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10th of Ringwe, 49, afternoon    
Everybody was minding their own business, when all of a sudden, I saw that Horus had died! Family had run for cover, standing as close to buildings as possible, going inside, and I had climbed on a rock. It had caused everybody to be extra weary of the terrifying monsters after that.
2nd of Kuile, 50, evening    
Kamiko showed me how to hunt. Uncle Brody was silly about it and said that hunting was bad, and Kamiko said I didn't have to if I didn't want to, but she seemed like she really wanted to teach me and I kind of wanted to try, anyway. Plus, if Kamiko hunts, I'm gonna hunt too.

We were going to make a sword, but the Jibberwucks took the stuff we needed for that. The Jibberwucks don't scare me. When I get older and after Damien kills one, I'm gonna hunt a Jibberwuck, too!

But until I have armor, I can only hunt the mice and squirrels.

Anyway, Kamiko gave me a spear and showed me how to hold it, and I watched her hunt a squirrel. She's real good. Then I went and got one too! The spear's kinda heavy, though... But not too heavy.

After I hunted, my new friend (and sister... sort of) Rosa told me good job. I had a lot of fun with my older sister and all my friends and my new friend.

I hope things are always this good.
6th of Naur, 50, midnight    
Uncle Brody cooked this weird fish for me. I never tried it before. It was good.

Oh yeah... And this woman and man and boy traveled here from somewhere else awhile ago. I wonder who they are.
7th of Gurtha, 50, midnight    

I'm floating lazily in the Ocean, letting the swell of the waves lift me up, then down again. It was a good idea to come back to Pearl Beach, to get away. I love my family, seeing them again after so long traveling was comforting, especially being back with Mamma. My brothers and sisters leave me bewildered however, especially my brother Myran and my younger sister Acacia. I have tried very hard to connect with both of them. Remembering, the peace dissipates and I chop at the water, pulling myself towards the shore.

I tried to talk to Myran about his thoughts on having children and traveling while we worked on the North road with my Pappa. I never got an answer from him. Of course he very rarely speaks to anyone, so I have tried not to let it hurt my feelings too much, but it does. He did start to tell me the story of when he died and came back. It is a very confusing tale so far and involves a giant snake. Maybe someday he will finish this story and I will understand him better.

I can feel the bottom now and walk through the surf to the beach, the waves crash at my back. I reach into my pocket and pull out a Pearl. It is a very large one, the luster radiates like a beautiful pastel rainbow. I smile to myself and think about giving it to Myran as a gift. I will tell him how I feel about him, it's all I can do. Reaching the shore I sit in the sand, the hot sun warms me after being in the Ocean for so long. The Pearl sits in my cupped hands absorbing the sun's rays and the love I have for my brother.

4th of Vasa, 50, evening    
Nisa had gone into the House for Pups to hibernate for a while, when later Selune and Jasa came in, admitted they loved each other, and mated.
6th of Ringwe, 50, sunrise    
A foul creatured crawled out of the crack in the wall today.  It startled me while I was working.  It was a huge, pale worm, bigger than me, with a gaping mouth and massive fangs the size of my hand.  The worst was the sound, though.  It made a horrible sucking sound as it came toward me.

I drew the sword that Daddy had given me.  This wasn't like hunting birds for food.  This thing meant to eat me, and I was determined not to let it.  I waited until it got close, and then I dove to the side, rolled to my feet, and chopped it in two with one swing of my sword.

No one is faster than me.  No one.
4th of Khelek, 51, midnight    
That boy, Noah, was Selune and Jasa's first child. Noah never awoke, however.
10th of Khelek, 51, midnight    
It had been only a short time after she had come to this new place that the small, blue thing that had arrived with her had started making noise. She turned all of her attention towards it, as much because she could not ignore it as because it made her curious.

Her curiosity turned quickly to displeasure, though, as the sounds increased in volume, until she wanted nothing more than to withdraw to a place where everything would be quiet again. There had been noise before, but of a different sort, never anything so loud or unpleasant as this. Then sounds had been sources of curiosity, reasons to wake up and move her sluggish thoughts, but now all she wanted was for everything to be quiet again.

She began to cry. Together, she and the blue thing made even more noise than before, but she knew instinctively that things would change if she only continued. If she could only make herself heard.

In the end, she was right, though it seemed like she'd waited and wailed for an eternity before someone finally came to make things better.
7th of Lote, 51, midnight    
Ustat, overcome by feverish weakness and the low gnawing hunger which seemed to flicker on the edge of his consciousness, drifted ever closer towards death. He departed from life motionless on the ground, like a dim candle slowly burning out.
5th of Gurtha, 51, sunrise    
She doesn't like hunting. She didn't like it even before she experienced it for herself, felt the sickening exhilaration, the crunch of the final blow. Perhaps it is because she remembers.

Her mother was so gentle, always. So kind, so loving, so wise. She always knew the right thing to say. But hunting changes everyone. Even her gentle mother. Her kind, loving and wise mother.

She remembers mother's body lying on the ground, vividly red blood pooling around the slashes and punctures across her fair skin. The culprits remain on the outskirts of the clearing, hewn open from her mother's weapon of steel, blood from both hunter and hunted matting the lone jaguar's spotted fur, and slick on the scales of the anacondas. The large bodies are still and limp, but their weapons of steel had already left a mark.

She remembers mother's words as she hovers over her and tries to recall what, from the piles of things on the ground, was used for healing. How faint that voice sounded, like a passing wind could coax it away with a mere breath. How unfocused that gaze, like a haze had covered the woman's eyes, and blinded them to her daughter. How odd her words were, when her mother had reached for her white hair, and like one in a waking dream, called her father's name.

What happened before and after are a blur, but the memory itself is as clear as the rain falling from the skies.

Now she hunts. She hunts because her children and their young cousins do, because they bring home not only carcasses of dead animals, but wounds. Tears in their flesh that scar as constant reminders of the fact that every time they leave the safety of their village, into the jungle or into the mines, there is a death.

And perhaps, one day, it will not be the beast that dies.
7th of Vasa, 51, sunrise    
The woman who came back is my mother, Melian. I don't know who the man and the boy are, though. The man is real quiet, and the boy is even quieter.

Anyway, Melian is nice. She gave me boots, and those are nice, but I think I made her sad when I asked her who she was. Then later she wanted to play, but I thought we were supposed to be helping and I told her that, and that made her sad again.

And now she's taking care of my new little sisters, Brisa and Sofia. But I thought Kamiko was supposed to do that. Or maybe Uncle Brody or Lilly. Or maybe even Damien, because he tried to give me food that one time... but I think he only takes care of the sleepy little ones.

Seeing my little sisters with Melian kind of made me sad. Because why's she taking care of them when Kamiko took care of me... and...

I don't get it. So I went hunting to feel better. I got a little hurt, but I'm okay no matter what Uncle Brody says.
2nd of Khelek, 52, midnight    
With curiosity I eyed the beautiful metal that could be seen shattered about all over the volcano's base. After sinking through my knees, my fingers slid over its surface, its color black, but other colors could be found as well. "Obsidian..." I muttered softly to myself, and stood to turn around and show it to Krowe. He didn't seem too interested, so I went and made something out of it myself. After a long amount of hard work through the blistering heat of the volcano and the occasional downpour, I finished my work and held my new carving knife proudly in my hand.
10th of Losse, 52, midnight    
Years passed, and still Falora did not return.  Waiting wasn't doing any good.  So I set out again.  I was more prepared this time.  I brought more food.  I didn't know how far I would be going.

I was all too cheerful as I travelled.  "She would be almost 12 years old now," I thought to myself.  A young woman, almost as old as I was when the stone god placed us on the mountain.  I daydreamed about happy reunions, bringing her home and showing her all the new things.  Maybe even becoming a grandmother someday soon.  I was so sure I would find her and everything would be okay.

Things didn't quite work out that way.  I got to the forest where I saw her leave before.  It was eerily the same as we had left it.  I stopped to eat, and then wondered which way to go next.  There were other mountains nearby, but I suspected she had stayed in the forest.  I continued in the same direction.

As I travelled, my thoughts got more and more grim.  What if she's not there?  What if she is there and she is dead?  No, she couldn't be.  I know she can take care of herself.  I kept going, unsure of what I would find.

Eventually, I came upon a spot where the ground was littered with various gathered plants and things.  Falora must have been here!  I looked around some more, and found her lying on the ground.  I hoped she was just sleeping.  "Falora!" I called out, as I ran to where she was.  I felt her hands, and they were cold.  There was no breath in her lungs.

At that moment, tears rolled down my face.  She had been the most important thing in the world to me, and here she was dead.  If only I had followed after her before, maybe I could have gotten her to come home.  Maybe if I had been a better mother she wouldn't have left in the first place.  I realized I would never get another chance to play with her and I would never get to see her grow up.  It was all my fault.

How recently had she died, I wondered.  Her body was not decayed, nor were her things.  Had she travelled further, and died on her way back home?  I had no time to explore at the moment.  I had to bring her home and bury her near the mountain.

I found a circlet made of roses near where I found her.  Had she made this in her last moments of life?  I picked her up, and all of her things that I could carry with me, and I headed back home.  The trip back seemed like it took a lifetime.  All I could think about was all of the time I spent waiting rather than going out there and keeping this from happening.  I was a terrible mother.

When I got back, I buried her body.  I was at a loss for words, nothing I could say would bring her back, and the silence said more than I ever could.  I took one last look at her face, once filled with life, now empty, and placed her gently into the grave and buried her.  I decided to keep the rose circlet with me to always remind me of her.
4th of Kuile, 52, midnight    
Ewon, one of the new babies, was being very loud. I asked him if he was okay, but he just kept crying. Lilly said he was hungry and made him some raspberries. She's real good at taking care of the babies.

Someday I want to be as helpful with the little ones as Kamiko, Lilly, and Uncle Brody are.
4th of Kuile, 52, midnight    
Melian asked me to forgive her for not being there when I was little. She said I could hate her. But I don't want to hate her, and I don't get what she did wrong. She was doing work, and Kamiko and Lilly and Uncle Brody took care of me, and my friend Rosa was here, too. So it was okay. Right?

Anyway, I told her it was okay. She's real nice and I don't hate her and I want her to stop being sad, but I just don't get it.

After I told Melian it was okay, I got to hold my new little sister Sofia. She's weird.
11th of Rosa, 52, before dawn    
I killed all of the small predators today. There was blood everywhere. Soon I will kill the big ones.

There should be only one real predator here: me.
3rd of Lote, 52, midnight    
After killing a black widow who had gotten too close to my son, i noticed a bite on my hand. It started to look red and swollen.
I then remembered there was a leaf that numbed my hand when i fist picket it up, so I went and picked a few. By this time my whole hand was swollen and it was throbbing with pain. I decided to crush the leaf and make past out of it. after this, i rubbed it on the sore spot, and immediatly felt relief. so I rubbed the rest on the wound and walked over to calm my son who had been crying due to me being hurt. I showed him the leaf and explained how to make the paste. I then walked over to our only shelter a tree on the berren plain and went to sleep.
10th of Lote, 52, midnight    
Sofia got hurt real bad. After me and her and Marth and Uncle Brody made raspberries, she found a pebble and put it in her mouth. Her face looked weird and she wasn't acting right, so I asked Uncle Brody if she was okay, and he started acting weird, too. He started yelling and screaming. He said that she must've swallowed the rock.

He ran over to her and tried to help. I ran over, too, and tried to help... but mostly I cried.

Soon Uncle Brody got the rock out, and Sofia started screaming, but Uncle Brody said she was okay. I told Sofia I was sorry for being a bad brother and not helping her, but Uncle Brody said it was okay. Then he acted strange and went off and started cooking. He said I should make sure Sofia didn't do that again.

So I made this bone rattle for her to chew on. She can't swallow that, right?
6th of Khelek, 53, sunrise    
It was our very first time. He was ten, and I was just three years older. We hugged, kissed, touched...all the things I thought about before were now put into practice. At first it felt a little funny, but pleasantly funny. I guess the feeling's really weird to explain, both euphoric and greatly satisfying. Yet with every second I also wanted more! This mix of feelings started to confuse, but I did well, and in the end everything went fine. I was pregnant, like mother said I would be after mating. Wait, what did pregnancy do again...?
8th of Kuile, 53, midnight    
After the first few pains were over and I thought it had finally stopped, they came again. Carefully and with utmost care I lay down on the floor, resting on my elbows. Elieth had gone out and I was all alone. I tried to distract myself, even if just for a moment. And so I stared in front of me, at the chairs and the table, and the various tableware scattered across it. I took deep breaths, and then I pushed, delicately for a starter. Several more minutes passed with mild aches that grew larger and hurt more every time. Chairs...table...spoons...forks...knives...bowls...plates...and...that was it. There was no more things to think of and shove away all other thoughts. I groaned, loudly, several times, too. And then finally there it was, before I knew it, the poor little thing was born. I did it!
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