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Gurtha, 107 - Midnight, hr 1    
I finally arrived in the town Torad told me about.

At first I didn't even notice, I was walking like in a trance. It was like something was pulling me there.
The will to learn about my kind, why I left, if there are relatives.

Cesia welcomed me, but just a moment later she pulled out a sword.
I was scared to death.

It is like a curse. Everytime I visite a village the people living there want to kill me. But this time it was
different. They were like me. They should know I am no wild beast!

Cesia told me I am a Taken, a Devourer. She also used terms like Eteni and Ra-Rani. I don't know what
they mean.

There is a book telling all those things. They said, I ate one of there kind. I hope there is somone else,
who is called Kontar or they know me and it is just an evil trick they play on me. But I don't really
belive so.

I explained Torad told me about this place. They seem to be really concerned about him. I am not sure,
if it is because I met him or because he has been away for so long. I hope he comes back soon and
tells them I am not evil.

The oldest woman somehow looks familar, but I am not yet sure why. Maybe she just looks familar to
the trader, which visited Skyreach once.

They still don't trust me, but I put my weapons away. If they would decide to kill me they wouldn't
be of much use anyway.

For now I won't come too close to them. It looks like Cesia is willing to tell me more about my kind. I
think she is curious about all this too. However, I am sure she would kill me if I do anything wrong.
My hope is that, if anyone is willing to kill me I would not be alive anymore.

I am sleeping on the floor. Maybe I will learn more about them tomorrow. They know the Moonkin,
maybe I should talk about them.

My sleep is restless. There are too many things in my mind. I hope this is all a bad dream.
Gurtha, 107 - Midnight, hr 1    
I don't understand, he thought.

He'd been distracted since the Sul-Rani's and Sul-Kavo all died. Distracted, and alone, with the Lost pups. Anisa had returned, and to his dismay had brought Elisa with her. He didn't want to go out near her, but it would be good to gather fish for them now that Connor had returned to work on the house.

He came back from fishing, more than a little sleepy, only to find a horde of cockroaches swarming around his bondmate, and pups. He had scowled then, and drawn Illesa's sword. He had remembered her last words to him, that she knew he didn't like to hunt, but that she wanted him to have it for when it was needed. A swarm of insects had seemed to justify its use.

One, two, he had counted in his head. He had raised his sword to stab through another, when a mist seemed to surround it. The bug had shriveled up and died. Did that really just happen? He had thought, glancing in the direction it had seemed to come from. He bent to poke the only thing there, the old meteorite carving the Moonkin boys had made for him and his bondmates. It had seemed normal, and so he dismissed it on his sleepyness, and raised his sword again.

Ignoring the bug he hadn't touched, he continued count in his head. Three, four, f- And then it happened again, before his sword made contact. He would have sworn that the meteorite had darkened, and then sent a mist towards the bug. He held his sword in the air still, a hand rubbed at his tired eyes as his brain tried to deduce a logical explanation for what he was seeing. It couldn't, and so he had wandered distractedly east, to the vault, and tugged on Anisa. He hadn't even stayed to make sure he had her attention, his eyes had been glued to the meteorite as he returned to the scene of the event.

The final time it happened that night, he had been watching it. His sword had stabbed only one bug this time when it had. The meteorite didn't darken. Instead, he had realised, it appeared to have shadows dancing across its surface on his outstretched hand. No, not on. In. Like it was filled with them. And he had been right, the mist came from that. It was almost like a shadow itself, except it didn't form to that around it, merely blocking out almost everything with its translucence.

It was gone as quick as it came, but he knew it was for sure this time. He had dropped heavily to the ground, his eyes fixed on it. They were still fixed on it.

I don't understand, he thought. This never happened before. What is this? Why is this happening? No one but me has touched this old rock in years. What can this mean? Is it good, or bad? Should I be afraid, or feel blessed? These, and a myriad of other questions ran through his mind as he sat in the middle of the street. He would wait for Anisa and show her, he decided then. Maybe she would have his answers.
Gurtha, 107 - Afternoon, hr 8    
Excerpt from Lineage of the Folke II

Aunt Fay and Amma died not very long ago.  Roscoe gave me the pack with all of Fay's notes to hold and I saw this one and thought if it is important enough for her to ask, it is important enough for me to write.

I'm Arista, now Arista Evergreen, daughter of Nadia and Arden and Meleth of Roscoe Evergreen.  His Amma was Fay and his Pada was Arden as mine was.  Before she died, Amma performed the Melethan ceremony for us, as well as for Lucia and Farran.  They took the second name "Rose" and we took the second name "Evergreen."

Before all of this happened though, Roscoe and I had many immen.  I will name them here.

On Gurtha 103 in the evening, we had Birch, Magnolia, Oak, Hyacinth and Pine.  Each of them woke up!  Amma helped me and so did Roscoe, Fay was there and some of my siblings too.  Now that they are a little bit older, Oak hasn't been waking up anymore, but I have hopes that he will again.  He was a sweet baby and I miss him.

We waited almost two years to have more, and I couldn't have been more surprised to have nine immen on Ringwe 105!  Roscoe and I both couldn't believe it.  We didn't even have enough clothes!  Their names are Alder, Cedar, Aspen, Juniper, Elm, Bluet, Apricot, Oren and Teak.  Most of them have woken up but it remains to be seen which will continue.  I hope they all do. 

The ceremony for Roscoe and me was beautiful, but rushed.  We had wanted to wait a few more years so that the gold rings we are making each other were done, and we haven't had much opporunity to work on them since we had so many immen.  I thought we would only have one or two each time, but in two births we have fourteen immen!

Roscoe is wonderful and sweet and kind and loving.  He is everything I could ask for in a Meleth.  Aslin truly blessed me.  When I went to the Glade and prayed, when I became a hommen, I asked her and Jeuno for my purpose and to help me find love.  I never dreamed I could love someone the way I do Roscoe!  I still don't know what my purpose is, other than caring for our immen, but I'm sure that if they gave me such a wonderful Meleth, they will help me find my purpose someday too.

Lucia and Farran left just a few days ago for Folke Forest where they plan to start a family.  I think Petra and Kay may be going with them too eventually.  I hope they will all be happy there and I will miss them.

Ewan and Kate are not Melethan.  I don't know why they didn't do the ceremony when we did, but Fausta is the Avala so she can do it when they are ready.  I hope they have immen soon.  I love them both so much, and I want to see them be as happy as I am.

I think this is what Fay wanted, to have us write the goings-on and hopes and dreams and loves of the Folke.  I may not be the one to write next, but I hope someday my immen read this and know how much they too are loved and always will be.  How very very happy Roscoe and I have been in just these few years together.  I pray every day to Jeuno and Aslin that they continue giving us Folke peace to live out lives together.

Arista, age 21 (Gurtha, 107 - Afternoon, hr 8)
Rosa, 108 - Before dawn, hr 3    
And so It began, my life. Who knows what will happen and where fate will take me, only time will tell...
Elen, 108 - Before dawn, hr 2    
Giving birth to her first daughter, Alanya, was a scary event for Lucia. As no one had told either her, or her husband Farran how babies come to this world, and with the death of Nadia and Fay fresh in their heads, they both believed Lucia was about to die.
Lasse, 108 - Midnight, hr 1    
Chapter 3: The Exodus

He had only just returned from their trip to the beach when the disease took his mothers life. It was swift. His other siblings were dying all around him as well, succumbed to the sleeping sickness. Siriana and then Simeon. Josep too finally succumbed, now Kain was the oldest.

His father, Joshua, was the one who finally succumbed last, after their mother died of the sickness he seemed to have lost all the will to live. He didn't even say anything or make a sound as he passed away.

Noah soon followed after. Killing himself as he went on a hunt to vent his anger.

All that remained of his family was Ilysa and Drew. While Kain and Drew withdrew to manage it, Ilysa took it much harder.

It was after a short discussion between them all that they decided to strike out east, heading to Nerfarka where their mother Nira came from. They took with them whatever they could. Food, tools and momentos and writings their parents left behind.

Leading the way, was Kain, the startings of a beard crossing his adolescent face. With a grim face he went on, his father's staff in his hand.
Lasse, 108 - Afternoon, hr 8    
And so, I ran. I fled and I flee, I move away still.

Anisa brought her back. The ones that rani had called "naughty", and another one, Kontar, was that his name? He was there too. Why, why, why? Why would you do that? I don't get it, I don't understand it at all. She left. She left you all alone. She didn't feed you. She didn't play with you. I know, I'm young. Little. Small. I don't understand. But I understand that Anisa is becoming just like her rani. She's just like her, leaving her pups be, forcing Tobar to watch them all of the time.

It's bad of me. I'm feeling jealous and proud and lonely. But Anisa hurts, she hurts everyone, everything. She only cares for herself. Tamir was right, in telling her that.

And so, I dig. I dig, and I dig. It is my salvation and freedom. Instead of flying, I burrow underground, lost in the whispers of mountains, of my ancestors, hoping, hoping that maybe they will show me something, tell me anything, sing and whisper to me. I dig, because it lets me think and keeps me out of trouble. I dig because the animals on the surface don't love me. I dig because I feel abandoned by the absence of my ranis, of my kavo.

I dig because now I know really nothing else.
Vasa, 108 - Sunrise, hr 4    
It's so quiet here now, I remember it being so busy in my earliest days as a pup. Even Nera is stone, and the newest pup only wakes to eat, though I'm sure she's old enough to speak. Vaelar is the only one I see moving about and he comes and goes... I know not where he wanders off to.

Kavo has gone on a journey back to his homeland, he says it may be safe for us to return now. I miss him so... but he taught me well to hunt and fly before heading off, and fitted me with my own own set of armor.

I've made good use of it too, killing off the monsters that lurk in the deep mines. Someone has to do it....
Vasa, 108 - Afternoon, hr 8    
Three more have become permanent stones today... Jaede, Raden and the elder woman that I never caught her name. I'm sure Nera can tell me whenever she awakens.

I killed one of the larger monsters today, this one was more fearsome than the smaller lizardmen.... it was full of sharp teeth and spiked armor. I prevailed, but not without some deep wounds. I'll need to make more healing salve to recover. Hopefully none will scar too bad. I hope kavo will be proud when he returns.
Vasa, 108 - Evening, hr 12    
Chapter 4: An eye for a..

He had only left Haven when he came across the beast.

It was more then seven-feet tall, it's filthy black matted fur covered it's body. It had a flat face and glowing red eyes. Wicked black claws eminated from where it's hands might have been.

The creature eyed Ilysa with some dark intent. It was when the beast starting approaching her that Kain stepped forward.

"Noooo!" he shouted, dashing in front of his his sister.

He leveled his staff as the beast charged him, it's red eyes glowing with blood.  Suddenly a gust of air violently erupted from the tip of the staff. It slammed into the beast, sending it reeling back.

But, that did not stop it. Even more angry now it charged at Kain before he could use his staff again. It grabbed him by the head, one of its claws piercing his right eye.

After swinging him around like a rag doll, the beast finally released him. A gruesome popping noise coming from the his eye staying with the beast before he was thrown against the rock.

He was sure that this was the end, that the beast would finish him here and now. But, it did not. With a wicked grin, the beast ate his eyes, savoring the taste before it took one glance to Ilysa and ran off into the distance.

Kain blacked out.
Khelek, 109 - Evening, hr 12    
You could say it was a new chapter in her life. The life of finally being an adult. In this chapter, there were no mamas or papas to tell her what she should do. There were no childhood foes that could bother her more than they should (so she hoped). The purpose in life was to help family, not to dream about the mysterious desert and it's anu, though she still did hope to find it one day. There were new people she appreciated, new people she was close to. Her values were decided, her choices were clear. 

Emerald believed the future was certain, and she walked alongside her new mate, Eli, and a feeling of confidence in her step. She was going to go to Serenity Canyon, to join the Order of Protection, to fight against terrible things that dared to hurt her family. And then, she'd return to her beloved beach, and create a family. And every moment would be spent at Eli's side.

But, there was also a sense of loss. All her life, she had expected something great. What, she wasn't sure, but surely something more than what she had made for herself. Perhaps it was to go to the deserts and find the anu, to meet Nira's family. Or it was to get the sea turtles to talk to her, and show her their great underwater city like in the stories Emerald found. Or maybe it was to meet Dyn in person and learn everything there is to know about everything. 

Emerald scolded herself inwardly. How dare she be unhappy with her current life, she barely lived it yet. Eli is perfect! Eli creates perfection! He is exactly what Emerald wanted for many years! He will be better than Emerald's dream adventure.

So instead, Emerald began to concentrate of the singing of the umjaii, letting the chirps and hums relax her.
Rosa, 109 - Midday, hr 7    
On the day the boy and his sister smeared their faces with the wadissaw, the strange ones came into their world.

There were two of them, one with two faces and the other more ordinary in appearance. He didn't know where they came from - perhaps from the unexplored tunnels or the place that seared the eyes, which he retained only an elusive memory of. They paid little attention to him or the babies and spoke mainly to each other with words that he didn't always understand. He watched them carefully, his eyes wide.

Instinctively, he disliked the one with two faces. The strange one's inner face looked a little like Moon's face, but not enough to be comforting. His outer face was like nothing the boy had ever seen, a pale, grimacing thing with a curved shape rising from it.

The other one had only one face and called herself the boy's sister. Looking at her carefully, he thought that she looked like his family did, and he might not have guessed about her strangeness at first. It wasn't in her appearance, as with her companion, but rather flowed from inside her and pervaded his world with every word she spoke and every step she took.

She spoke about taking others' things and how she didn't want to be nice, and his granddi said that she took things that weren't hers for herself. He could see the change her words and actions kindled, how the anger and strangeness that surrounded her spread like ripples in water and affected others. Talcin called her rude, and his granddi's face tightened in anger as he responded to the strange one's words in a clipped, disapproving way that made the boy very, very glad that no one noticed his own interest.

The strange ones left when his di spoke to them in a tone the boy had never heard before, which was enough to banish the two strange ones and wash away the world clean of their strangeness

The boy was glad of that, as the world returned to the way it had been.
Lote, 109 - Evening, hr 11    
Kartakh once told Salira that Shea-kin use fire to fight. Salira want see fire, scary mysterious fire.
But, no fire...
Kartakh tell Salira only sometimes Shea-kin use fire.
Why Kutar give fire to Shea-kin and not kutari?
Salira think never will understand Kutar.
Kutar big Mystery indeed.

New kutari come to mountain.
Angry kutari.
Salira not like angry kutari. waking up to camp full of shouts and anger.
Brings back bad memories of desert birth-place.
New kutari speak of hunting. Telling Salira be good hunter.
All good and well, but why talk so much about killing? Why talk about fighting Kutar? Can one fight what can not be seen?
All talk and angry make Salira's head and hearth hurt.
Why kutari bring anger spirit from bad desert place here??
It make Salira sad.
Lote, 109 - Evening, hr 11    
Last biter on mountain killed.
Aside big cold one.
Little kutari be safe now.

Salira will leave now, go scary dark place. Then maybe angry kutari will be less angry, less shouting.
Nayal and Kartakh say must use name, but Salira think Maka want hurt Salira and family. Not sure want use name for kutari who is always angry. Fears brother Lorne or other of family not be there when Salira come back from dark place.
But so tired now, want no more fight with words.
Elen, 109 - Midday, hr 7    
Why did Emerald want to visit Nolja on the way home? Now, it seemed pointless, only adding extra work and wait to a young couple of mates anticipating their first children some day. But it felt wrong. What felt wrong? Everything. Everything felt wrong. Everything was wrong. 
It began with a simple smile, Emerald's own. She smiled brightly, noticing that in the distance, somebody was making their way towards Nolja. Even if only separated for a couple of days, Emerald became excited, knowing that traveller could only be her beloved Eli. Meredith noticed, and smiled.
"Seems he is on the way." Meredith acknowledged. Nereth looked at the Meredith, then Emerald nonchalantly.
"Um, Eli. He and Emerald were traveling. He didn't want to come with us, said he'd come later. He was going to meet us there and then they are moving on, I think." Meredith said. Emerald smiled.
"Eli... Eli is coming here?" Nereth spoke, his tone suddenly flat and cold. 
Nereth then turned to Emerald with a hard stare, causing the young woman to become uncomfortable. "Why is he coming here?"
Emerald hesitated, and in her pause Rose spoke. "Ner..."
"I want to know why he thinks he can come here!" The man suddenly shouted. 
"Don't be mean to Eli." Emerald glared. "He's done nothing wrong."
Nereth's sarcastic laugh caused Emerald an intense feeling of both anger and fear, something she never felt before, and hoped to never feel again. The man spoke, his tone still cold. "Mean to Eli? Nothing wrong? Did he ever tell you what he did?" 
Emerald's fist were clenched tightly, but her entire body was shaking. "What are you talking about?" she said, through narrowed eyes and gritted teeth. What was the man talking about? Eli was kind, and good, and amazing. He could never do something terrible. Whatever it was, Nereth was definitely mistaken.
"He left Anisa to die in the mines back in the Canyon! That's what I am talking about!" Nereth yelled, obviously coping with his own anger.
The name seemed to burn in Emerald's mind. It seemed to have venom in it's letters and insult in it's syllables. Despite this, Emerald sighed with relief. She was expecting much worse than Anisa, who was nothing more than a bad memory in Emerald's mind.
Her anger vanished, but her fear remained. She still had to defend Eli, didn't she? "Whatever, Eli wasn't planning on staying that long, anyway. But if you hurt Eli... no, if you hurt my mate-" The word was riddled with pride. "-Than you'd hafta hurt me first."
Nereth stared at Emerald for several seconds, thinking. To Emerald, it seemed more like scheming. The man offered a bitter smile, taking the woman off guard. "Your mate, huh? Well, I hope you enjoy being with him until he decides he doesn't want you any longer." He shook his head. "You deserve better, Emerald."
Emerald pouted, her feelings somehow hurt. "Don't say that. Eli is perfect." She crossed her arms, not realizing her childishness. "You're just jealous that we are happy and you're not."
"Yeah, well Anisa thought she was pretty happy with him too, you know." Nereth said, his words venomous, Emerald felt a pain in her chest, and became slightly dizzy.
"Wh-what?" Emerald said, her brows furrowed and the ends of her mouth curled downward. "He was with... with her?" A new wave of anger overtook her, fear now forgotten. "You're lying. Just tryng to make me upset, that's all."
"In the canyon, Eli and Anisa spent a lot of time together, and she thought he was perfect, too." Nereth said. Oh, how he must be loving this, making Emerald so sad. 
Emerald narrowed her eyes. You disgusting piece of rotting feces, why don't you just- "Anisa was right about that, at least," Emerald said, her words drowning out her angry thoughts. "Eli is perfect. Anisa is just too stu-" She paused. Why couldn't she say it? Emerald sighed. "Anisa just doesn't know a good thing when she sees it."
Rose suddenly spoke in, her tone calm and understanding. Emerald, however, thought she heard a hint of menace in her words. "Nobody is perfect, Emmy. Eli is no exception. Do you remember what he said when I was waiting for help moving my parents' - our mothers' - bodies at the city in Pearl Beach? It was uncalled for and rude. Someone that is that perfect would not say something that disrespectful. Never delude yourself that anybody is perfect, everybody has flaws."
"Eli is perfect. I wish you both would stop taking your own problems out on us, and leave us alone." Emerald snapped.
"He left her to die." Nereth spit. "You're old enough to make your own decisions. If you want to be blind, go ahead." The man the turned and left. 
Emerald backed away from the scene as well, stumbling a little. "Eli has no flaws..." She mumbled. "None..." The woman began to go home, back to Pearl Beach. Pearl Beach was her sanctuary, and always has been safe from troubles and monsters. It was where she longed to be more than ever. Only Eli stopped her. She glances towards the traveller and sighed as she sat down against a tree, far away from the ugly gazes and faces of Nolja. 
Eli, oh Eli, is it true? Did you really love Anisa? Do you still love her? Am I only a second option, a backup plan? Would you ever go back to her, if you could?
Emerald gritted her teeth.
Well maybe I should do the same. Maybe I should get somebody else. You evil fool, I hate you. Go take your stupid Anisa and die. I never want to see you again.
And despite her angry thoughts, her hurt feelings, and her longing for home, Emerald waited for the man she called her mate, and prayed silently for his safety.
Gurtha, 109 - Before dawn, hr 3    

She woke down the lush huge tree house of Kutari forest. The pink soft light soon disappearing among the leaves behind her.
Today she would go hunt at a new place, one she seen but never visited before. By those huts up northest. There must be a Greenkin village there.
Albeit not feeling all sure about if Greenkin wasbeast or kin, Salira had taken upon herself to kill all the dangrous animals near their home. All in the name of protecting her beloved family, even those less beloved members of it.

It did not take her long to reach the small village with the strange round huts.
Keeping her bow at ready, she silently stalked around the large bush made up by several young trees reaching for the sunny skies.
A dark shadow, that was all she could see. Something moving on two legs on the other side of the bush.
Letting her arrow fly free, the shadow on the other side of the bushy saplings falls to the ground with only a low grunt.
The thrill of the kill surging through her body, Salira eagerly moves the last steps around the bush to eye the..

The bow falls from the womans hand, mouth falling open and terror gripping her hearth.
That was no Greenkin! That was.. a kutari. She.. had killed.. a kutari..
Greenkin village was not Greenkin, it was her kin.
She had not known!!
She stares at the dead young man, somewhere in the back of her head a memory surging. Of a boy, a very young boy. A name.. Agrar?
(A tiny voice inside her head objects; was there even a kutari of the name Agrar??)
Frozen, struggling with the darkness within, only vaugly hearing the voices comming from the rest of the village, Salira stares at the kutari she had killed.
Struggling, wanting to rush over, to bring him to the others, to ..to say Sorry..

Something hurt her side, and everything goes black.
Yet all she could think was; I did not get to say how sorry I am!

With a gasp, Salira startles away to darkness, fear clutching her hearth so hard that it felt like it would break.
Gasping for air, sweat of terror dripping down her back, the young woman looks around in the dark cave in which she had gone to sleep.
For a moment the walls seemed to creep closer, as if they meant to fall down on her, bury her under their weight.
The claustrophobia and her general fear of the caves adding to her dream, Salira does not even muster a scream.
Reaching out and scoping up her pet bird in her arms, budy wretching and shaking, the young kutari somehow gets to her feet. Stumbling, walls dancing before her vision, she half falls, half runs down the long caves, stumbling along winding corridors, seeking her way back to the entrance, back to her family.
Mind still all frayed by the dream.

Ringwe, 109 - Before dawn, hr 3    
Selections from a Journal

I am not certain what day it is. I am also not certain I am bothered by this. I have been exploring the few areas outside of the city for...some time. It has been interesting. I am fascinated by each nook and cranny. I have been mapping along the way...which is easy to do when you are surrounded by desert, desert, more desert, and the vast pool of Sekah's tears.

I have not found any sigh of Ali'...I miss her and Hintai...and the little ones, like Jahir. I hope my newborn siblings are doing well. They looked so hungry before I went to find Ali'. Mother is watchful though. I know she will take care of them. The little girl was adorable.

I hope I find many stories to tell them.
Lote, 110 - Midday, hr 6    
It's nice to have those you are closest to with you, deep in the heart of the mountain you've lived all of your life.

I don't know if any of them can hear them singing. The kavani always sing to me, their names, in hollow repetition. And then they sing the names of my ranis and my kavo and then they greet me. I can always hear the echo, drifting, humming through me: more delicate in volume than a bird's chirp, but more powerful than even the cavern walls in which we carve.
Gurtha, 110 - Sunrise, hr 4    
Selections from a Journal

...I hate sand. Hate, hate, hate, hate sand.

That is all...
Vasa, 110 - Afternoon, hr 8    
Chapter 5: Wanderer's Mountain

How he made it across the deserts and badlands, Kain would never know. After he was wounded by the beast, Drew and Ilysa took care of him and quickly bandaged him and got him salves and creams. While cleaning the wound, it did not stop the pain. More times then not, he would wake up in panic, the feeling of his right eye being there, only to relive how he had lost it.

Determinedly he decided to press on eastward, lest the trip be delayed anymore. During this time he begin to notice that Ilysa treated him different in a way, she would give him a strange look that would oftentimes make his heart stop a beat. She no longer yelled at him or fell into a fit of tears whenever he said a thing, like back in Haven.

Eventually towards the east, rocks appeared on the horizon. As they walked closer they grew and grew until they towered over them. Grateful for the shade, they all rested well that in the sandy foothills of those large crags.

The next day Kain awoke early to head up towards the peaks. Following game trails he eventually reached a enclave in which a entrance to a cave system was dug. Gathering his wits about him as he gripped his staff firmly, Kain entered. They were abandoned, there were a few rocks here and there, but nothing special. Exiting out, Kain noticed a worn wooden sign near the entrance.

Taking a few moments to read it, it stated that this was Wanderer's Mountain, named by Josep the Wanderer. Kain recalled his mother mentioning his brother Josep, was named after her own brother Josep. With this realization, Kain grinned to himself before he turned to look over to the east.

What lay before him threw him off. The lush forested area below him to the east was a stark difference to the salt flats and badlands he had been accustomed too. Even the savanna in Haven never had so many tree's grouped together.

To his right, Kain noticed part of what was a massive chunk of white coldness. It was melting off and eventually formed a stream which turned into a raging waterfall. Eventually this ran into the forest below, meeting another river which flowed past a similar peak to the southeast, and forming one much larger river which flowed north.
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