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Lote, 113 - Afternoon, hr 8    
It started off noisy; babies cried and cooed and some yelled almost obscenely. Most of the cries were hollow and remained that way. They quieted and stiffened; their last cries of existence came in the form of foul odors after their voices had left them. Some never cried much. They only smelled. At this time they were finally held and taken out… 
Maybe I grew stiff once. I can’t remember, but I do know I grew silent and the house got quieter too.

My brother goes on great adventures and I stay inside and read, except for yesterday.... Foraging, I found one of the things in my book and I play with it now and make it jump and run and play. It has a face just like all my family has. The book calls it “Yak”. It must be a name like M E L… I love yak and I’m glad he’s in the book. 

While Foraging, I also found another family. They were all asleep though…
Lote, 113 - Evening, hr 11    
We going to see the mountain! I'm so excited, I can't wait to get there. Daddy says there will be baabaas! I have no idea what Baabaas are but they sound exciting!

They're all walking ahead of me, I guess I'm slow...
There are times that I think I don't know my family as well as I should. I've never talked to my mother, I think she's only woken up once since I was born...Daddy is great but I want a Mommy too...
Daddy says that we're Moonstones. I guess that means half moonkin and half stoneshaper...but I not think moonkin like us much, or at least thats what Granama says...she says we have to stay away from Moonglade because they kill us if we go there.
Why they not like us? We not do anything to them...
Urnu, 113 - Before dawn, hr 3    



He wills his eyes to open, and begins to look around without moving.  How long have I slept?  It takes only a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, and he fins himself inside some sort of cave.  No… not a cave.  The room and the small tunnel branching off of it seem to be created with a purpose.  This cave was made by something, the voice perhaps?

He continues his slow search of his surroundings, staying absolutely still, his breath no louder then the air that blows through the tunnel naturally.  He does not remain still out of fear, far from it, but he has not gotten this old by being reckless.  Not seeing any movement or hearing any sounds other then the wind blowing through the cavern and his own breathing, he finally lifts his head.  As the dust and dirt falls off of his head and neck, he snorts.  I must have been here a long time… he thinks to himself.  Still finding the chamber empty, he pushes himself to his feet and begins to shake the stones and dirt from his body.  He tries to extend his wings to clean them off as well, but finds the chamber to small to be able to completely stretch out.  With a grunt he begins to make his through the tunnels, having to dig them out with his claws so that he can fit through and reach the next chamber.  With a sniff of the air, he determines what direction the surface must be in and slowly starts to make his way towards it.


He slowly as he finally reaches an exit to the cave, his eyes squinting slightly as the light from the outside starts to reach him.  What awaits him outside?  The world the he remembers or something new?  His anger builds as he thinks of everything that he has lost. With a grim determination to reclaim all that was taken from him, he moves out of the mine and looks around.  A forest… but is it one I’ve known or one that has grown while I slept?  Not being able to find a quick answer, he takes a slow look around.  Nothing… there is nothing here…he pauses midthought as a smell reaches his nostrils.  He sniffs again slowly.  Ah…Faery Folke….  He grunts and looks around, knowing that he won’t be able to find them if they are still here.  It doesn’t matter, there is no way any of them were powerful enough to do what was done to me.  I must try and figure out where I am.  And the only way to do that is to take to the air. 


Who placed him in the cave?  How long had he been asleep?  These were questions he needed answers to.  Taking one last look around, he leaps into the air, his enormous wings lifting him higher and higher.  He circles the cave a few times and then with a dissatisfied grunt, flies off to the southeast.

Urnu, 113 - Afternoon, hr 9    
For what could be interperetted as ages the egg waited, larger then any birds, it waited, protected by the Ice. As the centuries wore on the fetus in the egg became more advanced, taking the form of some sort of lizard... after several decades it hatched from it egg but didn't wake, the large egg and natural reserves providing it nutriets as it grew, while a cocoon of frozen water served as a shield keeping the warmth above out and its presence un-noticed.

Above the people who made there life all around the area lay unsuspecting... As the beast grew its teeth, as it grew its claws... as it grew its wings.. as the scales thickened and strengthened... After twenty years since the beast broke from its egg it was now strong enough for this world.. slowly the defences keeping it safe were lowered...

Gradually the roof of the cavern protecting it weakened until one sunny day, melting the surface cause the wait to be too much and roof avalanced in, pricks of ice bounced off the surface and the weight almost seemed to much for a moment, but the beast, now awake from his long slumber was ready and dug and clawed through the ice and dirt... and with a wing thrust the hole erupted and out climbed the beast...

Dark blue scales with random designs of lighter blue perputated the beast, its large dark wings that seemed to be trailed by frost with every movement...  Large feet with vicious sharp claws...  the head of some reptillian dinousaur with a large glowing gem in its forhead... the glowing sapphires marking its eyes, and finally the large blades of impossibly strong ice running down its back and down its strong tail..

The populace of the settlement were left in awe as it marched between the frightened souls, a Child caught its attention causing it to lower its head and sniff it, glaring deep into the childs eyes before resuming the march, another man or woman, it makes no matter to it caught its attention, this time the beast bought its head close and after glaring for a second puffed its nose at the person, causing his or her face to be covered in frost.

Then grabbing whatever fish it could fit in its claws it took flight into the eastern sky, the beast was hungry and must feed before it can advance any agenda.

Naur, 113 - Sunrise, hr 5    
It came with the sunrise, a shadow that shrouded the forest in darkness once more.

The beating of its wings summoned raging winds that almost tore her from the branch she perched on, and even the earth itself trembled in fear when the beast landed in their woods. Its breath was fire that charred the grass, the fire foretold by the prophecy, and its words were loud rumblings that tormented her ears.

The mine of her birth was torn open and defiled by its claws, the strands of ivy torn away and the beast's foul marks carved into the stone. So that her Divide could become its first home, it had told them.

All her cooking and prayers could still neither the fear and despair that churned in her mind nor the hatred and anger that she was sure would form her salvation.
Naur, 113 - Afternoon, hr 9    
Papa not move. Others cry over this.
Naur, 113 - Afternoon, hr 9    
I needed to find another place. Rani and Kavo Tobar...even Kavo Connor. They were all gone, all going to be with Vaedea. I only had Zurek, and we couldn't stay in our home there. Not when there was no one. So I needed to find another place to go.

There weren't many places I knew of, but I knew of Quarr. He was Kavo Connor's Kavo, but he wasn't Aelleri. I knew he lived nearby, and I knew he visited. I hoped they wouldn't make me leave if I found them. Zurek and I needed a new home. We needed a place to stay with people.

I would go back for my little brother.
Gurtha, 113 - Afternoon, hr 8    
Papa not move still. One child cry lots. Brother wants food bad.
Vasa, 113 - Afternoon, hr 9    
He cut me! Reed, my own brother, took a knife to my face! He's gone crazy too, just like Rufus!
We were already going to leave, but now there's no time to prepare for the trip. We'll just run, and hopefully I can find that place I stayed before.
It was so long ago that I was there. I built that flimsy little shack, and tried to kill that Night Watcher. Because they're out there, unless those ones died too. But that's the only other place I know to go.
Skyreach wasn't safe, so we went back to Moonglade. Now Moonglade is dangerous too. The Stoneshapers know where we are, and that one that was just here had an axe that made rocks fly with it. We can't fight that and win!
I wish I could have brought everyone, not just Rena and Rown. Reed thinks he can keep the others safe, but I don't think I'll ever see them again.
Elza is Warden now, and she'll probably need to Return some Moonkin soon when the Stoneshapers come to kill them. Unless she gets killed too, and then none of them will be Returned.
And what about us? We'll need to bring our dead back when we have some. But if the Stoneshapers are in Moonglade when we go back, they can just follow us to wherever we're going.
I shouldn't worry about it. I should just walk.
Walk, and keep an eye on Rena. Not that that's hard to do. Looking away from her is the challenge. She's beautiful, and she loves me too. She said so, and she said she'd never leave me. I won't leave her, either. We're going to make babies soon, but not until we're there and we have enough food.
This won't be easy. It's a lot of work to build the things we need, like a house and an oven. But it will be worth it, because we'll be safe and happy together, all three of us.
Well, here we go.
Ringwe, 113 - Evening, hr 11    
A bad smell comes from Papa. I feel sick. I feel I must go from here. I took a backpack, toke some things. I took a bone wolf, and stone bear. They in my bag. I have that book too. I don't know where to go. I can't go yet.
Losse, 114 - Before dawn, hr 2    
She knew she was going to die when she felt the sickening crunch inside her chest, the huge mastadon had won. She tried madly to scramble away from the beast but it wrapped it's trunk around her leg, pulling her back in. She screamed as she was gored by his long ivory tusk.

Thoughts raced through her head. This can't be happening, not now, not to Mala... What about Nav? Sleeping so peacefully, is this what is going to wake up to? You can't leave...Mala and Nav were going to be so happy, going to have little Kutari...just finished the house, it can't end like this..
Please, great Kutar, spare my life...just let Mala have one more day to say goodbye...

Nav...Mala love you always...stay safe, my love, and take care of Kutari...
Losse, 114 - Sunrise, hr 4    
I made food. I tried to fight, but got hurt. That smell from home makes me ill. I left my home today.
Rosa, 114 - Sunrise, hr 4    
We going to see ocean! Daddy says it's a giant puddle of water. It's so big that you can't see the other side. I don't believe him but I guess we'll find out.

The mountain was fun, got to meet lots of stoneshapers. They live in the mountain. The city is underground. I don't know how they can stand it, I need to be outside and in the woods. I not stand to live inside mountain...maybe I have more moonkin then stoneshaper in me...
Rosa, 114 - Evening, hr 11    
Something caused her to open her eyes, looking around blinking in her watery world for the first time it's beauty touches her heart. The colorful coral with anemones and sea urchins clinging. Delicate seaweeds in all shades of green, rippling in the current. A rainbow of small fish dart in and out of the coral, she watches them a bit entranced. Drifting, she waves her tail slightly and turns to see a huge canyon drop off from the sea floor not too far from where she is. She swims closer to peek down when she hears a noise off to her side. That's when she sees him, a creature much like herself, only different somehow. The site of him startles her and she darts down into the canyon, without looking back.

After searching and exploring the canyon, she peeks over its lip watching the creature. She darts into the coral, continuing to observe him. He sees her as he swims about and his lips curl upwards, revealing his sharp teeth, she curls her lips slightly in return. The phosphorescence sparkles in her eyes at the sight of him, she drifts towards him slowly. His name is Ullop and he asks for her name. She has none that she knows of and so she wanders around the coral thinking. Finally  a word comes to her, Marin, she is Marin.

Though he fascinates her, the world around her calls  strongly. Taking small journeys at first, she wanders farther and farther away, until finally, rising to the surface to look about, she notices a strange site. Rocks and sand above the water's surface. Waves wash up onto this place and so she follows them until she is resting on the sand, the waves crashing on top of her. She places her hands on the sand and lifts her upper body to look around her. A giant golden orb is above her, beating heat down on her body, drying it out and so she goes back into the water beyond the surf. This new world interests her and so she follows the coastline. Swimming to the surface now and again to see this strange new world above the water. Rocky cliffs climb out of the water, with what looks like seaweed growing out of them taller than any she can imagine in her underwater world.
Another sandy place comes into view and she swims towards it, her strong tail undulating and driving her forward. She pulls herself up onto the sand awkwardly. Someone has been here before. There is a stone with strange marks and rocks and wood put together purposefully, though to what purpose she wouldn't know. The idea of others intrigues her and so she flops about on the sand looking about. She remembers Ullop and wishes he were there to explore with her. He is far away now, she should go back and find him, but the scent of another sandy place comes to her and she makes her way back to the water to travel on.
Urnu, 114 - Before dawn, hr 3    
One: The Fool

She is strong.

For as long as she can remember, she has known that as an absolute, something immutable and true. Water is wet, brothers are not food, and she is always strong enough to get what she wants. She doesn't know how to say that with words, but she broadcasts that in her posture - every fight she picks and every confident tap of her claws against the ground proclaims her strength.

It is Eko-Zai who finally teaches her the word, a sibilant sound that is not as hard to speak as some words are. Sssstrong. He teaches her the word to tell her that she is weak.

Jui-Hao not ssstrong yet, like Zai. Jui-Hao not kill animalsss.

Anmulsss? Vvvheh!

It infuriates her that he laughs. She can't remember Eko-Zai laughing at her before, and she snarls in response, the words fleeing from her grasp. If he were been one of her brothers, she would claw him into submission, but he is Eko-Zai. Even though she is strong, he is stronger and larger, and instinct and sense arere enough to overrule her pride.

She rears up to her full height, peering around. She will prove her strength, though she has only a vague idea of what he means; perhaps it will be the same as intimidating her brothers.

That animal. Jui-Hao strong, then she kill.

He points towards a small creature. It looks soft, far weaker than her brothers. With a confident thump of her tail against the ground, she springs for the creature, sure that she can bring it back to Eko-Zai with her claws.

Instead, it moves, flashes of its feathered arms sending it soaring into the sky. Out of reach. She has seen creatures like it fly away before, of course, but she had forgotten about that trick of theirs in her haste. Its squawk sounds like a challenge, or like Eko-Zai's laughter.

Jui-Hao not know how to kill animalsss! Not ssstrong, yet.

Embarassed, she comes to a halt, her tail moving anxiously close to her leg.

Jui-Hao too loud. Not sssstrong and quiet and quick like Zai.

Sssstong! Nuht anmulsss heah!

She protests indignantly, jabbing a claw at the creature's receding figure. It isn't her fault that it went away. He only hits his tail against the ground, a look of disapproval upon his face.

Jui-Hao too loud. Not sssstrong and quiet and quick like Zai.

Kkkah-yehh kkik?

She repeats the unfamiliar words with care. She does not understand what they mean yet - she can barely shape the words, but she will become those because they are like strong.

Eko-Zai smiles at her.

Yesss. I show.

At first she isn't sure what she's watching. He's just lying in the lake, hiding so that she can only can barely see his golden eyes above the water. Then he moves towards one of the large, swift water animals, killing it with his teeth and stick.

This is the first time she has been close enough to watch Eko-Zai kill. Eko-Zai is strong, she thinks, awed, and Eko-Zai speaks her thoughts aloud.

Zai ssstrong!

He tosses the corpse to her, carelessly. She scrapes her claws against the creature's pelt, not even able to budge it.

She isn't strong.

She flicks out a tongue, inhaling the rich smell of blood. She knows enough to know that she should ask before eating. Brothers do not like having their food taken away from them and are ready to hurt her if she tries to take from them, and Eko-Zai is stronger than her brothers.


Yess, eat. Can't get food yourssself, so eat.

She understands that she's being mocked, but she is so hungry. The smell of the blood has given an edge to her persistent hunger. She doesn't protest as much as she could.


Then she eats. Another laugh from Eko-Zai, and he joins her at the corpse - his kill.

Not yet. You kill sssoon. I teach.

She is not strong now, and she admits with unease. But she will become strong. Strong like Eko-Zai.
Naur, 114 - Evening, hr 11    
He knelt before his injured sister, the red shade of blood upon his hands, and wept. Uncertain hands carried him through the day, and well into the night, and now, he felt, he had recovered from his languor. It was not the vision of his mother that stilled his resolve, not her death, not his father's absence; he knew in that moment that he was not alone. He was the pillar, but he was not alone. He would become Kano once again, and lead his people into the future as his father did before him, as his mother had appointed, and as his tribe had wished.

Elen, 114 - Before dawn, hr 3    
A boy and a girl? Really? This is great news! I've got a son and a daughter, so I can name them for our parents!
Oh Rena, I love you so much. And them too, because they're mine. Rena gave them to me.
It hurt her? I don't remember mother saying that it hurt to have babies come out. How do they come out, anyway? I guess I'll just ask.
Well, that makes sense, sort of. That's where they are made, so that's where they come out. But how can they possibly fit? I guess that's how come it hurts.
But enough about that! These babies must be hungry! We're so lucky that oven was already here. It was a gift from the spirits or something, so we didn't need to do all the work ourselves, just like this tent.
I hope they also gift us with waking children instead of dreamers.
If they dream too much we'll need to get them back to Moonglade to be Returned. But Reed will be there waiting to hurt us.
They won't be dreamers. They can't be!
Gurtha, 114 - Sunrise, hr 5    
I no longer see home. I found people, some were purple. A woman gave me clothes. That same woman asked me my name. I hardly remember even that. I think my name is Meli... She gave me a place to stay. She pointed to a statue and told me that was Elva. Her sister has my name...
Gurtha, 114 - Afternoon, hr 9    
They were strong and beautiful, two robust boys... the resuts of Alden and I joining our love for each other. Alden is incredibly proud, as am I. The eldest shall be Elran, and the younger Doar. I only hope they remain active and healthy... and that there will be more siblings for them to play with in the future.

Lasse, 114 - Midnight, hr 1    
I met a boy named Peri, a guest here. Zos told me of my cousins Hinry, Zomy, Hans, and Pond.
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