gigantic fire. These gusts filled the sky with black cloud.. It was a time when people said very little and their only moment of happiness was when, roaring over the hacks of their weapons and the screams of their prey, they destroyed beasts far larger than themselves and more ferocious. Yes. Riyah would hunt bears half as large as this house, their fur as white as fresh snow, their eyes as black as a burnt peice of wood.

  I saw Riyah the Bearslayer with my own eyes take the lives of four of these beasts in a single hunt! She would see a massive polar bear and come up right in front of it, right where it could see. Lifting her arms up in the air like this *He moves his elbows to the furthest out from his body with his hands high in the air* and the bear would stand on its hind legs, the bear would be taller than the tall bone house. Four of these! Well the bear would roar, a sound so loud it would ring in your ears like after pounding a hammer on a peice of good rock. Riyah making herself look as large as she could would then suck in a large chestful of air and scream her rough throat-tearing roar back at this beast and start running, pulling her sword from its sheath she would swing at the swiping paws, like tree trunks, and blood would fly in the sky and the battle would last only a very short time. But watching it it felt like days... After the beast was slain she would glance down at the claw-marks emanating their life juice and snorting at the bear's dumb strength and her unmatched victory she would climb to a high path and look down at a large expanse of mountain side trying to spot another, and then she would climb back up high and find another and another. Finally, steam coming up off of her body from the frequent trials and sweat, she would haul the bear's corpses in on a small wooden sled with a rope.

  This is the woman I knew once. A feirce and unrelenting one. Whether the beasts in the air, the wretched beasts that exhaled heavy soot with each belching blow, were afraid of this show of strength or whether they just didn't like the taste of our flesh - either way they didn't try to capture Ryiah's children. So her children would crawl around in the snow playing and finding treasures to show her and their aunt and the smiling big silent men. They stay away from us, the winged ones... Their claws and wings and teeth stayed high above us screeching their calls and scraping the hard stones... Flapping and gliding above us in the sun and snow...

  As it was a time when many children played around our mountain, some got into trouble and some playfully misbehaved. Under the women's watchful eyes one little girl by the name of Ayla did a really bad thing. She hid a big barrel full of food by rolling it away and no one saw her did it. So Riyah and her sister Awrina yelled and asked nicely and gave her presents of food and screamed and asked again and again to this little girl. But nothing. She wouldn't talk. She just cried and looked at the floor and said it wasn't her. Now, all this commotion caused everyone around to look up and wonder what was going on. The little kids laughed at the punishment Ayla was getting happy it wasn't them. Some of them cried because they didn't like yelling and they were very little. A big boy named Iskander was the same age as me then, he took another barrel and started to roll it around and laugh and dance. The other children found Iskander's silly behaviour hilarious and all laughed until
their stomachs hurt. One of the old men was roused from a long sleep, a sleep like the stones sleep... And he, upon hearing the woman yelling and little Ayla and the other babies crying and all of the children laughing and pointing at poor foolish Iskander's antics. So Ziddy weilded his merciless and heavy sword on that young barely clothed boy. And he was over.

He would never make any of us laugh or smile again...

  Riyah's mind stopped working the same from then on. She couldn't kill her family, wouldn't kill her family, couldn't ever live with the elder Amrassi who killed her son. So without a single word she started to walk away from everyone. No tears fell from her eyes, but they stood wide open and she rarely blinked. Her hands clenched and unclenched uselessly at her sides.

  Up in the North Forests, no one knows what she did or said. Her pain stole the one thing she had lasted so long protecting, fighting for, loving... It was as if she needed to take all of the devastation and remove it from herself. But she couldn't and her nights in the wood didn't bring her peace from this unending pain that gnawed on her soul.

  When she came back she was changed. Her eyes blazed, and deepset lines were drawn under them. It looked like she hadn't eaten in days but whenever she sniffed a hunk of fresh food she would grimace and fling it away from her. Her children didn't understand what had happened and when they saw that stranger in their mother's body they could only fearfully watch her from afar.

  She didn't speak any words to Zidayne. She couldn't, he had gone into the depths of the mountain to hide his anguish once he learned the truth, that he had killed an innocent.

   So with no way to transmit those darkest feelings, she took to killing. She spent almost every waking moment in silent games of sneaking up to her prey and extinguishing their life. Upon realizing that she had been the conquerer and not the conquered she would release a sound that even imagining it makes my body shudder, so awful was it to hear. On one of these days, the deaths of the great beasts on this mountain wasn't enough and she began to climb. She reached an indent that formed a small plain in the mountain near the top and found a large nest that could only belong to one creature. She waited for hours silently hiding, her sheild and sword drawn and at the ready, her breath soundlessly whispering the freezing air.

 In the middle of the night she heard the beating noises, noises like FWOOOP, FWOOP, Fwoop, and her face assumed a look of frenzied unseeing hatred that made her features the ugliest they have been up till then. The winged one saw her and at once screeched its awful cry and pulling its head back, opened its teeth-filled jaws and thrust its head forward, pushing out a stream of fire that must burn within its stomach all this time. Just in the nick of time the Bearslayer hides her eyes and body from that deathly hot blow with her huge shield. The metal turns white hot and Riyah's hand becomes fused into the metal her fingers and hand already dead.

Screaming with from a pain no Amrassi has felt, she runs towards the beast, shield in
front of her, fire spilling and flying above and off the sides of the glowing rock. The winged one does what every bear has done thus far and tries to swing his collosal clawed reach for Riyah's life and Riyah, stabs her sword's length through the claw and out the other end, turning her body and her shield into the beast's paw.

Later, as sun came up and her body fell from the sky. She is buried here in our graveyard. The winged ones leave our mountain and have never come back or been sighted flying around. Riyah was my mother and now through me and Myrra you continue her blood.

I killed Ayla a long time ago, when I was little older than a boy. I am now a man. The winged
one with the mutilated claw, whether it be the favorite son of Death or Death itself, will learn that nothing will steal those I love, no one may take apart or destroy my family.     

As told by Gerwin to his children and Myrra.
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