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Gurtha, 118 - Sunrise, hr 5    
As I was making a necklace I spotted Sil acting strange, so pulled on Zos's sleeve to get her attention. A few minutes later she was carrying out what looked like a body wrapped in bedding. Someone he knew must have died.
Lasse, 118 - Sunrise, hr 4    
I learned a valuable lesson today. I was so curious about this spindle I saw, so I grabbed it. But when I went to see what I could make with it... I found nothing. So I then raided the town, grabbing supplies from the storage, and anything else I could find. I then started to move around various supplies like straw, animal skins, and animal bones to one spot in Lorelei. But... As I did this... I realized I did not remember which item belonged to who. I shrugged it off, hoping they would just find their items after I was done... So I went to work on a leather corset, when Zos went to see what I was doing. She then noticed I had taken her salt from the storage and lightly scolded me. I never knew this was stealing... Until she told me. While I was expecting her to be angry with me, she told me it was okay this time, but not to do that again, instead asking for permission to use or borrow said item. It was at this point she noticed I had also moved an armor rack, and a wood steamer. I told her the truth, not that I thought of lying to her. Though the good news is that, I'm going to move in with her now. I used to sleep in storage, but I admit... I felt lonely sometimes. That and it was cold in there at night. So after I'm done with this corset, she's going to help make a bed for me. It makes me really happy inside.
Vasa, 118 - Midday, hr 7    
A saw is sharp.  Dada showed me.  He cut a leaf with the black sharp thing, and said it could cut moonkin skin as well.  It is a scary thing, but a I think a useful thing as well.  Brother will be making many things with its sharp edge I hope.
Ringwe, 118 - Midnight, hr 1    
Lia seemed happy that I helped her with the cooking, but I was glad to. I showed Zos my mini snowman I made of her.
Ringwe, 118 - Evening, hr 10    
Hans died, and it seems Zos ended up burying him. Hinry also passed away. Pond too died. 
Losse, 119 - Before dawn, hr 2    
Hans died, and it seems Zos ended up burying him.
Kuile, 119 - Sunrise, hr 4    
Zos told me of what happened to Pond and Hinry. It seems that they never woke up. She said their spirit never found their body in time, ending with the body just withering away. Though she said Elva, Broden, and Hinrod would find their spirits, and take good care of them. For some reason it makes me feel really upset...
Kuile, 119 - Midday, hr 6    
Sera let me help make a skirt and shirt.  I tied some leaves together, and eventually I was given one of them to wear!  These new things are very nice.  They rustle a bit when I run, and are cool to wear.
Kuile, 119 - Midday, hr 7    
Zos brought three baby girls into this world. She named them Lorna, Effie and Greer. Zos told the babies a story about Elva, the mother to all kindred. She had many birth children of them all. There was Lorelei who our home is named after. There was wise but silly Broden, protector of frogs and cooker of fish. She also mentioned Melian Wolfslayer, though she said she'd tell this story later.
Kuile, 119 - Midday, hr 7    
Selections from a Journal

I must admit, dear journal, I found it difficult to leave the beach this evening. It was such an honor to be graced with one I can truly call friend such as Callie. It will be good for her, however, to be there. She will do well. I hope she takes the gift I left her to heart. She has much strength and should let it shine through, be proud of who she is and what she can do. In a way, she reminds me of Alidah...

And from her, this wonderful map will help my quest greatly. Though I still wander the world, knowing where others are or once were will allow me to learn so much more. And to it, I shall add the places I have found.

Though my curiosity makes me want to travel to Magrathea...that I may save for another time. Perhaps when my path leads me back to Nefarka to share that which I have found.

It would seem I have a great distance to cover before the next note on the map. It is an excitement beyond description that bubbles inside. What shall I find next of intrigue?

Though, I cannot help but look back...however, I feel our paths will cross again. I look forward to that day.
Kuile, 119 - Evening, hr 11    
I have lost track of khas, how long I have been out here.

I begin to worry ra'vas'tet swallowed our beautiful, green terra and lush canopies. If I am not surrounded by the soft, golden terra, then ra'vas'tet stands in my way.

I have nothing yet to show. Disgraceful. I look at my journey on the rolled skin and I am only days travel from ra'terra. A circle. There must be more out here! I know what lies to the rising sol. When ra'vas'tet stops me again, I will find new direction.

I am not going back without something for the ma. For re. A story of wandering to find nothing is not worthy of the Den of Words.
Kuile, 119 - Evening, hr 12    
There, this should be good for protecting Rown's sword arm. Now if only him and Lenia would get back from hunting, I could give him the rest of his armor.
He'll need it. I see glowing eyes all around in the woods. Yellow ones belonging to Goblins and red ones belonging to Night Watchers. Maybe one of those Night Watchers was Sirin.
I'm going to ask Rown and Lenia to help me kill them all, so the children are safe. I could kill them all myself, but I'd need to rest and heal in between, and more would come. Anyway, with this armor, Rown shouldn't get hurt too often.
Oh, and he knows how to make plant blood stuff for healing, so that makes it even easier to hunt down all these monsters.
But where is he? They walked into the trees to go hunt days ago. Rena won't stop worrying, even though I've told her before that worrying is my job.
He could have died out there. But I have to tell her that's impossible, or else she might do something stupid. She does stupid things when Rown and Lenia are together. I don't understand why she won't let them be.
What? She wants a house? Oh, yeah. I said I'd build her one back in Moonglade, didn't I?
No problem. I brought my saw here that I would have used, and we've got some wood piled up near the kiln. Rena can have her house, and we can keep new babies in there so they're safe.
But we still need to kill the monsters too.
Rosa, 119 - Before dawn, hr 3    
I'm not used to being awoken in the middle of the night, from a crying baby. But... I realize that they just don't know any better.
Rosa, 119 - Evening, hr 11    
I made the pops for everyone.

Pop, pop, pop.

The kernels pop in the heat. I did it, like Emali showed me.

Pop, pop, pop.

The pops make everyone who eats them happy.
Lote, 119 - Sunrise, hr 5    
Zos is making a bed for me.
Naur, 119 - Evening, hr 10    
It sure took a while, but the bed is finally done!
Gurtha, 119 - Midday, hr 7    
      Τhë Egg

Three eggs sat in the corner of the room as one unusually tiny one began to shift. Then it started to crack. A little arm popped out. Then another with small, webbed fingers the size of a fingernail. Soon, the whole, spotted blue egg had burst open, along with a tiny body. It shimmered and reflected the light.

The other two fell apart, two more bodies popping out with them. One, much bigger than the first, woke. Then the one with the blue-spotted egg, opened its eyes. Orange eyes glowed from its pale head. Then it let out a soft coo, like beautiful singing, soft and high, then louder and a little deeper. It sang for a long while, for the other creatures and into the air. It wiggled and moved like swimming in the ocean. It twisted about and cooed happily. Ehkai was her name, and she knew it. Like echoes bouncing off dark stones. The name was like the sounds she made. E-e-eeekaaaiii. Eee..eehkaaii...
Ringwe, 119 - Sunrise, hr 4    
Tar is first curious, when Hao makes the sounds, looking strange and deformed - like Jui did before the littles came.


He is still curious once he pieces together what is going on, listening to Zai, because Jui is the one who makes littles. Yet Hao has suddenly learned how! And Zai is saying things that make no sense, for he can tell that his sister is weaker then he ever recalls seeing her, but Zai is saying that the making of littles will make her stronger.


His sister has always intimated him, and it is odd to see her so weak. It gives him courage, and he is more daring then he would be in his inquires.


It only once he sees the children, bloodied and weak, that he realizes what this will mean, and the anger comes.


They will have to stay here, until the littles are no longer weak. This is unacceptable. He protests vehemently - why did Hao have to do this?! Doesn't she, like her older brothers, understand that they must see more Eko to be strong?!


Zai reprimands him, but the anger boils unchecked. He submits, still, as Zai is strong, but cannot resist a small rebellion.


"Az ssssay Zai lay-zee," he mutters, repeating something half-remembered from one of those times in his sleep when he drifted into awareness for a short time. He does not intend for Zai to hear, too in awe of his father to taunt him like that, but Zai does none-the-less.


It is good, then, that Az is there to take their father's anger, and better that his brother responds in kind, for Tar fears his father will turn to him next, and Az's defiance is as good a distraction as any.


Zai and Az's fight excites and scares him; he does not want to be hurt, and a small part of him does not want Az to be hurt, but most of him roars its joy at the battle.


His father has always been strongest, and now is no different.


Except - and this is important, and strange, and perhaps the start of a paradigm shift for Tar - his brother hurts his father. It's not bad, nor even painful by all appearances, but Az's club connects with Zai's shoulder and Zai reacts.


Tar has always thought of his father as something above them all, especially since learning his father had never been a little like they had. Had thought his father was so different, so strong, that nothing except the big green could touch him.


But here was his brother, his twin - who he'd fought with and ate with and hunted with, who Tar knew was no stronger then himself or his other siblings - and he'd fought him! Hit him!


He hardly notices the new hole in his brother's hand, or his cries of pain. Tar is thinking.
Kuile, 120 - Sunrise, hr 5    
Melian was a daughter of Elva. Her life was about getting stronger, a better hunter and fighter. When she wasn't training she was making better weapons, better armour. She did this to protect her family - she had many children. Zos said she knew Melian near the end of her life. She was old, rotting away inside her armour, unable to fight. All her life had been a long struggle to be strong and now she was becoming weak so quickly. It's really ashame as true strenght isn't about fighting, hunting and armour but in the heart. Melian was a great woman and a great warrior, someone who should be respected but someone who should be pitied also.
Rosa, 120 - Evening, hr 12    
Those sharp-toothed smoothskins were easy to kill, easy to eat, easy to use. It had simply become second nature for her to watch them swim past, the smaller ones becoming her prey as the passed in her space. So easy. She simply had to reach out and pluck them from the sea, her clawed hands grasping at them and finding a soft place to plunge in. They squirmed a lot, sure, but in the end she was victorious. In the end, she was the one feasting on the corpse of the creature, crafting presents for the little ones out of the smooth, tough skin.

So much simpler than trying to kill the gentle smoothskins, or even the notfish that gave such painful stings.

She was sure Ahti would like to know, when he came back to them. Perhaps her present of a new fight-skull would be well used.
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