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5th of Vasa, 62, evening    
The column of light was at its brightest, almost blinding as she neared it. Its brilliance was beyond description. An unmistakable warmth welcomed and beckoned her. Rose took one last fleeting look at her family then stepped into the light. 

And all was still.

...It began with a dream. 

She had seen visions before, but this one was different. Previous visions were crystal clear in her mind. Strangely, this initial image was a muted-orange haze. Just a flicker of her past crossed her consciousness and she saw, for an instant, her arrival at that place. She remembered the younger version of herself and the one who called himself Amrod. She remembered not knowing how or why they came to be... 

Mere seconds later the orange-tinged memory shifted to another. It was a second, unexpected, but welcome arrival. Diran, another person of their kind. 

Again the vision changed. The brightness and clarity of her dream increased. She was shown the birth of her first living son, Myran. Looking at her former self, she remembered the joy and uncertainty she felt. The unconditional love and overwhelming relief.

There were other reflective moments, giving moments: her clogs, from Amrod... a pearl from her daughter Ayla... a golden necklace from Diran... a crystal from Acacia... and of course her invaluable armor. 

Such was the entirety of the dream. She saw each event of her life in consequential order. Each joyous birth, each devastating death. The love and the loss. Each memory seemed to be surrounded by a greater brilliance than the last. As the vision neared its conclusion she was shown one final moment. She was there, in the library. And though she was underground, she felt as though she was surrounded by warmth. But there was nothing more.

Awaking, tired and aching and yet strangely at peace, she discussed the dream with Diran. What did it mean? He did not know, only that he had had the exact same sort of dream and experienced the same feelings. They thought it must be significant, but how? No sooner had they told the others of their dream then the light made its appearance, touching down on the edge of their jungle home. It seemed that all who saw it were transfixed for a time. 

Nolja had known the acts of Dyn. Her son was alive because of them, but they had never seen His light. Until now. 

Slowly awareness came. As Diran said, the dream, the light, it all made sense. They had seen nothing more because there was nothing more to see. Their journey, like their dream, had ended. Their work was finished and Dyn was calling them home. 

It had been a wonderful life. Yes, it was full of grief and pain. But she had also known joy, laughter and love. And so, it was without regret that she entered into this new reality. The light that enveloped her was merely reflective of how radiantly she had lived.
3rd of Ringwe, 62, midnight    
I cannot help it.  I wanna make everything out of stone.  Ever since I found the hammer, I just wanna make all the things I see in the world.  I wanna make Aten and Sekah.  I wanna make Mama an' Father an' Seki an' Mensi an' Atsi.  All the family.

I wanna make animals an' plants an' all sorts of things.

I am working on a stone thing now.  I think it will be a stone Aten an' a stone Sekah together.  But I wonder why Aten gets his own house where we pray to him, but there is no house for Sekah?  She is Aten's mate, right?  Why is she not so important?  Is she not as strong as Aten?  Mama is pretty strong, but I think maybe Father is stronger.  I dunno.  It's confusing sometimes.  I will ask Father when he isn't so busy.  He knows all about Aten.

I will work the stone and make wonderful things.
11th of Ringwe, 62, midnight    
Huh?... All of the older ones are crying around the sleepy one. I don't know why. Nothing seems different except... it's chest doesn't move anymore. They took it into the underneath place and it didn't come up after. I guess that's it's sleepy home now!
4th of Khelek, 63, midnight    
Oh... Another little one has come from the Mama... but it isn't loud like the Tau was. It was already sleeping when it came out of the Mama. Don't know why, but the other ones start making faces like the Tau did when it was crying after it first came out of the Mama, but no crying... It just sleeps...
4th of Kuile, 63, midnight    

Chapter 4: The sleep of stone

There came a day when she realized that she was the oldest.

Not the oldest of all living children, not by several years. But she realized that while her older, bigger, and more sturdy siblings were breathing and sometimes eating... most of the time, they were not really there. One of her mothers had also been sleeping so much that she only had vague memories of being held and caressed by her, of hearing her voice. Her father, her kavo, had not even been awake often enough for her to have any such memories. There were younger pups, as well. Many of them. More than she had fingers on both her hands, and most of them existed on the brink of life. Some never moved, never tasted the fish whose scent filled the sleeping caverns daily. Many she just barely got to know a little before an adult made wood boxes for them so they could sleep forever within the eastern cavern. One had been acting very strangely, babbling about things that made no sense to her, and apparently not to anyone else either.

That one just disappeared.

Considering her age, Elea was an awfully small, frail little thing. She had come to accept that by now. She had accepted the fever and other symptoms of not being well that struck her way more often than anyone else. She had accepted that she could not help with daily tasks very much, she tired so easily. She had accepted her underdeveloped wings, and she understood she might never learn to fly.

She had been gifted with one thing, however.


Sometimes she lay awake and just listened to the regular breathing of the silent, motionless children around her. The ones who ate, but hardly ever showed enough interest in their surroundings to take note of others or even talk. She observed them, and tried to find regularities, signs that would show her in advance who might find their way back to full wakefulness soon. To play with her, talk to her. A blink of an eye perhaps, a sudden movement, a deeper breath within the regular rhythm of a sleeper.

Two others had been truly gifted with life. One brother, Surrin, had been born only a few days after her, as she was told. He liked to poke things and to learn more about their surroundings. He was the largest of the siblings roughly at her age, and the one she loved the most. Sometimes, he would take her into his wings to protect her while they both slept. Protect her from the surrounding stillness, perhaps. Or the whispers of the


Silent One.

One more special boy had been born, and like them, he was burstling with life. There was something about Raden that drew the eyes and hearts of anyone near him, and he seemed almost able to elicit a smile even from sleeping stone. Sometimes, she would lay next to him and pretend to sleep while watching every one of his small movements for hours. He was brimming over with life.

She never understood why the others did not come into the world with such a strong spark of it. She tried to find out what it would feel like to be like them, motionless, still as the stone that surrounded them all. She would sit, wrap her tiny wings about herself, and close her eyes. If she stayed very still for a long time, she could feel a vague pull of dullness around the edges of her consciousness, but it was not frightening. It felt comforting, almost familiar, like a memory of having been stone long ago. She realized that if she wanted to, she could be like the others.

But not now. Life was still too pleasant to want to dream herself away, to fall into the calmness of stone.

Life would not stay that way for much longer.

4th of Kuile, 63, before dawn    

I came back from the forest and told everyone of my stories. Few believed me that the world was bigger than just the mountain, but I’d gone to see it. I wanted to see more, to know more and to see other strange creatures. I decided I would set out again, this time I looked over the edge of the mountain and saw a vast sea of yellow, almost like the gold that comes from the mine.


This time I knew how to travel better. I wore some of the clothes I had made when I came back from the forest; they were lighter and I picked my way down the mountain with ease.


When I came to the bottom I walked along the flat ground. This time the sea of gold was actually some tall, dry grass. I was a little disappointed, until I saw it: a huge creature on four legs. It plodded along the tall grass at a leisurely pace and I tried to sneak up on it. I stood, crouched in the grass and watched. It chewed some of the grass for a while before sniffing the air. Had it seen me?


“MOOOOoooooo!” it bellowed. The sound frightened me and I scurried away from the beast as quick as I could. It was only when I came back to the foothills that I thought to myself…that noise was rather funny.


I laughed to myself as I made my way back. This would be another good story to tell.

11th of Rosa, 63, midnight    
They came around one of the older ones again as it stopped moving. Why does it matter if they don't move when they sleep? They took it into the same place as the other still older one to sleep in the underneath... but the other one never came back out. If they all go to sleep in there, they're not gonna have any room to move when they wake up!
3rd of Lote, 63, midnight    
What's this? What's this? There's color everywhere!
What's this? There's blood clots in my hair.
What's this? I can't believe my eyes
Have just now opened!
Back to the womb, this isn't fair!
What's this!?

What's this? What's this? There's something very wrong...
What's this? Someone just slapped my bum!
What's this? The space is cold and
Big, tall creatures shouting
And where is my sanctuary?
These blinding lights are blaring!
What's this?

This is way outside my comfort,
I wish I had my bed!
This is just too evil -
I want the place to lay my head!

My mother has betrayed me -
Oh, I can't believe my eyes!
Yet in my bones I miss the warmth
That came from her inside...

Oh, look. What's this?
They've brought giant sharp things, they cut
Why that looks so unique - dead tired!
They're gathering 'round to hear a story
but my bum is now on fire!
What's this?

What's this? Right here!
I've got a little tree, how queer!
And who would ever think -
And why???

They're cov'ring it with a very soft thing!
They've got - a fire that's burning!
And there's a smile on everyone -
So, now, correct me if I'm wrong:
This looks like fun!
This looks like fun!
Oh, could it be I got my wish?
What's this?
9th of Lote, 63, midnight    
I took some of Father's special stones.  They're sort of sparkly and swirly and very pretty.  I know that he wants to build a big new Aten-house with them for Aten to be in, but it's so pretty!  I think that if I make a stone Aten out of it, Father won't be so angry with me.  He'll know that it could go in the Aten-house someday and he'll be happy that I made it.  I want him to be happy and not scary at me.

Atsi and Seki helped me drag the stones behind the pup-house, then they helped me shape the stones and put them in place.  Atsi dragged the stones for me and Seki helped chip them into shape.  They are so helpful.

My stone Aten is good.  I make things.  I can make anything, I think.  Someday, I will make everything in stone and no one will forget anything, because it will be there to see.
3rd of Naur, 63, before dawn    
*entry in Tom's Journal*

I don't know if I can even accurately describe what happened today.  I will start from the begining and hopefully by writing it down it will give me a better grasp of what happened.  It was dusk, with the sun having just set below the horizon.  Having run out of food, I started creating a fire to cook some meat from a rattlesnake that I had hunted.  It was at this point that the noises came back.  I had started to hear them as soon as I reached this place, but this time they were much stronger then before.  I tried to ignore it and kept building my fire, but all the while the noise built from a bare whisper to a much louder sound.  As my fire almost became complete the noise took on a new sound, it almost sounded like a female voice.  I was then that I got the feeling that I was being watched, and turned to see something quite unexpected.

It was a girl, roughly my age, with the same general appearance as my own tribe except for her eyes.  Her eyes actually glowed, a bright golden color.  She smiled at me, and slowly made her way over to where I was sitting.

"My name is Avien'zia", she said in a musical tone, "and today I am going to see if you are worthy."

"Worthy of what?"  I asked, but instead of responding she just smiled at me again as she pulloed out two jade daggers.  As I tried to back away, she lunged at me and I had no choice but to pull my copper sword and defend myself.

At first I was worried that I would have to be careful not to hurt her.  I quickly realized, however, that it took all of my skill, speed, and strength just to keep from getting hurt.  She spun her body and moved her arms and legs in a way that made it very difficult to predict her next attack.  More than once when I thought I might have been able to get a strike in, she nimbly danced out of the way or deflected my swings.

We must have fought this way for hours in the light of my fire, both of us exchanging blows with mine just missing and hers sometimes just slipping past my defenses to give me a nick here or a small cut there.  The entire time she smiled at me or laughed whenever I had gotten close to touching her with my sword.  As dawn began to approach and my strength began to wane, she dropped both of her daggers and attacked with just her feet and hands.  At this point she began moving even quicker than before, dodging everything I threw at her and raining down kicks and strikes whenever I slowed down my attacks. 

With my strength disappearing, I tried one last desperate flurry of blows.  For an instant I thought that one of my strikes had caught her arm and hesitated, but I did not even see a mark on her.  It was at this point that she put an end to the fight. 

Taking advantage of my momentary hesitation, she spun in close with her back to me and landed a left elbow to my stomach, almost doubling me over.  She than swung around to face me while dropping her left arm down on my right, knocking the sword down from my hand.  She quickly brought her other hand up and slashed straight up across my right eye with her nail, destroying my eye and leaving a gash on my face.

I fell back, crying out and holding my hands to my face.  I could not even see what Avien'zia was doing, and even if I could I was in no condition to defend myself.  Fearing my life was about to come to an end and in incredible pain, I lashed out hoping I could at least keep her away.  She simply laughed at my efforts and then began to speak.

"Do not fear me, little one, for you have proven yourself a proud member of my people.  You will return home on tell your family about me so that they may know who created and watches over them.  You will be my first disciple and over time I will teach you how to be strong.  For you will not only be my voice in this land, but my sword against those who would threaten my people.  Now lay still so that I can make you whole."

Even in as much pain as I was in, her voice had a soothing effect on me and I was able to somewhat ignore the pain.  I could hear her drawing near, and layed as still as possible, not wanting to to disappoint her all of the sudden.  As I lay there, I felt her hands move my own away from my face.  She gently placed a hand over each of my eyes and all at once I felt a warmth like that I had never felt before that seemed to wash away my pain.  As she pulled her hands away I opened my eyes and found that I could see quite clearly. I placed my hand to the gash in my face and found only a scar.  She had healed my wound and restored my eye!  She truely must be the creator of my people to have this much power!  I sat up and looked for the girl, but to my suprise I saw a much different person.

Instead of the girl, I saw a woman looking down at me.  She appeared to be in her mid-twenties, dark, tan, skin with long black hair, tied into a tight ponytail that hung down to the bottom of her back.  The only feature that seemed to be the same as that of the little girl were here golden, glowing eyes.  She wore loin clothes similar to my own except her's seemed to be made of a different material.  Looking closer, it almost looked like the same texture as the skin of the Gigawurm.  I rose to my feet, but could not bring myself to speak.

"You have experienced a lot today and I am sure you have many questions."  she said in that musical tone.  "We will speak more at a later time and you will slowly learn about not only me but also about the land that you live in.  For now rest, regain your strength.  When you awake I want you to travel back to your family and tell them everything that happened here.  Tell them that I will be looking over them and that I will use you as my disciple to stay connected to them."  When she was finished speaking, she turned towards the desert and began to walk away.

"Wait!"  I called after her.  "How will my family know I am telling the truth?"

She turned her head slightly to respond, "I have marked you as my disciple, they will see the change and this should help them to believe your words."  With that she flashed a mischievous smile at me and disappeared into the desert.  I watched her until I could no longer see her in the distance.  As I lost sight of her, I felt a wave of exhaustion from what I had gone through the previous days wash over me.  It was at this point that I quickly took out the book that my mother had given me and write down everything that has happened.  I am sure I am forgetting parts that I will add in later as I remember them, but for write now I want to get as much written down as I can.  Slumping to the ground next to the fire, trying to stay awake, I keep picturing her in my mind as both the young girl and the woman.  I hope that my fam...
6th of Gurtha, 63, midnight    
My mother gave birth to a little girl today.  She has the oddest thing about her that makes her so different than the rest of us.  Her eyes are almost completely white although if you look closely you can just barely see the black part of the eye.  It almost looks like it is covered by something.  I wonder what this means?  All I can do is scratch my head and think.

Mother has decided to name this child Freya.  I like the name Freya.
7th of Gurtha, 63, midnight    
It's dark. I can hear voices.

Someone's talking. And—someone else. Or is it the same person? No. Yes? Faintly, a harsh and yet smooth sound comes to my ears and then faintly, faintly, a deep roar. The wind moves. I hear that harsh-smooth sound again, its closer, and a frantic, coarse bark is cut off. I hear it again and again before I hear it again.

More speaking. Someone lifts me up, a voice I can vaguely recognize says something. I squeeze my eyes tighter as the heat from my body starts to dissipate. I just want to sleep. Let me sleep a little longer. Just a little longer. Rushing, falling—I'm back down again. Warm. Something moves beside me. I know this something. Me.

No, not me. Like me but not me. It shared warm hunger wet touch sleep soft listen. At the back of my mind, I recall floating in the heart of the sun. And I sleep again.
5th of Vasa, 63, before dawn    
With Tom home again, she feels safe and happy.  Her brother is so brave!  He fought the Goddess Avien'zia and she made him her special messenger.  Sitting with her other brothers and sisters, Sylvan pays close attention as Tom teaches them to read and write from his own book - she is fascinated by the story which happened to her own brother!  Mama had told Kieran and Sylvan about Mama Universe and they were going to build a tower to the sky to become brother sun and sister moon but now, they learn to pray to Avien'zia. 

It is a good life, of playing games and having fun.  Of learning how to pray and meditate like Tom.  If only such things didn't come to an end.
6th of Vasa, 63, midnight    
In a large cavern deep inside a mountain Aliesa is born.Her mother,Ellina, is buisy gathering food for her growing family.
7th of Vasa, 63, midnight    

Chapter 5: The bitterness of doubt

They gathered when everyone else was sleeping.

They had previously whispered about it, a secret that was not supposed to be, but somehow had to be. Elea had never understood the way her parents reacted whenever she mentioned Ra-Rani. Or rather, the way they did not react. It was strange, if not frightening... whenever the little girl mentioned the mother of all, whose presence she had felt within the surrounding stone ever since she had been so terribly ill, the face of whichever parent was nearby went slack, blank. It was usually just for a brief moment - then everything just moved on, as if the words had never been spoken. Sometimes, she felt that maybe, just maybe, her parents loved her a little less. That they were less patient with her, more easily upset, and less willing to listen. That they hugged and cuddled other siblings more often, even if those were sleeping the sleep of stone most of the time.

Elea was confused. Sometimes, it made her upset.

She had been waiting for any sort of reaction for years. A sign that she could tell more, share how she felt. A sign for her to stop, and keep her thoughts and feelings on the matter to herself. Or a sign that they knew better, had better explanations because they were so much older and understood how the world worked. That they would explain to her what she had done wrong. Why kavo never came to play with her, even when he was awake. Why he played with her ranis instead. Why they were doing the things they did, strange things at times, without an explanation.

Her siblings would listen.

Some of them, at least. When Surrin was upset, she understood why. She knew how to make it all good again, and she knew they would sleep snuggled into the moss once more before too much time had passed. They would whisper and giggle when the others were sleeping.

And this was why they had to whisper. The ones who understood, and could be understood, the ones who were not confusing.

They gathered at the water pool where Ra-Rani had first touched Elea with her love and drained the fever from her. Where she had shared that love, and seen the thoughts of water and stone. Surrin carried little Raden, who was still too young to walk, and they gathered at the shore. She talked, using the simple words she knew in a way that made sense to her. Surrin listened. His face did not go slack, nor did he love her a little less. She thought that maybe Raden would feel it as well... see with his heart, hear with his mind. He was not much older than she had been then, permeated by love for the first time. She watched his every movement, the way he crawled closer to the water, and gazed into the silvery depths with a look of utter fascination. Her little heart jumped with hope that maybe, just maybe, she was not alone. When he got TOO close, and slipped into the pool, they were ready to hold him. He seemed so happy treading the water with his tiny feet that they did not pull him out entirely, and left his bottom half in the pool. The other half was held by Elea.

And this was where she walked in. Rani Neasa. Quietly, and her mood seemed to change from curiosity to deep concern the instant she noticed that the toddlers were dripping water.

Are you three okay?... What's going on?

Elea, Surrin, this wasn't very nice of you. Raden could have been hurt. He's too little to be playing in such a deep pool and the two of you aren't big enough to take care of him. What if something had happened to him? What if something had happened to any of you?

She moved with those swift strides that only adults could take, and quickly, but carefully pulled the littlest of the three from Elea's arms. This time, Elea understood why the rani was upset. She did feel a little bit guilty, but only a little bit. They had watched over their youngest brother. The water was shallow at this shore, and they had been cautious to take very good care of him. This had been important, and brought them all closer together. However, she did not understand what happened next.

One of their sisters, the sleeping ones, walked in. And she spoke, surprisingly coherent despite the fact she shared Raden's age. It was the first time they had ever heard her voice.

What everyone doin'?

Elea could not believe her eyes and ears. Apparently, neither could her brother, so they just stared.


The girl suddenly lost her voice again, stared back at them, and darted off through the tunnel leading towards the sleeping caverns. Maybe it was a miracle. Maybe Ra-Rani was touching more of the children now, and gave Ysa life and a voice. Maybe Surrin shared her thoughts. Elea glanced towards him, with one of the glances they shared sometimes. The kind that no adult would ever understand, because it required no words. And as expected, the rani did not understand.

That was very rude of the two of you.

It was one of those situations that frightened Elea. She did not understand what she had done to be rude. She did not understand why the rani's voice turned colder, harsher, why there was no explanation. And it was the first time she earned herself the look. It was different from the looks her parents had ever given her before... sometimes affectionate, often attentive, and on a few occasions upset. The look said there was something inherently wrong with her. There was doubt in her eyes, as if the rani was unsure of what exactly she was seeing in her daughter. And the first traces of an alienation that would run more and more deeply over the course of the coming years.

5th of Khelek, 64, midnight    

Chapter 6: The triumph of silence

She was angry.

Both of the ranis, as well as her kavo, had hardly noticed her existence for a long time. If they did not sleep the sleep of stone, they were often away... outside or in one of the tunnels, doing something alone. And when they did join the children for some time, the silence lingered so thick and heavy that it seemed possible to cut it with a bone knife. Hugs and affectionate attention had withered to a past days memory. Elea could still remember how she used to be held, and tickled, and spoken to years ago. Sometimes she just rolled up on her moss bed, or sought the comforting closeness of a brother, and cried herself to sleep.

And now, after such a long time of waiting for a hug or a gentle word from either one of them, she could watch rani and kavo have a very good time on their own. Right in that water pool where Ra-Rani had first touched her, and where she was sometimes not even allowed to go for no reason she could understand. Elea pressed the handful of flowers she had gathered outside to her chest, and decided she did not want to give them to her rani after all. Especially her kavo had ceased to give her


anything long ago, and if rani and kavo would rather play with each other than with her, they did not deserve any flowers. They looked so disgustingly happy... way more happy than rani Illesa ever looked when she was alone with Elea. The little girl raised her chin sullenly and just stormed off into the tunnel on the other side of the cave. Maybe someone else would be there, someone more deserving, or else she would just leave her gift between some rocks for Ra-Rani.

But one of the rocks was alive, and in fact a sister.

Elisa accepted the flowers happily. She was there, she was listening. There was none of the look in her eyes. Elea poured her little heart out to Elisa... she found words for all the weight she carried within her, and the emptiness of a year of passive rejection was filled with the warmth of a sisterly smile. They had never talked much - Elisa was one of the children who dreamed the dream of stone most often. But in that very moment, a smile and a few timid words were enough to make up for a year of silence.

Elisa meet Ra-Rani? Elisa want to understand....

And in that very moment, that little fold within the fabric of time where everything had felt alright, kavo Freyr finally decided to come down on her with a storm of attention. He walked in, just as Elisa was speaking, and his voice was strong despite its silent tone.

Elea, I'd like to have a word with you in private.

Before she glanced up, there had been a spark of hope that he might finally remember the old days where she had fallen asleep in his arms, a smile on his face. Where she had covered him with strands of moss in an attempt to wake him up, and had been promised great adventures for the day when she would be old enough to learn how to fly. But as she looked up into his eyes, the glow within them fed by the intensity of subdued anger, that fragment of hope was shattered. There was something wrong about the way he stared down at her, waiting for an answer. It was not only kavo himself who radiated anger. The tunnel floor did. The walls did. Every single


rock in close proximity flared with the emotion, and threw it back at her.

It felt familiar.

And somewhere underneath, the anger mingled with satisfaction. Triumph. There was satisfaction in the way he just walked past her, and towards her sister, bending down to place a clawed hand on her small shoulder. There was triumph in the way he whispered, then pulled her sister away from her with a gesture of needless protectiveness. In the way he threw back a glowing glance at Elea. They were not his own. They came from the anger within the surrounding stone. She could feel it, even if no one else did. Like she always had.

Elea, you need to stop this. You're scaring your siblings with this talk and upsetting your ranis, do you understand me?

I come talk, I get a hug then or only rani Illesa?

How does kavo know Elea is sick? Elisa does not think Elea is sick.

You've been acting very strangely, Elea. These dreams or whatever it is you're having, you need to stop. You can't go around saying those things to your siblings anymore.

I show you sometime, okay? I am not sick.

Your sister has always been sick, Elisa. She's so small so we have to make sure to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesnt get hurt.

Elea stood there and watched. Watched how kavo picked Elisa up. Hugged her, spoke gently to her. Tossed her into the air, how she brought a smile to his face. How he did all the things she had been waiting for for such a long time, when all she could ever get from him was silence. Something broke inside of her, but when her sister smiled down at her, and gave her a little conspiratorial wink, part of her was mended once more. There was more talk, but it did not matter. It was more accusations she did not understand. Things she had supposedly done that belonged to a different reality in her memory. Kavo talked, and the anger flared all around her, and it just made her tired. She was tired of everyone being silent or angry. Tired of accusations

They all think you've been one of the Taken Taken Taken... this sudden change in your behavior... warbles... The suspicious nature you, and now Surrin as well... are carrying about... ranis are crying...

that made no sense to her, and were not explained to her. They were never explained. She was tired of it all, and the idea of being stone suddenly held a new temptation. No one was ever angry at stone, it was ignored... but so was Elea. It would not make much of a difference. As kavo was still talking, Elea just turned around and walked to the end of the tunnel. There she sat down, tears welling up in her eyes, and tried to become still as stone. Unable to hurt, unable to hear any more accusations. As she felt the growing dullness around the edges of her consciousness, she welcomed it... and kavo's angry voice faded away.

Elea faded away, and it did not matter anymore

8th of Kuile, 64, midnight    

When I came back to share the stories of my travels with the others, there was a darkness hanging over the mine. I had to try and figure out why everyone spoke in hushed whispers. I’d been gone for a while, and something bad had happened.


I told my story to the children, and we laughed and enjoyed ourselves. It was good to see the small ones laugh, though it worried my heart to see my older sisters with furrowed brows and anxious faces.


I always heard snippets of the conversations. Suris wanted us to organize…I heard that someone wanted to turn against Mou-mou and Di-di. That someone had iron and wanted to make weapons and… I’m not sure what I heard. It was a dark time.

8th of Rosa, 64, midnight    
Its very dark in the mines and it smells bad. Gerwin has been hitting against the walls of the mine with Daneel. They are both quiet but Gerwin feels good. This is a fun game and soon the pick axes pull enough rocks away that they can walk a little further.

The sparks fly and illuminate their faces. Gerwin's is determined but easilly distracted by the flying flecks of light. 'How does sunlight find its way into the rocks?' He wonders. He glances over to Daneel and sees the familiar cross and steely gaze that used to look to silly on his brother's face. Not now, no, Daneel is bigger and older now. This expression denotes a calm, reserved intensity. When Mother died Daneel was the one face that didn't hurt to look at.

They break into a cleft in the rock and two large boulders push forwards revealing a small space. They advance and begin hacking at the black wall of stone again.

 Gerwin started spending more time with his brother and saw him as the playmate he always lacked when he was younger. So he began to learn what all the determined collecting, hitting metal, and digging tunnels was all about.

It was more fun than playing around with his stick fighting imaginary foes.

They break through another wall.

Wondering what Daneel thinks of him, he goes over all the things Nael has said about him and tries to find out why. Nael said he was very strange and that was true. He didn't do the things everyone else did. But why did Nael notice that right then what was happening?
' I was talking. I'm always saying a lot and asking things. But if didn't ask things how could I ever find out how to do help and not just ruin everything?'  Gerwin thought as he looked at his brother now. They had stopped working for a moment and Daneel was watching a very large cave spider advancing on them somehow suspended on the rocks above them.
'He's quiet... Maybe he hates me when I talk so much too. If I ask will I make it much worse?' A sudden discomfort was steadilly growing more unbearable within Gerwins soul.

"I don't like Nael... He-.. He says I'm crazy for talking so much"
"He's a fool." Rasps his brother resolutely, a look of absolute seriousness in his narrowed eyes.

They both turn to the spider and notice an even larger one scuttling along the floor, heading in their direction.
10th of Lote, 64, before dawn    
She sighs in the network of holes with the innards of the wolf,she didnt trust the food anyone made anymore for all they do is frown and talk of her when she moves away,she knows she hears it all she looks to the piles of cold things looking to her hope...her haven from all of it, As she watches time pass working on it in secret she begins to hunger again she eats the entrails remembering how the first one she ever ate felt. Bitter warm slightly moldy,yet behind it was something else something satisfying before it all came tumbling down.
She wasnt to eat them...they were bad in those eyes but to hers they ment filled a filled stomache a filled stomache knowing the thing she had eaten was still fresh at that! None of those stale or so called "fresh" foods that was being held onto for months years perhaps no. She threw those to the ground of the hole she choose to start her real challenge.
To sleep knowing they would not be frowning,mumbling,coming closer to a conclusion which she felt very well would lead to what led to the entrails. Now she keeps quiet working in the silence of her own dream sneaing around taking what her father left the one which smiled at her the one which didnt frown or shout. Now she has a new dream to follow him to follow the others that were waiting for her away from such sadness this place offered. As time passed she watched others pass she would take there books quickly skim them then drop it onto the ground taking what she could carry like the contraption that sent sharp sticks at the animals,oh how dear did she hold to it keeping it from sight till the day she can leave.
But for now she eats the goey innards keeping quiet out of sight to reach her goal as she attempted to act like the "good" one she saw the others becoming to help make it through those long months.
6th of Naur, 64, midnight    
Today Papa gave Radimir the leather helmet, leather shield and studed leather vest his own mama gave him when he was 2. Rad gave his sister Lilly the helmet because the hail was hurting her.  He feels so very proud - a big boy now!  He asks his Papa "Who was your mama?"  And he finds out her name was Lilly - that was who Papa named this Lilly after!
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